This is terrifying.

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Re: This is terrifying.

Postby DualWanderer3 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:25 am

Aisde from how stuped most people are these days with their prioritys strait and not understanding basic logic at times which would lead to this type of thing is it really that supprising looking at how things have bin going.I imagin if people didn't care about some of what people like this tried doing a lot of history could have bin thrown out the window by now because it wouldn't be"politicly correct"or it was"promoting viloents"or its to dangerus or not right when they"think of the children".I wouldn't be supprised If they win't after any of the other holidays if some idiot thought it was politocly incorrect or it was harmful.I think that eather they don't get enough people to help and thats the end of it or humanity is even dummer as a whole and things change and add another thing that makes some people weird because its wouldn't be normal celebrating on the correct day.

... 1tk Now that I think about it isn't the current day for halloween the wrong day itself if thats the main problem here.Since its original day as hollows eve where they left out cakes,bread,and pastries for the dead walking the streets so they would be left alone in peace was eather in the middle of the month or in september somewhere right?Or am I remembering wrong?.... 2co now I'm not sure if I'm mixing it up samhain eve or if their the same thing or not...Anyway back to the thought wouldn't that mean it wouldn't matter much if they changed it since they already changed it beforehand?I think I'll leave it at that since I'm not sure what elts to say and my hand is beginning to move on its own like someone or it doesn't want to put anymore.

blessed be

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