Vapor Blessing Ritual

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Vapor Blessing Ritual

Postby lori67k » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:13 pm

What you’ll need:

Rose water
Aloes Wood
Sandalwood Powder
Rose Petals
Black Tea Leaves
Attars of Jasmine

and/or Henna

STEP 1: Put Rose Water in a pot. (If you don't have Rose Water make some by pouring water over some rose petals.

STEP 2: Add sugar and at LEAST one of the following: (the more the better):

Aloes Wood, Sandalwood Powder, Rose Petals, Black Tea Leaves, Attars Of Jasmine, Sandalwood, And/Or Henna.

STEP 3: Simmer the water until steam begins to rise.

STEP 4: Close your eyes and let the steam surround your head and hands. (Be careful not to get too close... steam is hot!)

"Feel" the blessing energy fill your spirit... appreciate the things you have... and visualize your needs, desires, and dreams for the future.

STEP 5 (Bonus Step): Walk through the house letting some steam out into every room, and around certain items or people... anything you wish to bless.


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