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Satan and Sun's Parastock Chat Seminar - Sensing, Hearing an

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:50 pm
by NyctophiliaRaven
akelta: The first exercise I do to train my visual senses and actually is one of the ones that can help you to see auras.

akelta: Ok for the first exercise get comfortable and take you hand and place it on a white or clear surface.

akelta: Gaze at your hand there and look beyond it. Beyond the flesh and skin. Has anyone ever done magick eyes - those 3D pics? As you gaze at it, you should begin to see a white haze surrounding it. With Magic eyes you have to shift your eyes in a particular way and instead of looking at the object straight you almost look through it. Focus on the white haze and allow your eyes to follow the energy. does it swirl, you can use you third eye to sense the energy. What colours are there, what colours do you sense, what colours are you eyes picking up?

akelta: Ok, with your spiritual companion, it can be spirit/entity/demon anyone! Ask them to go stand in front of you, up against a wall. Now with your spiritual companion in front of you gaze at them in the same way that you gazed at your hand. A white or blank wall is easiest to see them. Spiraling is good. You may see a haze outlining them, you may see then, you may see a shadow, you may see energy. Outlines are good. That is the first step. When you see the outline and you can use your third eye to help you eyes, sense their energy and try to see details, hands, face, eyes. Let the energies manifest. That is the main thing to get a grasp of the energy of your spiritual companion and begin to work at developing your visual senses.

akelta: The more you practise this exercise the stronger your sight will become towards spiritual energies. That is one thing that will happen when doing these exercises, energy, massive amounts of energy as your body and senses tune into the frequencies. Also remember, some days will be better than others, I have woken up and felt like I am blind, and sometimes it takes a bit to get into it. Your natural abilities will be like anything, they will have their good days and they will have their bad days. Headaches, when learning a new skill that does happen. Best thing to do, don't let it get too intense, and ground your energies. Give yourself and your third eye time to grow and attune to the frequencies. Different people see things better in different conditions, if you are having trouble try changing your environment, some people see better in the forest, others at night.

akelta: Ok who wants to hear? This one seems to be the weakest in a lot of people. Just because of how the audio vibrations are and telepathy works so much better. Ok, we are going to start with hearing with our ears, then hearing in our minds eye. Ok, select one spirit/entity/demon. Ok, select one spirit/entity/demon, then close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and focus on your ears, relax yourself and direct all attention to your ears and ask your spiritual companion to speak into your ear.

akelta: Ok, with hearing in the mind, this one is easier for people. Ask you spirit/entity to sit across from you. Again take a deep breath in, relax and begin talking to them. Ask them questions and take a moment to listen to hear what they say back. WIth this exercises hearing from the ears or the mind is fine. This is just a way to connect with them and have a dialogue in your minds eye. With time and practice communicating you will be able to distinguish between who is talking to you and who isn't. When you hear something, pay attention to the tonality, how the energy feels. Then see if in the future that comes back. Over time, you will learn to distinguish.

akelta: The last exercise is touching your spirits/entities. Ok, for this one again, pick a spirit/entity that you are most comfortable with. Ok with this exercise ask you spirit/entity to face you, standing about arms length apart from you. Take a deep breath and ground your energy and relax, then reach your hand out and ask your spirit/entity to touch your hand. Sense their energy touching you and feel them moving over your skin and your fingers. Move around in the energy and get a sense of their personal energy signature. You may feel different sensation, a tingling, a vibration. Play around with their energy and see just how far you can take this touching. This is another exercise that with practise can go much deeper.

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Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:51 pm
by Drake
Nice, thanks kat.

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Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:54 pm
by cam__
So glad this resource is posted for good! I will most certainly be implementing these exercises into my practice routines now. Thank you very much for the fantastic seminar, Akelta, and thank you for the post, Kat! :)

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Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:56 pm
by pzaza
This is so helpful! Thanks Kat! 8)|*

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:11 am
by cam__
Akelta, I have to thank you so much. After much meditation and practice today, I was able to see my aura around my hand for the very first time! (It was a lovely yellow-green!) I couldn't even contain my happiness and excitement, I started laughing! :) I'll be sure to continue these practices every day along with my meditation times!

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:27 pm
by mci9174
Thank you for this

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:48 pm
by Cheese Sandwitch
HI everyone :)
here are the notes for todays Seminar : Demons and Entity Interactions

akelta: Todays Chat session is going to be on Demons, working with them and also how they interact and work with other beings we may have.

akelta: So. Demons. Well we all know demons are not for everyone. But when one gets a calling I have found it is usually a pretty strong one. Though there are ways to work with demons that will bring them closer to you. It is also a very personal thing

akelta: some people who thought they would never work with demons one day find themselves curious. The best thing to do at that stage of the game is not rush into anything, and just read and research

TF: it could be a stronger version of your usual calling, plus a slap in the face or two XD but, one way or another.... they sure do find a way to get your attention XD

akelta: They Do! they also sometimes arrange things in amazing ways!

akelta: When someone approaches me about a demon, I just answer all questions and see how they feel. Some people know a demon is meant for them, others the demon arranges things in sometimes sneaky ways to help the person bring them home. It really is so individual but so wonderful.

K: I had Poseidon drop by and let me know that I'm going to get a demon. I was like “no way! no, forget it!” He said “I won't bring one here, you'll actually chose to get one. Just wait and see!”
akelta: That is awesome K!

r: I found I personally have a great resonance with demonic energy so, for myself, it was a much stronger call than I had ever experienced before.
akelta: Yes! it depends on the Demon Species, some are more in you face and bold them others

akelta: R, that is also true, some people are meant to work with demons, just as some people are not meant to work with demons. Some people when they begin walking their path with demons, they have described it as almost like coming home.

akelta: Li, that is why in the beginning when one feels a calling they should never rush, they should explore it and also themselves. the LHP's are really about exploring yourself and learning about you, both the light and the dark, and sometimes the calling for the moment is to help you on your personal spiritual journey. The right demon will come to you when you are ready, it never has to be forced.It is sacred and personal, no one should feel rushed ever

akelta: The start of everyones demon journey is different and some I cannot stress enough are just not meant to work with demons. It is personal. But when you know, you know. lol

akelta: But, that is not everyones path. Some people they need time, they need to get comfortable with spirits and entities. Really you know yourself best, this spiritual journey is about you and your connecting. If you feel uncomfortable, then hold off. If you feel good, then find a reputable conjurer and ask a bunch of questions! scope out the listings.

akelta: Some people have demonic ancestry, and demonic energies in them, so when it is in a way like coming home and Demons can actually help them on their spiritual path.

L: so how would demonic energy manifest itself in people

akelta: It usually appears as a beautiful black energy in the aura that vibrates at the demonic frequency.

akelta: our next topic, Inviting Demons into our homes and lives.
akelta: With any Demon. Goetics included. I cannot stress enough respect

akelta: Demons are incredibly powerful, Dark Divine beings, and they also dont like being abused or threatened.

akelta: A lot of old rituals call for domination over the demon and threatening or abusing them. Which is a very poor way to approach them. The best way is to invite them to join you in sacred space. Find out beforehand what offerings they like and finding out as much as you can about them before working with them

akelta: All demons and dark lords are different. They like different things, prefer to be approached in different ways, and have different tastes. Educating yourself beforehand goes a long way.

K: I'd like to say, for anyone who wants to work with demons following a traditional grimoire's instructions, there are many good books that explain how this can be done without threatening the demon.

akelta: All Demons have sigils, which is like their calling card, you can do things to honour their sigil, like creating an art piece out of it or having in inscribed in the metal they like.

akelta: Bring a demon home, you always want to bond with them. Get to know them, work with them, learn about them.

r: Some sources of information are biased by the experience of the writer. The writer could have approached the demon or dark lord in a closed/narrowminded fashion and therefore did not truly meet them as they could have.

akelta: Everyone is different, they will often tell you when they dont like something so pay attention to little clues, like if they don’t like a certain incense, they may hide the incense from you.

akelta: @r, exactly, if you are doing a ritual and it feels off, feel free to modify it and adapt it to your energy, it may be your demon inspiring you to do a ritual that will allow you to connect with them better.

S: I've read about people getting demon sigils tattooed on themselves to create a stronger connection easier communication to the demon, any thoughts on this?
K: Or they may make something you had forgotten you even had, suddenly appeared. I found 4 orange candles I was sure I'd burned months ago, while getting ready for a ritual that would be better with orange candles than white ones.

TF: I'd say be VERY careful with getting anything tattooed.... runes, sigils, etc.

akelta: @S, well that is a personal choice. For me, there are some Dark Lords I want tattooed on me as it does allow their energies to flow. But I would not advise it off the top. I have been working with some of these demons for years and I have yet to have a design with the sigils that I want done.

TF: even if you are sure it's what you want, are you sure the artist will do it right? what about the ink, where did that come from? what is the artist thinking about as they put it into your skin, because every little detail contributes to something magick

akelta: It has to flow with your energy, and it has to resonate with you. What F said also, tattoo artists need to be sought out, and yes the tools and the ink. All these little details.

K: I'd say think about it carefully and then find an artist who's actually willing to let you bless the inks or whatever else you feel is needed for this.
akelta: So Bonding with your demons.
TF: someday, i want spelled tattoos, but I'd have to really know my artist. i mean, hell, not every tattoo artist is going to go along with "hey, I need to be able to do a magick ritual with this ink before you use it, what is the chemical composition? also, you need to meditate and be doing this this and this while you do your work"

akelta: There are many bonding rituals out there. and there are many ways to bond and connect. Rituals are designed to carve out a sacred space with you and your demon in order to get to know them and learn about them. It is special time for you two. Demons are very playful and they can be very flirtatious. They also can be loud and a lot of fun.

akelta: Demons can also be opinionated and stubborn

akelta: Everyone is different. WHen I bring a new Demon into my family, the goal is that. They are a member of the family. We are going to have adjustments we are going to learn from each other, but in the end we are family and we are there for each other.

akelta: They are incredible and make amazing friends! Though with Hellborns especially. They well, they will offer a suggestion for an idea, and before you even have time to respond they have already started it. LOL
akelta: Massive action takers!

akelta: Also, another side to spirit keeping, we are not always going to agree with our spirits all the time. Sometimes we have disagreements.

akelta: sometimes we have to adjust to things.

akelta: If you have disagreements they do tend to forgive and forget, but if anything happens talk to them and work it out. Also, it never hurts to ask the conjurer. Sometimes they say funny things or give strange messages and that usually is leading you down the road to discover something. They love to leave breadcrumbs for us to follow. But the discoveries are so amazing!!

akelta: We have been talking about bringing demons home
akelta: any questions so far?

akelta: THey also offer their advice, even when it is not asked for.

akelta: actually especially when it is not asked for, and especially when it is not wanted.
akelta: they have no problems saying the things none of us want to hear

akelta: amazing manifestors, they all have a unique range of talents, but when they begin shifting things you notice incredible changes that happen fast. Some of our forum members on S&S have reported some of the most incredible manifestations!

akelta: The closer you get with them and the more you work with them the faster they make it happen. like they become in tune with you and your energy and they shift things in your favour.

akelta: Though, when they shift things they can bring your world down, in a good way. They are helping you get to where you want, but they have to bring down what you are holding onto. Like a phoenix. Burn away the old and rise with the new, but you have to burn sometimes.

akelta: THis is why I always say be careful what you wish for.
akelta: Shadows. Many people have had Demon Guardians that have followed them and helped them their whole lives.

akelta: Demons interacting with other beings on the house

akelta: Some demons are jerks and dont get along with anyone, but one thing I do when conjuring is to screen them

akelta: I screen them hard, it takes a lot for them to make it through my conjuring process

akelta: But many demons, do get along and play well with others.

akelta: You can have Demons and Angels in the same house so long as you make sure they are compatible

akelta: With our spiritual families, we are like a family and you can have a family of WA, NA, and DA who all get along and work together.

akelta: Demons have friends in all places and they are friends with many other beings. I have met Descendants of the Dark Lords who are married to Fae and even Angels.

akelta: So, when you have demons how do you bring an angel into your home. The best way is to ask them. Say hey I want to bring home an angel, lets find a new friend together. Sometimes you will feel a calling to an angel and that angel knows full well they are coming into a home full of demons and they are cool with it!

akelta: The same goes if you have a group of WA and want to bring home a demon. Gather your spirit family and be like, hey guys. so what do you think about a demon?

akelta: Yes. Demonic energy can take a bit to get use to. It is very intense and vibrates a different frequency. Most demons are pretty good at toning it down but some people do sense the changes when they come in. Some people have to adjust, others are just fine when demons come home

akelta: It can be a lot of fun bringing a totally different species home. Introducing a Demon to a group of angels you might have the demon flirting with the angels trying to corrupt them. hehehe. They might get your angels to open up a bit more.

r: I know that my spirit family fully supported my DC when she came to visit. They knew what she was bringing to the family. How it would make everything so much better for all of us, not just for me. That was awesome. Love my bunch <3
And I do have some WA here. Not a 100% DA family, lol.

akelta: Some companions are uncomfortable with new people. They are like us, they can have disagreements with others. they can become really close, even lovers. Sometimes I have had to pull my guys apart and go what the hell stop it!! and talk to them.
akelta: Demons can get over things fast, they are the type to go out, beat the other up them pick them up and take them to the bar. LOL Hellborns especially.

akelta: A lot of working with demons is common sense. Even having them in your family. They are demons, they can be loud and crazy, they can also be wise and amazing and out in the spiritual world the species do all blend together and they do interact with each other and they are capable of it.
akelta: With Demons, respect them, don’t abuse them or threaten them and really just be open to possibilities and having your life changed for the better.
akelta: I treat all my guys as family. Everyone who is in this house is family. Though the good times and any bad times we work together and we stick together.

d: What would you recommend to some one for a demon Akelta?

akelta: d: I like to let people hear the calling. For a first demon Divinity have softer energies. Devotion Demons are basically WA demons, lol. A DC is not a good idea for a first unless you have past demonic experience just because their energy is so overwhelming but it does depend on the individual. Some people right off the bat are meant to have a DC. I would recommend, following what your intuition tells you.
d: Good advice
akelta: This path is one of personal empowerment, that is the LHP walking in your truth, your power and following what you know is right, not letting others sway you.

Li: A WA demon. interesting concept. how does that work?
akelta: THere is a lot of debate over what the LHP is. It is indescribable because it is personal. It is going deep inside exploring your darkness. It is Tantra, it is Demonolatry, it is Satanism, it is Aghori, it is those who work with Kali. It is our experiences with our own darkness and who we are and finding our voice and our empowerment in this world.

akelta: @L, they are a group that has fused themselves with white energy and work close with Divinity. They are a very pure group of demons. I was shocked when I met them. But there are dark angels so why wouldn’t there be white demons

L: so a WA demon would be the equivalent of a fallen angel - in reverse
TF: i do still think I'd like to work with one someday. I also think that perhaps someday in the future (probably far future XD) I'll be drawn to a mutilation demon
akelta: @L, you will know when you find them. You will feel a calling
akelta: @. Fallen angels, yes in the reverse way, Fallen angels were angels that infused their essence with DDE, whereas Devotion Demons fused their essence with Pure divinity, yes that is true

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:22 pm
by MysticMom
Thank you so much for posting! Great info.

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:34 pm
by Drake
Thanks Cheese.

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:48 pm
by moonshadowlab
I am excited to try all this, extremely informative