Which Muslim Djinn and Spells do I need from CH for my needs dear lovely people?

Resources and links to information on djinn.
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Long time no see! Guys I never contacted entity , or seen, or heard, or felt, or even dreamt. Im a Muslim guy performing prayers fully and following the rules.

I really want to have a non harmful to me and to anyone around me Entity that can guide me and direct me to best directions possible in my Business , Economically.

On the other hand, for instance my country Turkey has loads of buried Golden Plated Graves and so on... These can be found with maybe if that Djinn wants to help.

But my question is if that case to happen, and I go to the location with my Djinn, and dig to get the treasure. How am I gonna survive against the Treasures Guardians, the Blackmagics done on them , the Snakes and so on...?

Last part happened to me personally, I didnt have any Professional Imam with me back then , I dug and huge snakes and scorpions were protecting the treasure and I recited Prayers and ran away lol.

Guys , I want to have entity friend, but I want to achieve this without fearing, getting scared, or not comfortable.

Help please!

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Im usually not one for moral judgement but, for your safety, I'd recommend not grave robbing and taking another avenue for financial success. Stealing from the dead (as a Spirit Worker no less) is just asking for trouble. :/

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I have read ancient Islamic magick books about these type of djinn. They are allegedly the ones who guide a person to buried and hidden treasures. But these type of djinn are:
Not bound by free will: they are bound against their will so they are forced to reveal the locations of hidden treasures. They get the job done but it’s one the expense of their free will.
They are extremely expensive: they are highly sought after + the binding process is dangerous to the conjurer because removing the djinn’s free will is an exhausting and dangerous work which can result in grave mishaps.

Or so I read...

Grave robbery is a thing but it’s dangerous whether you get caught by authorities or you’re disturbing the peace of the dead. I know in some cultures it’s commonly (not legally) acceptable since material gains are involved but still.

Magick is not the answer to financial problems. Not in this way at least.

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