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I don't partake, however I would think the answer would be that varies from person to person in regards to how that would impact someone's abilities in that way in my opinion at least.

Regardless everyone, please be the legal age to drink alcohol (which I am, only choosing not to.) & please do so in moderation too.

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I grew up with an alcoholic dad. As an adult, I can't tolerate the smell of the alcohol. Therefore, I never drink alcoholic beverages ever for any occasion.

My observations though is that... it's a risky approach in my opinion, especially, when working as a psychic or have sensitivity to the spirit world. Because, it can attract or bring on ancestors or human spirits attachment that was an alcoholic in their life... and over the years destroy your life, emotions and everyone dear & near. I have read all the other points too, made by others.

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I do think it varies person to person, so there's many "correct" answers. I used to know a medium who would use (a LOT of) alcohol to drown out their connection and quiet the spirits around them.

Me, though, alcohol opens me up *more* to spiritual energy/energy in general, so I take spiritual precautions when I want a shot of whiskey or vodka. Extra grounding, extra protection and shielding. I give my spirit companions a head's up that I'm going to have a drink. And I always completely sober up before going to sleep, I can't be that 'open' when I'm dreaming!

I do believe alcohol has it's own 'spirit' and each alcohol has a different effect on me. Tequila is absolute hell for me- a single sip can make me feel psychically sick- but I can happily drink a whiskey mixed drink or drink vodka straight and feel quite wonderful mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Finding what works well with your body and spirit is important too, I think.

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someone wrote:
Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:53 pm
So this is random, but I heard from a few sources that alcohol can inhibit your ability to connect with spirits. People in my line of work tend to drink every night (myself included) but I was wondering if this is having an adverse effect on my spiritual development. I searched for this topic, but most of the posts mention past drug use or prescriptions, both of which do not apply to me (not trying to sound judgmental). Also, I'd like to make clear I do not advocate excessive alcohol consumption and that I'm usually only having one drink a night. Sorry if this is a random topic.
Alcohol is a spirit and spirits are just as real as people. Lol. But alcohol is also associated with spirituality because it is used in many ceremonies and rituals. In my culture, alcohol is consumed during many celebrations including weddings and religious festivals.

I think your question will provoke a wide range of responses because alcohol is a touchy subject. People who have alcoholics in their families or close friends tend to view drinking as a plague, while those who work in environments where alcohol is treated as a way to connect with people or enjoy themselves might find it more acceptable.
I used to drink a lot, but I don't anymore. I now have a few drinks with coworkers once a month. It lowers my inhibitions and helps me not be afraid of the paranormal like I usually am. So it actually helps me with my spiritual development.

I'm not saying that I use alcohol to connect with my spirits, because I don't. But every now and then, when I have a drink, I enjoy an exceptional experience. It's an art form that many don't know how to appreciate. But if you use the right ingredients, mix them in the right way and serve it at the right temperature, then alcohol can be a nectar like no other. While some people see alcohol as an evil force that's everywhere, it takes skill to appreciate its complexity.

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I tend to imbibe only smaller quantities as in enough to temporarily break down the walls I have in place to keep things out, but not enough to put me in a state where I am making stupid decisions such as driving. 1 1/2 to 3 hours after 1 standard drink minimum before considering getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. standard drink means 1oz hard liquor, 4oz of wine etc. I don't conjure spirits, but a little alcohol helps me remove my blocks, I don't indulge often, and I am working on how to remove the blocks without alcohol. It's a long process.

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