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Succubus Collective

Postby Ark » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:50 am

The offical blog of the Succubus Collective
The purpose of this blog is to share information from the Collective, and to spread general knowledge of succubus, their world and their allies. Updated irregularly based on the wishes of the Collective.
Comments and discussions can be posted in the forum linked on the blog, but in general the main activities take place on anonymous imageboards like 4chan, 8ch, mewch etc, under /x/ or /fringe/.

Spirit Train Chronicles
Host of the weekly galactic lightship dreamflight events, a simple and effective method for astral travel, which can be used to visit any place you want after you learn how to do it. This method, once learned effectively, also works for visiting the Collective. The ship Ceilidh was manifested specifically for the Collective and can be used for succubus interactions.

NOTE: 1mg
Activities and interactions on both blogs are free in the sense that there is no fee for participation.
Please be aware that deals made with the Collective or individual members may require you to pay a fee based on the nature of your specific request.

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