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Re: Sun&MoonAminism

Postby GodSlayerBabe » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:20 am

Omg. I just made a purchase finally for her female Gremory Demon...the one I couldn't stop looking at. Lol I am the same height as that one. I don't normally feel like I have callings much but I feel very called to her and fascinated by that one. I do not have any female demon in my keep (besides an ubi I have) so I already know in my mind she is going to have a special place in mine. Probably just as special as my large group of male demon companions lol. I have seen that one listed since forever and I finally just followed through with the purchase. I was going to wait another two weeks but ugh lol I just feel I've been waiting long enough. Reading these posts of other folks positive experiences has me all excited lol.
When I do receive the package and bond with her I will definitely have to update this thread.
Judging from the listings and site itself, the conjures and companions she has seem very well cared for and I really like that, you can practically get a feel and sense of that.

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Re: Sun&MoonAminism

Postby nina » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:30 am

GodSlayerBabe, I have Seen the Gremory Demon for a while and am glad you got her. The spirits do seems to wait for a long time until they find the right companion. I got the Vampire elf, Baalian Demon and Kitsune from her. I dont feel them significantly Yet but that hopefully will Change sometime down the Line once my abilities improve... But as a Seller I find her very responsive to mails and when she says she will do it in 3 Days, it will be done in 3 Days, no conditions! .. . All my bindings were Remote to Spirit and vessels..

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