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I'm pretty sure I saw my Hellhound in a dream last night

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:10 pm
by ReverieDawn
So, this may be nothing more than a strange sleep deprived dream that just popped up out of nowhere, but I read somewhere that if you think of things as spiritual encounters and what not eventually they will be, so yeah.

Last night I had a dream where I was with my family in some sort of museum like zoo type place where they had indoor enclosures for different animals. They were't closed off however, the walls just came up to my hip and these animals were...well...people would say that they were dangerous. Like wolves and tigers and stuff, and this was a petting area! I don't remember much about the other animals that were there, I was fixated on a large black dog/wolf animal, and a few tanks down was a gray one that was a bit smaller. I was a little intimidated but I was not scared, and I reached out to pet the black one a couple of times and he snapped his teeth at me, sort of like saying "if you want to pet me do it already!"

I pulled back laughing nervously, then I noticed another black dog in the tank with the first, and she had a pup curled up next to her sleeping. Moving down to the gray one, he was hyper and excited, he jumped out of the tank and wanted to play, I remember having a conversation with him about how his tail wasn't as fluffy as the black one's tail and he was self conscious about it, I told him it was just as nice (weird conversation but yeah, it was a thing). So in the end I went back down to the black wolf's tank and ended up petting him and the gray one, then I was rudely awakened by my alarm clock.

Now, in my spirit family I have 1 hellhound, R. I wasn't given any descriptive detail about him other than the basic "hellhounds are black with red eyes" thing from the encyclopedia. I would like to think that it was him, but then that begs the question who was the gray wolf and the black wolf mama? Probably figments of my imagination or maybe family members of his? I wish I could communicate better with my spirits then I could just ask them, but my skills are 0-none because I suck.

Anywho, that was my dream, I would like to hear other thoughts lol.

Re: I'm pretty sure I saw my Hellhound in a dream last night

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:25 pm
by SpyderBite
Wouldn't surprise me. I interact with one of my ubis exclusively during dreams. It can be a preferred method of communication for some spirits.

Re: I'm pretty sure I saw my Hellhound in a dream last night

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:36 pm
by denanna123
Sounds like a dream visit to me! As for the other wolves/hellhounds in the dream, like you said could be family of his or could even be friendly unbounds around you, especially the grey one lol.

Re: I'm pretty sure I saw my Hellhound in a dream last night

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:59 pm
by Biscatron
And i totally know how you feel having 0 skills! You wanna be able to ask them outright to confirm it but get nothing xD
Ive had this happen twice now, once with my Djinn and once with a vampire, both times i woke up so utterly convinced it was them, like with a feeling of solid knowing, yet I cant recall what they looked like in the slightest xD ITS SO FRUSTRATING XD
I'm cuddling one of my hellhound's vessels right now so from me and A we say Blessed Be and hello friend <3