egg fried rice & chicken! New fave

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egg fried rice & chicken! New fave

Post by Stargazer_Lilly »

Hey all!

I thought to share my recently tried recipe for egg fried rice, because I thought it was tasty and want to share the tasty 2wk
It's also rather quick to prepare

(Serving size: 4...more or less)

(For Rice focus)
1. 1 cup of white rice (pref. basmati rice)
2. 2 cups of water
2. sesame oil (2xtsp per egg)
3. soy sauce
4. Xtra large egg (1 or 2, depending on your pref for eggy-ness)
5. Bean sprouts (if you like 'em)
6. Stir fry veg (fresh or frozen - which ever)
7. Vegetable or olive oil
8. Pepper

(For chicken)
1. 4x chicken breasts (or amt as preferred)
2. Chilli flakes
3. Garlic salt
4. Paprika
5. White wine

I always do the rice cooking first, so it has time to cool. For all cooking, i just use a Wok pan, but you can use a frying pan or whatever you prefer. You can also prepare rice whichever way you prefer, but the below is what I did


(rice first - you can also use leftover rice!)

1. Add water to wok and get boiling
2. Add a bit of salt to taste, and add the basmati rice
3. Once you get it to simmering level, place the lid on the pan and LEAVE it on for 10 - 15minutes. Do NOT stir the rice
4. After the time above has passed (or once the rice reaches the consistency you like) take it off the heat, take the lid off and cover the pot/wok with a clean tea towel before closing the lid on it again
Leave aside for about 5mins
5. Once done, you will see that the towel absorbed a lot of steam and the rice is not clumping together. What I like to do then is fluff with a fork and place rice on a baking sheet / large flat bowl to spread and cool.

You can leave it outside or place in the fridge. Very important that rice is cold and dried

(Chicken prep)
1. Cut the breasts into thin strips
2. Add paprika to the raw chicken (according to pref, I like giving them a rough coating)
3. In the wok/pan, add enough vegetable oil or olive oil and heat up
4. Once the oil is hot, add the chilli flakes and garlic salt (again, amount is based on preference - don't overdo the garlic salt as you'll be using soy later and dont want a sodium overdose)
5. Once you smell the lovely aromas and feel the oil is now filled with flavour (hey, I'm winging it with my own terms here) add the chicken
6. Fry chicken until it isn't visibly pink/ raw anymore and is mostly cooked, add about quarter of a cup of white wine
7. Let is run its course while constantly stirring until you notice the sauce is a brown-ish colour and cannot smell the alcohol anymore
8. Decant chicken and sauce (not a lot of sauce you'll notice) in another bowl and leave aside

(Remember to check on your rice and fluff with a fork in-between to "open up" the rice so any steam can escape)

Now comes the fun finale:

1. Beat the egg and sesame oil together (about 2 tsp per extra large egg) and put to the side
2. Add oil to pan and up the heat.
Once the oil is hot and *almost* smoking, add the rice
(note: must be cold throughout and not wet! Rather wait a while longer if the rice has not cooled)

3. Fry the rice for about 4 or so minutes, constantly stirring, until thoroughly heated through

4. Add your veggies (sprouts, stir fry veg, etc) and fry together with the rice (2mins or so)

5. Add enough soy sauce for flavouring (don't aim for "the darker, the better" - light brown should be plenty) and some pepper to taste

6. Once the veg are al dente or to your liking, move them to the side in the (still hot) pan/wok, and make some space for incoming eggs

7. In the created space, add the egg. Wait for about 10secs + to give the egg time to settle in the heat

8. Using chopsticks (or similar tool - I just liked the chopsticks). Start briskly stirring the egg mixture (on its own, avoid the rice for now) until the egg forms little scrambled floofels.
Once you see these soft floofles, stir them in with the rice briskly to thoroughly mix them evenly

9. When properly mixed through, add chicken and just stir in to even them out

And voila, your done
You have freedom of preference when it comes to amount of flavour you add here or there, but I loved the above and wanted to share.

I'll share my moussaka recipe later 2hp 2hp
I like cooking now and then when inspired - therapeutic!

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Re: egg fried rice & chicken! New fave

Post by conxtion »

We use an electric automatic rice cooker, it's a lot easier.

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