A funny thing happened to me in the Woods.......

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A funny thing happened to me in the Woods.......

Post by Taliessin »

I recently had a very curious experience in Norsey Woods, UK, If anyone on this site can offer me any thoughts or insights, opinions etc on the following experience I would be extremely grateful........!!!???

I often love to wander through Norsey Woods...

As someone who follows a 'Shamanic Path' I long to communicate with all the Nature Spirits that inhabit this land so I can learn how to work with , learn and be one with Nature....

There's a 4000 year old Burial Mound that I often visit as I wish to learn from and work with the Ancient Spirits......

The following is my account of a mysterious happening earlier this.....:- month, I'd be extremely grateful if you would venture an opinion on what took place Please......thanks :)

Saturday 4th July,

Having gone to the Ancient Burial Mound to try and learn it sways, I figured my mind was too active for the Shamanic Journeying, so I resolved to walk awhile and use up some excess energy......

I eventually reached one of my favourite places, where a small wooden bench is situated bu a small stream, just set back from a main path......

Sitting by the stream in Norsey Woods it was like someone came nose-to-nose with me but there was like a wall of plastic separating us; where the plastic touched my skin (on my face) it felt numb and lifeless. ....

A voice said something like; "some people like it this way, but I like it that way"

People were standing in line but moving about; shimmying.....

A clear voice said "the Wing Commander is in your company " or

"The Wing Commander has crossed you....."

At the Burial Mound I left nuts and fruit and asked the Spirits if I can "See through the eyes of my Ancestors....."

Heard a young woman's voice sa
Y "I'll take her (?) From here, you can go home now"......???

I would be extremely grateful for any insights you can share......?

Kind regards
Ian Wallsh

P.S. again I would be extremely grateful for any positive Feedback on the above experience.....Thanks:)

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Re: A funny thing happened to me in the Woods.......

Post by Lewk »

I'm from the UK too - but 'up north'. I found a link with info about the history of the site, which you may be familiar with.

https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ghe/nor ... t3787.html

It sounds like a fascinating place.

Matching the feeling of what you said with the feeling from the apparent history of the place, it does seem to have a resonance with things way back to the middle stone age at least, with repeated overlays of history since. More than one layer of military happenings too - with it having been used in both first and second world war times, as well as having been the scene for a literally bloody medieval battle.

With bronze age barrows, medieval use - at various stages from way back around 8-6,000 bc until now, I think you could have any and every thing going on there paranormally.

I don't know what impressions are normal for you. I can only say what comes to mind for me, which is there could be a number of overlays there. One might expect any number of nature and ancestral spirits, ghosts of fallen warriors, plus impressions of the soldiers that were there in modern wartimes. These events may have left influences that the longtime spirits of the place are aware of too.

So you may have picked up a mix of impressions. Sorry I can't really narrow it down. But I find it interesting that you picked up on 'wing commander' and that second world war troops were on manoeuvres there.

Speculation - perhaps the most active spirit that came nose to nose with you was a human spirit linked to the place? And maybe the plastic skin between you was how they have learned to manage their 'ectoplasm' (for want of a better word) since passing. I have had the impression that some human spirits take astral lessons in how to appear to humans after they pass and it takes a while for them to develop some of those abilities.

Or it was a nature spirit, not necessarily all that friendly, and the skin represented a veil between their world and ours?

The "I'll take it/her from there" may be a conversation between spirits that you overheard, with one intervening to end your contact with the spirit who felt like their energy burned.

If there had ever been any WWII airmen in those woods, that might explain the impressions you got. Especially if one was burned in action.

Had you thought of doing a 'normal' shamanic journey to ask for guidance on the experience?

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