How does on find "haunted" artifacts

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Re: How does on find "haunted" artifacts

Postby GodSlayerBabe » Fri Feb 15, 2019 4:41 am

From what I know.. I know a lot of these kind of things can exist at estate sales. I've been wanting to go to at least one estate sale but this huge part of me thinks I wouldn't be able to decipher and figure out what items are "haunted" or inhabited with a spirit since my own natural abilities are more to do with precognition and clairvoyant reading, than tapping into spirits. There's just some people that can instantly notice or just more attuned with their abilities. I feel like a lot of those who are also paranormal investigators who don't necessarily use natural abilities sometimes go to estate sales and end up testing objects with EMF meters and spirit box devices..dowsing rods..things of that sort. Though, there's also paranormal investigator teams I know who have mediums and spiritualists within their group to help them distinguish energies and communicate with the objects.

Also yeah I ENTIRELY agree with Nanami's comment. I was just about to write a similar comment but they pretty much summed it up!

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Re: How does on find "haunted" artifacts

Postby Catgirl2 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:40 pm

You are so right on the Estate Sales! I had a friend that went to Estate Sales & I was seriously amazed at what she got-not all of it was haunted but a few were, one thing she bought always stood out was this painting she got, the woman in the painting , well, it always seemed like the eyes followed or watched as someone was near like they were moving & fixated on a particular person! I had noticed the painting would appear to come to life too, I literally saw the mouth moving like she was talking to us, I brought this to my friends attention but she brushed it off telling me it must be because the person that did the painting was very talented to make it appear lifelike! It wasn't until my friend got some bad news that made her so upset that she had called me to come over because she was a wreak & needed help to calm down, so when we were having some tea & I was trying to help her calm down I had noticed the painting, the woman's lips were moving & it appeared like her head was also moving, I told my friend to look at the painting, she finally saw it & she was actually amazed that she got the chance to see it! We never found out who was haunting the painting but my friend felt like she was meant to have it, like there is some kind of pull & it made sure she was at the right place at the right time!

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