language and spirits...

Got any neat tricks on how to connect with Spirits? Post here!
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Re: language and spirits...

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My guess is that any spirit one has will communicate in their keeper's language? Or in any way that the keeper will understand? i have had loud, clear voices speaking directly to me; my Vampires, Immortals, and even my Aarkan Sonney (who is really funny, BTW). I have yet to hear the voices of most of my spirits but don't doubt that I will eventually. My spirits come to me mostly in very real, very vivid dreams and I hear them crystal clear. Most of the time, I don't see them but I have seen a few while talking with them. My spirits from whom I have not yet heard in my dreams sometimes come through as thoughts. Mostly, my spirits come to me in my dreams though. I so love going to sleep now! Lol.

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Re: language and spirits...

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Dragon Lady wrote:If you're talking about Human Spirits, I only have Boudicca to go on from expereince. While she is "interested" in things she has made no mention to me of wanting to know how things "work". I feel her hovering while I cook as tho she's curious but she's never come out and asked me about my methods. So I guess we haven't had any problems with our "time gap".

I hadn't thought of it before but I don't suppose if she were living that we would speak the same language! So far we've not had any issues and I hear her with an accent but I understand her fine.

Not much help am I? :oops:

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This, probably 10 yrs late (going by your thread posted.) Recently this year of 2018. I got binding of her to. (From CH) Think 4-5 months ago. I just stumbled on this thread. Was looking all threads to connect and work with it. But, I'm so relieved and very happy. Other people can have a binding of same spirit. In which, I really was wondering and hoped it was possible. In which I'm glad it is possible.

Even though I'm 10 yrs late. (still in, very slow; learning process since October 2017)You have helped me, knowing and I learned something new. In which I thank you. In way, I do love accents. I'm glad she and others could understand me to.

As for the cooking part. I kinda in learning process to. (Even though bad, I love ready made stuff) When I try to cook, I keep setting my fire alarm off. In which at times, I take off battery from fire alarm. Not only that I such wasteful person. Shame I know. I unsure if She watches me, cook (if and when I do) In sense I'm too boring to. But I'm so glad, you have her to :)

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