Beginners - Simple Circle Casting Tip

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Beginners - Simple Circle Casting Tip

Postby lori67k » Sun Jul 15, 2018 1:12 am

Note: This tip can be used by anyone, from beginner’s to the experienced

When not doing the full casting a circle technique as suggested in my Beginner’s blog: Creating Your External Sacred Space Step 3 to Building Up Your Power for Magick, once a month, there is a (more) simpler but very effective way that I use all the time, to cast a quick, but powerful, circle.

Don't let its simplicity fool you... It’s much more potent than you may think

I use this step to cast a circle for all of my rituals and spell work, and not one of my workings ever suffered for it. It is very easy to do and extremely powerful, once the basics of casting a circle has been done initially; plus, it is a time saver, especially for those who simply do not have the time to cast a more elaborate circle.

I do suggest that if you are new to working with magick, that you do some research, and even perform the exercises and tips I’ve posted here listed under the Beginners label to get you started, but more importantly, to get you grounded and to establish balance and magickal awareness as these are the steps I began doing when I first started out and it has helped me immensely.

Over time I learned how to tweak my workings that fit my lifestyle, but maintains the essence of the exercises, spells, rituals and energy work I do and have also posted in my blog. I stand behind what I share and post; and so, it stands true with this, that I stand behind this little tip as well. With this tip, there are no sacrifices or loss of anything but in shortening the time, so you can focus in more detail on the workings you are about to perform.

You only need your (index) finger to do this but I use a wand for this. Having an athame or (again) your finger to cut a door into your circle should for any reason you need to leave the circle is also recommended but for the purposes of this casting a circle tip, a wand or finger is all that is needed.

I work in a small space; my alter is not a big one, so the circumference of my circle isn’t very large at all, approximately arm’s length (extended a few inches by the wand) that fits nicely within the total space of my alter and myself. If you are working a larger area, you can walk the border of your circle with the same step I am posting here.

To Close (Create) Your Circle:

Simply take your wand in your dominant hand, stretch out your hand and arm to extend just past your alter, you, a chair if using one, facing the top of your alter space first in the center top, then with the intention of strong magick and thanks to your God, Goddess and/or the elements, held in your heart and mind, sweep the wand in a clockwise direction all around in a full circle until your wand (or finger) meets the place over your alter where you began. Envisioning an imaginary line being drawn all around as you do so, then when the line meets from the start and stop point, feel your circle being sealed.

You can now begin doing your workings from within the safe and protective circle

To Open Your Circle:

Simply start at the top like you did when you were creating (closing) your circle, using your finger or wand in your dominant hand, go the opposite direction (counter-clockwise) and see in your mind's eye, your circle being opened and nothing but light pouring out. Make sure the imaginary line goes all the way around and connects with your starting point.

There… You've just created your circle with powerful energy that supports you and all the workings you've done in just a few basic steps that didn't take up a lot of time.

You can do this with blessing work, energy work, casting spells or meditation or ritual work; creating this simple but powerful circle will support you regardless of what practice you are using it for.

I hope you enjoyed this little magickal tip 1s

Until next time... 1ht

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