Tasbih (Islamic Prayer Beads) question

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Hi! I wasn't sure where to put this. I am a pagan girl who is well-intentioned and wanting to make my muslim friend a Tasbih. She is VERY new to her religion, and so we are both left a little unsure.

Anyways, my question is, Can I, as a pagan, make her a Tasbih to use with her religion, or would me being of a different religion somehow "taint" the prayer beads. And is it considered rude or disrespectful to create a Tasbih for someone, or should they receive it from another Muslim?

I'm trying to be as respectful as I can be toward her and her religion, but i dont want any misunderstandings or anything of the like to arise. I just want her to be happy and to make a special gift or her for her birthday. I have the imam, yad, and tassel picked out, and I plan to use Carnelian for the 99 beads as it aligns with her zodiac, could possibly help her with her confidence and rage issues, and Carnelian (and/or agate) has importance in Islam as being a protection stone in a silver ring that Muhammed the Prophet had worn. IT is also the most well known gemstone associated with Islam. Then also white silk string as my research has shown that silk is one of the cord types that can be used in Tasbih.

Are there any things i can also do to shield myself and separate myself from the jewelry? Since I started researching i have had an "off" feeling and dizziness and a lot of cool airy energy . I don't like it, and i wish not to anger my gods and goddesses by doing this as well. Yet it feels like the right thing to do.

Any thoughts?

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My sense is that a religious artifact is probably normally best made according to the accepted practices in that religion - ideally the branch of that religion that the user belongs to. So I would research that.

I suspect an non-believer / pagan making such prayer beads won't be the recommended or accepted/ normal process. But opinions may vary.

Also, you could say there are rays, energies associated with any religion or spiritual practice. Some of those associated with Islamic practice may not be harmonious for you. To my mind, some aspects of Sufism are the closest to New Age, mystical non-religious practice.

"Are there any things i can also do to shield myself and separate myself from the jewelry?" Maybe you're tuning in too much to the rays/energies of a religion you don't belong to? Or it's a projection of your worries?

Or...I may be wrong.

Perhaps anyone can make some prayer beads that a friend can then use as Tasbih - just maybe don't try to bless them, work with the energies etc? I found this...

https://www.islamicboard.com/discover-i ... lowed.html

Not sure how authoritative that opinion is.

On that basis, I would thoroughly cleanse the jewellery and think of it as a neutral, all purpose set of beads. Let the new owner later add their own & their religion's energies to it via use.

Also, I think it's unlikely our bound spirit companions will disapprove of us simply making beads for a friend (which they can then use as they like) - unless they spot that we ourselves are somehow uncomfortable doing it -as you may perhaps be. But if you have any bound companions that are Islamic, it might be only civil to ask their opinion, or help.

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Considering your friend is also "very new" to the religion, it's better to ask the religious leaders (imam or ulama) whom she subscribes to. It's not something everyone agrees with, some thinks it's just a tool while others consider it religious tool that need to be made by experts, as Lewk mentioned. It may be a problem for her if the religious school she's learning from leans to the latter.

Or, another option is, rather than making a prayer beads, why not a bracelet, necklace, and keychain? Or other accessories that she can wear/use daily rather than religious tool that she use in certain times only. Most muslims don't carry tasbih everywhere they go anyway, and a lot of the devout ones use their fingers instead of the tasbih to count the dhikr.

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