Shifting metallic dragon

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Shifting metallic dragon

Post by FrostLightDjinn »

Hi there :)
I don't know much about dragons. I tend to focus more on djinns, vampires and gargs.
I'm hoping someone can share their knowledge with me about something I saw. Insight? Maybe you know of a race or being that sounds similar to this description, and I can then do some reading on it .
This dragon got through all my protection shields and though it wasn't hostile, it still surprised me and I startled out of my trance , fully awake and buzzed like I just drank an energy drink.
I was busy doing something completely unrelated to dragons. (I've also never consciously worked with dragons, though I have affection for them).

I'm wanting to find some info to research before inquiring directly.

Here are some of the main descriptions I have:
He was resting on a cloud, surrounded by complete darkness. (Like, absolutely nothingness, no stars, no wind.)
Underneath him, figures in rich dark red and greys, blues, large head pieces, feminine, were pushing large orbs of something up through and around the cloud. They were looking at me and spoke to me . They felt peaceful.
Huge white dragon eye completely encompasses my vision. The eye shifted colors around the edges, but I can't describe the colors . It was very intense and I felt like I was under a galaxy sized spot light. Y'know the feeling you have when someone walks in on you with your pants and undies on the ground? 😅

Finally got a good view of the dragon as a whole. He pushed off the cloud and I could see his form looked metallic. At first it looked bronze, then gold, then metallic black, then like red hot just kept shifting and my mind couldn't focus on just one color.
It flew toward me, and it's entire face (like its eye earlier) was suddenly in my face. At this point I jolted up. I did not feel any fear at all. Just was not used to the energy and feeling, hard to describe. I wanted to hold onto the image, or go back, but the connection /image was completely disconnected.

Does anyone know something about color shifting metallic cloud floating dragons ? Lol.. hoping I don't sound crazy!

Ty much,
M. :v


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