Elemental energy magick - Eco Healing book

Do you know a good book that can help someone on their path? Or, are you looking for a certain type of book?
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Elemental energy magick - Eco Healing book

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This is a personal viewpoint book review for 'Eco Spirit: A Spiritual Guide to Healing The Planet', by Levannah Shell Bdolak, Voyant Books, 1991, paperback, 380 pgs, now OOP.

Some new and used copies still available at low prices here https://www.amazon.com/dp/0944278027/re ... _ti_hist_1

Elemental magic came up in a discussion thread yesterday and this book contains a section on that, so I thought it deserves a review. (There are no reviews on Amazon.)

Eco Spirit: A Spiritual Guide to Healing The Planet by Levannah Shell Bdolak

This is a How To book "that teaches techniques for balancing the individual as well as the global eco-community." [1]

I bought this book in 1996 at a time when I worked in a hostile environment and felt disconnected from my spiritual roots. The passionate, practical spirituality revealed in this book was the perfect antidote and turned out to be a significant stepping stone along my personal path.

The author takes psychic development skills, as taught by Lewis Bostwick in the Berkeley Psychic Institute in the late 1970s, to a new level and teaches how to use them for good to heal the world around us. Grounding, Being Centered, Running Energy and use of Roses I had learned in the early 1980s from 'The Psychic Healing Book', by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin, which is now described as a classic.[2] That book taught how to read auras, do psychic healings, contact one's spirit guides - basically a year long distance learning course that I followed scrupulously to the end. The work of the Berkeley Psychic Institute has been updated in 'Basic Psychic Development: A User's Guide to Auras, Chakras & Clairvoyance', by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher, 2012. For those interested in this school of psychic development there is also 'The grounding book' by Josh Schultz, 2007.

In Eco Spirit Levannah Shell Bdolak re-introduces the skills of Grounding, Being Centered, Running Earth & Cosmic Energy to clean the energy body and aura, Blowing Up Roses to clear stuck energy and pictures or experiences. She then moves in following chapters to:

Working with the Elements
Finding Your Archetypes
The Dance of the Trees
Personal Power and Planetary Transformation
Learning to Heal the Planet
The Planet as a Spiritual Entity
… individual and group work.

The reader learns how to work with different archetypes, how to interact with nature spirits, commune with trees, how to use the Tattwa symbols to open gateways to the 4 elemental kingdoms and bring elemental energy into an area for rebalancing and healing, how to astral travel in trance to the moon and look down on the Earth and give it a healing along very similar lines to the psychic healing taught in The Book of Psychic Healing, only this time for a planet, instead of a person.

Because this book proceeds from a psychic development starting point, it may not look recognisably like ceremonial magic, or witchcraft or magic as many would think of it. It lies outside of those traditions. But to me it is very magical indeed.

As a footnote, the day after I first opened the four elemental gateways and brought elemental energy through, someone coincidentally showed up at work demanding to know what my workplace was doing about recycling. At the time I was looking after that, so I had a chat with the bloke. We quickly realised where we were each coming from, I mentioned my elemental working the night before, he disclosed confidentially he was from a hereditary group of witches who were thinking of cursing the company I worked for as they didn't think it was doing enough on recycling. I pointed out that it was one of the few places in the city at that time that you could take your recycling to. (I was appalled that a group of practising wiccans would be willing to curse a company based on such poor knowledge of local recycling provision - but that's another matter.)

So - this book does not fit into traditional wicca, pagan, occult, chaos, LHP, psionics or even typical psychic development or energy work. I would say it kind of bridges the gap between them all. A one of a kind, very authentic book that I treasure.

[1] https://www.clearsightaura.com/staff/
[2] https://www.amazon.com/Psychic-Healing- ... 1556435274 (also OOP it seems)

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