FROM BEYOND : RITE OV KAOS - Liminal Journey to May Eve

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In order to most orderly accommodate all magical focus for this month in the midst of a newly unpredictable schedule, I am converting my monthly full moon oracular/necromanteion service for April -only- into something unique, as it must align with what I'm working on for Walpurgis/Witch's Night/May Eve at the end of the month.

The session was originally scheduled to take place on April 23rd, but this work will expand between the 23rd and 30th - therefore culminating at the time I am suggesting. I will be in preparatory mode starting the week before the full moon and therefore it is still essential for me to know who is opting into the service now.

* * *

WHAT it is:

The title of the ritual hints, this is inspired by the orphic/cosmic egg as a point of liminality through which magic is more potently worked.

It is a very complex chaos ritual that is meant to harness the power of Witch's Night in an outer and inter-cosmic manner. It is a meta-sorcery, which is at its most fundamental about 'breaking the fourth wall' of this reality, regarding the idea of this reality as an illusory one in which we are all players/characters bound to acting out a certain role.. becoming aware of that and transcending that, but without denouncing the reality we were bound to - instead, using it, wearing the veil and operating with greater prowess from within it.

Time is not linear in this magic, and there is a spectrum of equally valid dimensions that we can move between. It's the esoteric foundation of all magic, which here is considered a spawn of original chaos. It can awaken and empower your mystic cognizance* in a way that enables greater sensitivity to the unseen by growing measure, making for more palpable experience. Seeing through eyes beyond the third eye, sensing beyond the bodily, all that is 'beyond' transmitted and channeled through tinkering with the inner machinations.

This is the oldest and most prevailing form of chaos magic, which has been broken down a lot into fragments by the different types of mysticism and spirituality existing today.

*The term 'mystic' comes from the ancient mysteries and concept of mystery, this is at the heart of what the work represents.

I conduct a different iteration of this each year, and have determined this year to veer outside of cosmic limitation within the uprising of magical power that we invite by May.

* * *

STRUCTURE and shape:

I am working with theatrical elements of the Dionysian tradition in this effort, which ultimately combines primordial/eldritch and modern chaos magick. Lovecraftian forces are involved, along with a more psychedelic, prismatic influence; it's got an edge to it.

An integral part of the ritual utilizes a series of occult film. Although I will be using imbued personal copies for my end of the work as they will be running during a very involved process, some of these films are available free online as well if any optees would like to directly interact with what I would term 'living influences' upon the rite.
This is not a necessity, but I do know that many of you have asked me how you can be more involved in my services to connect further with the process, and in this case there is hyper-sigilistic media available to take in.

*The cinematic aspect is not the same as my previous Kubrick artifact collection in which the thematic content was directly related to the outcome; in this case I am using an innovated 'cut-up technique' known in chaos magick, with dynamic layers. A form of alchemy in that the different, individual sources of media join together to make a new entity of influence, and this directly *energizes* - acts as battery for the ritual.

* * *


Chaos is not to be feared; this is the overarching, interweaving and eternal divinity that is creation/destruction and affects all octaves of being.

For a very uncomplicated breakdown of what I said this work does: it aligns you with the mystical core of reality as a multidimensional thing, and awakens the chaotic element within you to experience 'beyond' perceived limitations - or conversely, limitations of perspective - that are holding you back on some level in practice and everyday life.

It is a lot more complex than this and I am careful about the words I choose to describe a service, so I would still recommend you take in/meditate with what I've written above for a greater idea of what is happening with this rite. I've put a lot of time into this explanation and so would kindly ask that if you still have a list of questions, to refer back to what I've written and find the answers there. If you still feel confused then it's not a service for you at this time.

* * *

PRICING and more:

For $75 USD you receive inclusion in this awesome chaos ritual.

There are add-ons to this base rite that I am making available privately.. I will be announcing them to my inner circle of clients and will provide information to anyone genuinely feeling drawn in to receive a more involved package from me.

Contact me here to opt in or inquire about the additional options for this ritual procession.
Payment is processed via PayPal at this time and I will send an invoice to complete the transaction.

If you are particularly open and aligned with the forces involved it is possible to begin experiencing the influence of the ritual retroactively, in that it - again - does not abide linear time and so you can begin to see happenings related to the work in my preparation phase. Some clients of mine have had experiences with other nonlinear magic materializing signs and phantoms, subtle shifts as soon as completing payment. I can't promise that but I want everyone to be aware of how this magic behaves.

Solve et coagula

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