Beech's 501(c)(3) non profit Animal "rescue"

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Beech's 501(c)(3) non profit Animal "rescue"

Postby Beech » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:05 am

I have been involved in some major issues/changes at our local Animal Control (the Pound) for going on 3 years. Currently, I am founder and president of what started out to be the volunteer group there but has grown to become much more than that. 6 months ago, the Federal Government issued our group, Friends of Genesee County Animal Shelter, our non profit status and post dated it to 2 years ago.

Our website is, if anyone's interested in reading more about us. If you do go there, check out the picture of little Barney, and his new family's youtube video that they made of him. He was such a cute pup, all his siblings were euthanized (killed is a better word) because they "thought" they may have Pitbull in them. When you see Barney in the video (with his new name), he looks like a Lab/ all his brothers and sisters were killed for nothing. We grabbed him up and I took him home, skin condition and all, until he was all better! I know you all would have too because nowhere have I ever encountered a group of people who are more caring and sensitive than here. :hug: :grouphug: :applause:

anyway, so far, we've made slow but sure progress. Our donations are used to either help get the many deserving dogs/cats to qualified rescues by paying part of the high fees charged to purchase them from the shelter ($100, with a $50 refund after spay/neuter proof is shown). I think so far this year, I've taken over 150 animals out in mine and FGCAS's name alone.

While I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to think that you guys would donate to us, I'd really just like to encourage any/all of you to get involved in something in your community. Something you feel strongly about and can help in. Animals are my passion, especially ones that end up at Animal Control, but you may be passionate about something else entirely.

If you are interested in helping animals in your area and you're unable to volunteer directly, then spread the word about the importance of spaying/neutering. Please let people know that you don't consider pets "expendable" and if they decide to get one, they should consider it will be for life. Also, consider maybe fostering a cat/kitten/dog/pup for a local GOOD rescue. I'd be happy to suggest a few in your area or at least offer suggestions on how to find quality, reputable ones.

One person can make a huge difference. I know I can't save them all but for each one we help get to safety, I know we've made a huge difference in their life.

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Re: Beech's 501(c)(3) non profit Animal "rescue"

Postby SuperMotoBabe » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:08 am

Beech, did you get some help with your marketing needs? I think you mentioned that before.

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