Caladrius experiences

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Caladrius experiences

Post by Hazell »

My caladrius companion D. was bridged to spirit, so arrived before his vessel was even delivered. On one of his visits I complimented his energy and commented on how pleasant and strong the cleansing he did on me felt. I thought it was adorable and funny when he said, “Oh stop it you, you’re going to make me blush.” Which was followed by him covering his beak with his wings. He has gotten into the habit of doing this every time I compliment him and I find it funny every time lol

His energy is this beautiful pale golden bluish color and I find his
presence to be very gentle but also uplifting. He has sent me images of him perching on my head, or curling up beside me as I’m about to fall asleep. He hasn’t been here long, but I already feel close to him and he has already started teaching me more about what I can do to add to my cleansing and healing practice.

Since his vessel is a crystal egg he suggested that I could make a cute little nest decoration for it, and add any other companion vessels I may get in the future that are also eggs. This also led into him heavily hinting I would do well with a Phoenix. I’ve been having a calling for a while, so I’m not surprised he picked up on that.

I would love to know about other people’s experiences with these wonderful beings <3

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Re: Caladrius experiences

Post by Huffette »

I had a caladrius visit me while I was asleep. He awoke me out of a sound sleep by sitting on my chest and chirping, getting louder, then turning to a full blown screech. If you can imagine, this noise was so loud, it could have awakened anyone that had any amount of senses awake. All of mine are functioning, and he knew it.

Once I was awake, he was happy. He then started looking at me, then looked dead in my eyes and said, now that you are awake and I have your attention, get me.

Huff bought him from CH the next day. He has made my jewelry box his home.

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