Baby glacier being weird

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Baby glacier being weird

Post by stormdancer »

A couple of weeks ago I got a baby glacier dragon- whom admittedly I haven't bonded with as much as I should. Too many spirits because of all those darn Halloween specials.

Anyway I was just looking in the Dragon section of this forum and he started doing something really weird. And I can see him still doing it now- I think he's trying to breathe fire. Unfortunately it looks like he's having a hairball. And with him being a glacier, all he is getting is piles of slush. Which doesn't help the hairball image.

Any ideas what he is doing and why?

This is my first baby dragon, so any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Baby glacier being weird

Post by Barcarana »


Now this is a very special question and i can only a very "common" answer but i ll give it anyway :)

Try to work with oracle cards and use the 3 question method:

"What is the deeper (spiritual) meaning of my little glacier dragon doing this?" (1st card)
"What blockage does he have for (with) this?" (2nd card)
"How can he overcome these blockages?" (3rd card)

Maybe this can give you some kind of insight to help him/you?

Or you could ask "How can i help him with this" as a second question :)

I hope this helps!

Keep us up to date :)

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Re: Baby glacier being weird

Post by JenNeutral »

I don't have any experience with babies, but I think he's just doing what any baby would do. He's young, so maybe he thinks he can breath fire? You may have to tell him that it may not be possible for him to breath fire, or if you have a adult dragon in your keep, they can teach him about what he can do too.

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