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Anthromorphic Dragon?

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:53 am
by biohazardzombie
It was over a year ago that creepyhollows brought my silver dragoness to me, but sadly I haven’t spoken to her in so long.

However? Even so, last night I was feeling miserable and depressed due to a horrible day. I went to go nap to sleep it off and I couldn’t feel any of my spirit family and my mind kept telling me how worthless I was. However out of all of my spirit family, my silver dragoness appeared. In my minds eye of course. However she was not in the form of a regular dragon. If I could describe her, she was around my height and on her hind legs like a human. She looked like a dragoness but she had breasts like a human, and proportions similar to a human woman. She came over to the side of me and held me in her arms and it was almost instantly afterwards I fell asleep for my nap.

After I woke up she was gone and I haven’t seen her. What do you think this was about? I did feel attracted to her before but I’ve been such a horrible companion by not giving her enough attention by talking to her. What do you think the anthromorphic form was for?

Re: Anthromorphic Dragon?

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:06 am
by AlexCzernosech
Silver dragons offered by CH are known for their shapeshifting ability. Perhaps she took that humanoid form because she felt it would offer you more comfort at that moment. Spirits do not seem to be bothered by what you might consider 'neglect' and understand we tend to have times we're busy or not in the best of situations to pay attention to them, and she maybe wanted to remind you that no matter how bad it is, she's still there for you.

Re: Anthromorphic Dragon?

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:01 am
by Regholdain
I agree with Alex on this one, although I do not have a Silver in my keep.

My companions are a Sapphire, who prefers human form all the time I've ever seen her, and an Air Elemental Dragon who is always serpentine without wings (sort of like a Chinese dragon, actually).

I have other spirits capable of changing forms, though, and they often choose one to help boost my spirits in some way.