Protective Erotic Irish Vampire

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Protective Erotic Irish Vampire

Postby VAMPIRELOVER » Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:44 am

Presenting tonight is our Erotic Vampire Tymberlynn , he has short Auburn hair and green/blueish eyes . he has a muscular build wearing a white tee-shirt , sheep/wool grey vest , jeans and black wrist bands . he shows himself to me walking through the woods where he often likes to go and enjoy his alone time . he says perhaps he will enjoy some alone time with you their next time . he offers wealth , prosperity , abundance , wisdom , knowledge , creativity , casting , conjuring , banishing , balance , harmony , longevity , youth , clarity , revenge , retribution , clearing of the old and drawing in the new , good luck , new beginnings , lucidity , clearing your aura , banishing , removal of jinx/hexes/curses , return anything sent to hurt you or stand in your way . ... /658258711

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