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Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:52 am
by Dewdrop

It is my absolute pleasure, to be able to tell you all about my own personal experiences with StarWynd who runs 'SpiritRealm' You can also find her incredible spirits photographs on flikr

Her magickals are genuine and authentic. To date I have purchased three unique, wonderful and magnificent spirits from her and intend to buy more. Starwynd is a wonderful lady. She responded to my endless stream of questions promptly, sometimes within hours, in fact she postiviely encouraged questions. I cannot sing StarWynds praises enough, or recommend her any highly.

Many blessings

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Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:48 am
by theDowser
Got a witch's finger palm stone from Star wynd and really enjoying the experience.

She seems to really work hard on items that she sells and seems quite passionate about her work.

I am using this palm stone while meditating and feeling as if some weight is being taken off my heart region.
This might be my blocks dissolving.

Now I am trying out the crystal when I using my brain entrainment tracks and it seems to deepen the experience.

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Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:29 am
by jayger04
I just purchased a Witch's finger crystal too, am looking forward to working with it.
Thanks for the suggestion.


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Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:38 am
by Juniper
I have purchased several spirits and interviews from StarWynd's SpiritRealm Etsy store. I can tell you she is the real deal-- I have had nothing but amazing experiences from her spirits (I have a unicorn, a feng huang, a muse, and a vampire djinn from her). They are immensely powerful and very sweet entities. I especially love that she puts so much effort into her interviews, and feel that the spirits she has conjured are the best matches for their intended charges.

She is also a very sweet person, not to mention a font of knowledge! I very much enjoy reading her blog posts-- I always feel like I learn something.

I unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone interested in adding a new addition to the family or learning more about the spirits already with them.

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Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:30 am
by Turtlefae
Bump. Starwynd is still my #1 favorite metaphysical seller and conjurer. More people definitely need to learn about her, she is far and BEYOND when it comes to spirit conjures. She is always patient, answers all your questions, she has so much honesty, so much integrity. She picks out the PERFECT entities for you and your life situations, the perfect entities that compliment your personality and life. Her black dragons are aaaaamazing, well all her entities are lol. Like I said in another thread, me and my boyfriend both have black dragons and watchers from her and they are very strong, my boyfriend's black dragon is a powerhouse when it comes to protection magick, shields, barriers, protective sigils while my black dragon is a warrior in his clan and a teacher to other warrior black dragons. I also have a loving precious unicorn from Starwynd as well.

My boyfriend was having health issues, he was going to different doctors and none of them could find the reason why his surgery area wasn't getting healed. I talked to starwynd about it and my boyfriend got a watcher who could help him find the perfect doctor, medicines, things to recover and within the first week of my boyfriend having his watcher with him, my boyfriend was able to find a new doctor that FINALLY found out the right treatment and now my boyfriend is finally healed up after more than a year of going to doctors. I definitely believe it was his watcher helping and his watcher also helped my boyfriend receive job offers and how he's working with a great team of programmers and getting better pay. I trust his black dragon and watcher to keep him protected, I truly feel that the entities from Starwynd are very strong powerhouses, very loving, very understanding, they are amazing beings.

Doing business with her is absolutely perfect, she is very personable, very rational and intelligent, ANY question you have, she answers promptly and clearly, she is not like some other sellers who get information from wikipedia/random sources off the internet, she gets her knowledge from actually communicating IN DEPTH with the entities themselves to learn all about their life, how their clans/communities work, their way of life pretty much, it's truly fascinating to learn and that is something unique I found from any other seller. When you get an entity from her, she will actually send you a long e-mail, it could be from 1 page to up to 5 pages or more (you get 1 free page long description but you can pay a bit more if you want more pages or information about your entity), anyway she sends you a long e-mail telling very detailed things about your entity and where they live, their job in their community/clan, their favorite offerings, things like that.

For example, with my unicorn, I received a very long e-mail detailing how she lives in Scotland in the otherworld, she is a guide and counselor to other young unicorns, she learned magick from her mother, I was told the number of unicorns in her clan (same with my other entities, she tells you a bit about their community/clan). Just amazing information that no other seller offers when it comes to detailed descriptions, I'm VERY VERY HAPPY that Starwynd is the one I found when I first discovered spirit keeping because having all that detailed information about the entities I was receiving, definitely strengthened my bond with them and I definitely recommend Starwynd to everyone, especially newbies who want a little more description about their entities, I can't describe how strongly connected you feel to the entities when you read the e-mails detailing their personal life, it's truly a wonderful bonus that comes from her entity bindings.

Also I really love and appreciate that she spends a lot of time working on 1 item at a time, she really puts a lot of quality into her work and even though I can't sense energy much (I'm pretty deaf and blocked) for some funny reason, I always find her crystals and charging boxes to have a "yummy" kind of energy, I don't know why that word pops up but whenever I look at her charging boxes, I can't help but think the energy of them is positive and "yummy" haha, maybe that's my entities trying to tell me something. :P

Anyway, I truly love and appreciate this seller, she definitely deserves more attention, it's really too bad she isn't that popular at all, maybe because her store is at etsy, I don't know but she truly does deserve a lot of praise.

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:34 pm
by Wszhu
How much is custom conjuration for watchers?

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:24 am
by Turtlefae
Wszhu wrote:How much is custom conjuration for watchers?

You should ask the seller. :P From experience, I think a binding is like 20-35 dollars BUT it really just depends on the vessel itself. Starwynd makes custom vessels as well and if you pick sterling silver, it's a little tiny bit more than picking plated silver for example. The price is very reasonable. She always answers private messages (within minutes or a few hours). She is very communicative and helpful, she always answers all your questions. The nice thing about Starwynd is that she FINDS the entity that is right for you first and if you're happy, you pay so you know what you're getting.

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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:42 pm
by Turtlefae

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Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 6:45 pm
by WishingOnAStar
I also have multiple spirits from StarWynd. They are real and easily felt. I love the interviews and very indepth descriptions that come with the spirits as well.

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Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:22 pm
by Sytheria
I feel like I'm really late to this thread but I agree with everything on here. My first entity was from Starwynd and she really made me a true believer.

My Watcher (from Starwynd) and I have a bond that I adore. When I first opened the package for his vessel I felt it right away. His vessel, which was frozen from the winter, immediately thawed in my hand and heated/vibrated so much I felt it run up my arm! His energy was so intense.

Her spirits are immensely powerful and I will continue to buy from her whenever I can. By far the most patient and trustworthy seller I've ever ordered from.