Unbinding request-question & personal experience

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Catgirl2 wrote: Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:15 pm That's what I did with some of the spells I got, one was a situational thing that isn't needed anymore-it was the custom for a creepy neighbor I had, since that one I got 5 years ago & I had never ran into him after I moved, I caught wind from someone that used to live in the same place I moved from, that he seems to target those that lives in the same complex & despite what this creepy neighbor did to me, he tried with her & ended up falling, injuring himself pretty badly to where he can't move very far-but the other ones I got, I either purchased doubles by accident & needed to eliminate the extra one, one was a blockage removal due to the job I had at the time was causing way to much stress preventing me from communicating with my Spirits, when I left that job my communication got better, with the help from my keep they felt I didn't need that one any more due to them helping me with that block-it was an easy fix, they just said it wasn't so much a block but an issue to where I needed to relax & concentrate so I can focus-one I am having unbound I ended up getting at the spur of the moment due to it sounded like it would do the trick but when I got the spell I tried to work with it but as time went on I felt the spell didn't quite work for me, like the spell really wasn't meant for me & didn't seems to mesh well with me!
I think you are so onto something, you intuitively pick them & I got the feeling that is what I need to do when I choose my spells, just go with my gut feeling! I guess I can safely say I am cleaning out what isn't needed to bring in what I do need!
Frankly, I felt compelled to add a comment here to clear up some misconceptions related to the custom spell you outlined. A spell of that sort doesn't target anyone in particular, even being a custom spell. It's designed to operate on a certain type of individual, similar to your unsettling neighbor, as that was the primary concern you presented when requesting a custom spell from CH. Hence, no matter your location, such a spell will remain effective, warding off individuals of that sort. The only exception would be a BA spell specifically aimed at an individual, but CH does not engage in BA activities. As such, whether the spell is classed as WA or DA, it doesn’t target any particular individual.

I perceive no issues in receiving duplicate spells. I've experienced a few instances of receiving my purchase spell as a mystery spell within the same order, leaving me rather amused and thinking "great minds think alike." Receiving what I needed at that moment felt like hitting the jackpot because I bought the same spell in that order. As these incidences don't occur frequently, possessing two copies of a spell, each of a different class, does not impose any harm. I admit to being seen as a spell hoarder, even though I selectively curate my spell collection.

In my opinion, any spell that removes blockages is perpetually necessary. Your companion may have rectified a specific blockage, but you possibly have other blockages still present, such as Y, Z, A, F, or K, each demanding attention. Consequently, I consider it unnecessary to unbind spells, even if the process is completely free.

Psychics must have the ultimate Wi-Fi connection - accessing the spirit world without buffering. Impressive!
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I won't unbind whether spell or companion, but I respect other people's choices to do what they need for their journey as I also ask that people respect my choices as well. As far as others agreeing with choices people make, it's okay to agree or disagree too. I just ask that people are polite regardless when doing so.

Even though I never unbind as I stated before, my advice to you would be to fully research how the spell might help you later on. You can try working with it or asking CH Support how individual spells may assist you in the future if not right now. (Unless a companion is being extremely difficult with no other option after several things are tried I see no reason to do an unbinding, but the choice is always yours. 🌝)

That's my opinion on this, I hope that helps❣



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Thank you both! I don't plan on doing anymore unbinding's & with the advise each of you gave me, makes a whole lot of sense, something I am considering, I think my conclusion on it now is try to ask questions & word it in such a way where it is for future use as well, lol I haven't had any creepy neighbors lately but everyone in my complex seems to mind their own business & not bother anyone, any bad seeds that were living there created big enough problems they were evicted within reason!
So I think I will be taking a new approach on it by going with my gut feeling & making sure it's a right one, even with the wording for customs!

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