Spirit...smells? Strong presence... anyone had this?

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sweetqt72 wrote:
Sat Sep 17, 2022 3:44 pm
Is it bad enough to not have many people to talk to in my life since this kind of thing is not mainstream, and not understood, but to come to a forum of this type and have responders question and doubt what I am saying? lol
after it has been dealt with professionally before, and I said this was ruled out?
Sorry for offending you I’ll be honest I usually reply during work like 5 minute breaks so sometimes I overlook things when trying to be helpful. If you still haven’t gotten help, like from CH? Or don’t have money for services me and my friend could come check you out see what’s what! I would just need a picture of a object you like (non magical ) or maybe something that happened this week which is a really happy memory! Please let me know if you just wish me to observe or do more if we find a threat. Will wait for your response

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My Kitsune sometimes smells like smoke whenever she's upset. It's not too often but a recent time I can recall is when I went out to grab lunch with a friend and was supposed to be right back and it ended up taking hours because her car broke down. When I got home it smelled like I had left something in the oven and it burnt badly although it was off. L has just been worried about me since I was grabbing takeout and would be right back and she decided to stay at home instead of coming with me since I wouldn't be gone long and had just left something new in her offering plate for her to enjoy.

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There were a couple of times I smelled cigarette smoke without any physical source. One was from my dad who had passed away years ago and in life he was a heavy smoker. The last time I smelled smoke was from a Deity and I haven't yet identified which Deity it is.

Another scent I smelled were flowers I associated with my gramma who had passed away years ago.

So far, I haven't smelled anything from my keep of unbounds.

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A couple of times, I've smelled a light cigarette smoke for a few seconds in different areas of my house. I have a significant number of protective spirits, spells, herbs, etc in my house so I haven't thought twice about where it was coming from.

Hope this finds you well.

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