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Psychic Attack

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:01 am
by NyctophiliaRaven
This is a long one, guys. Bear with me.

I would like to start this post out with some cautionary advice. It is not unusual for people new to metaphysics, or, for that matter, general practitioners to some extent, to experience SOME symptoms of psychic attack. One of the greatest difficulties for a person diagnosing themselves is the fact that, when life is difficult and you are under a great deal of stress, the desire to ascribe cause to someone or something other than yourself or simply the general unfairness of life, is strong... and once you begin to believe that your circumstances are being controlled by some force outside yourself, the tendency towards hysteria is also strong.

Please understand - I am NOT saying that if you believe you are under attack, that you aren't. I'm not saying that you're being irrational.

I'm saying that when things go wrong, it is human nature to look for a cause, usually outside yourself. Only a few hundred years ago, an eclipse such as the one that will soon be upon us, caused people to assume that their gods were ending the world. We have always looked for gods, demons, forces outside ourselves, whom we pray have control of this madly spinning ball... because if no one is driving the bus, the cold hard terror we feel is unbearable.

So. Today I'm going to talk about the actual symptoms of psychic attack - how to truly diagnose it in yourself or another... and I'm going to talk about solutions.

A true psychic attack is a violation. If you've ever had your house broken into, you know that afterwards, there is a sense of not being safe in your own home. The place you retreat to, your den, your symbol of peace, your nest - is no longer yours. It is open to the universe, and the universe is random. Anything can happen now. "ANYTHING" is a very frightening word, when you are considering your own personal security. If you've ever had someone attack your body, you experience a similar shock. Your body is no longer yours - it is not your temple, it is your cage - and anyone can steal from you again, at any time. When I talk about psychic attack as violation, this is what I mean. Our spirits, souls, minds - those are ours. We might sometimes share pieces of them with others, but it is always OUR CHOICE what we share, or even IF. When you experience true psychic attack, just as with home invasions or a dominating physical attack, that sense of security is gone.

What is left behind after such an attack is what is left behind by any similar attack on that which you hold closest to you. There's very little emotion after a psychic attack - there's shock, and there's desolation. The stark difference between the aftermath of an actual psychic attack, and the drama and heightened emotions that occur in situations where psychic attack is merely assumed to be the trouble, is so obvious that once you've seen it, you will always know the difference between a true psychic attack, and mere worry.

The first step in diagnosing psychic attack is simple. You do not call what's happening a psychic attack. The reason for this is that the moment you call something a psychic attack, you exclude all other possibilities in your mind. It's important to understand that the very act of observing a phenomenon can make it true, and by making one idea true above all others, your ability to consider those other potentialities is negated by your own emotional dedication to your perception of that truth. It's absolutely vital that when attempting to diagnose psychic attack you do NOT allow your emotions to get involved. Even if you are the possible victim, you need to be willing to step back, and truly assess the situation to the best of your ability. Heightened emotions will cloud your judgement.

Once you have let your emotions lie still, begin with the facts that can be proven without a doubt. What are the things that are going wrong that has caused you to wonder if this experience is psychic attack? What are things that are NOT going wrong? If you remove metaphysics from the equation, what are some possible reasons why these things are going right, or wrong, in this experience? What abilities do you have to affect change in these situations - do you have control, even if it's just over your reactions? How did these experiences come to be - break it down into steps. Finally, and I know no one really wants to talk about this, but it is important - is the person experiencing the potential psychic attack emotionally unstable, or mentally ill. If they are, does their instability or illness include experiences such as periods of paranoia, auditory or visual hallucinations, do they have delusions of either empowerment or victimhood? Are these contributing to their sense of being psychically attacked IN ANY WAY?

Sally believes she's a victim of psychic attack. She recently lost her job, her boyfriend is drinking more and it's causing some stressful confrontations. Her car broke down out on HWY 6 last night, and she had to walk to a gas station 4 miles up the road to call for a tow, because her cellphone died. Her teenage son got in trouble at school last week, and is at home on suspension. She feels stressed out all the time, like the world is on her shoulders. She had a fight with her best girlfriend about religion during a conversation started about how frustrated and helpless she's been feeling lately, because her friend told her that it was "God's Will" that all these things happen now... and now she thinks that her friend is attacking her.

Here's the other side of things. Sally's company hasn't been doing well. It's a local business, and times are hard. Sally is often emotional because of stress in her homelife, and that means that at work, she's less efficient that usual, and her work is of lower quality. The company needs to let a few people go, and Sally is one of the ones chosen. She was offered a severance package, a list of potential employers, and a letter of recommendation.

Sally's boyfriend is an alcoholic. He works temporary jobs around town, and when he gets paid, he drinks. He doesn't cope well with life, because his childhood was a difficult one, so he drinks to feel better. Unfortunately, because his childhood was also a violent one, when he drinks, all the anger he feels, all the helplessness, comes welling out of him, and he can be dangerous. Sally stays with him because she feels that he is still a good person deep inside, who just needs to face his issues head on. She thinks that if they love each other enough, he can change.

Sally's car is 16 years old. Because of her uncertain income, and her own lack of experience with cars in general, she does not provide regular maintenance to the car. Her warning lights have been on for awhile, but she is so distracted by so many other things, that she has been ignoring them.
Sally's phone is on, all the time. She is very busy on many social media sites, and she uses her phone constantly. She often has to charge it twice a day. Because of the chaos in her life right now, she's been less diligent about keeping a charger in the car.

Sally's teenage son has been being bullied. Because of his homelife, he didn't feel that he could speak up about it. Eventually, things at school built to a point where he became extremely emotionally reactive... and he decided to fight back. He was caught fighting, and was suspended for two weeks.

Sally's best friend is a very devout Pentecostal. She believes that everything has the hand of her god on it, both the good and the bad. She also believes that if you don't acknowledge the power of her god, then you are in danger. She believes it her personal duty to save her friend. Sally has been exploring new age beliefs, and her friend is afraid for her, and tells Sally that her whole church have been praying for her to stop "letting the devil into her life," and that all these things that are happening are "God's Will," so Sally will see the error of her ways and change.

When you really break it down, when you REALLY look at the whole picture... you can see that Sally is NOT being attacked. She has made choices - she has ignored problems, she has avoided the things she is responsible for. When you make choices like that, the consequences are that those problems grow until you are forced to be responsible... most often at a time that is the least convenient for you.

Because Sally thinks that all these things are happening because her friend's church is praying for her to change her ways, she gets to blame all of these problems, not on her own derelictions, but on that church, on those people. She's not in control, so it's not her fault any of this is happening. It's all happening TO her, and someone with power over her is ruining her life.

You can see, when it's broken down like that, how the belief in psychic attack can mean that you remove other possibilities from the table. You can also see that Sally LEPT at the chance to abrogate responsibility, to assign it to a God and a group of people "siccing their God on her." This essentially means that she can continue to avoid her own responsibilities... which unfortunately perpetuates this cycle of psychic hysteria.

Conclusion? This is not truly psychic attack.

Now let's talk about what IS a psychic attack.

Caitlynn is a very happy, extremely social person. She's giving and kind. She's respectful. She believes the best in people. She's recently married and has started a business. Her friends are strongly supportive, she's active in her community. She's engaging and intelligent, and people often come to her for advice. She feels like an important addition to her group - she feels valued.

Caitlynn has some minor health issues. They are normally not enough to cause trouble in her life. She's always been able to, even when her health isn't the best, push through, and still enjoy her friends, her relationships, her life.

Suddenly, for no discernable medical reason, her health begins to fail in a major way. The doctors run test after test. She sees 8 specialists in two months. No one can tell her what is happening, or why. The problem continues, and slowly, she begins to have difficulty socializing. She starts to put things off at work, because she is too tired. Her beliefs about people undergo a radical change - she stops believing that people are basically good. She stops being giving. She stops talking. She stops praying. She stops doing any activity that she used to be passionate about. Her personality changes almost overnight.

Caitlynn begins having nightmares. In the dreams, she experiences violent attacks. When she wakes up, she has strange marks on her body. Scratches, bruises, and other odd things. She begins seeing things that aren't there. Sometimes there are foul smells that she cannot find the cause of. Sometimes, her things move when she's not looking. She starts to feel more and more disorganized. She has memory troubles. She feels a constant pressure on her chest - a sense of doom everywhere she goes. She begins having panic attacks.

Caitlynn is hospitalized, and again, the doctors can find nothing wrong with her. They prescribe treatments for her anxiety, and send her home.

Within a month of arriving home, Caitlynn is... gone. She sits on her couch and stares at the walls for hours, but sees nothing. Her husband and other friends attempt to communicate with her. She does not answer them, or if she does, she answers hours later. She feels as if she's been swallowed by a darkness, and what she experiences has to filter through that, so that it takes her awhile to even recognize someone is talking to her. Many conversations, she simply sees no reason for, and will not participate in them. She forgets to eat, because she never feels hungry. She forgets to drink fluids, because she's never thirsty. She forgets to bathe, because time has no meaning for her, so the normal patterns of life also have no meaning.

She feels nothing. She is desolate. She is empty. She is no more.

Caitlynn was the victim of a psychic attack. When she tried to get help, people did not believe her. Most people who are victims of true psychic attack have trouble getting people to believe them, because there are so many people who claim to be experiencing attacks who aren't. It's a bit like the boy who cried wolf - after so many people cry wolf, when the wolf comes, no one believes in wolves anymore.

This is the clear difference between people who THINK they're being attacked, and people who actually ARE. What a person under attack goes through is deeply traumatic. It is a VIOLATION of who they are. The more severe the attack, the more likely that the person you knew before the attack will not be the person who comes out the other side. Some people die, literally... some, like Caitlynn, die a psychological death. Once you're dead, it's hard to come back from that. It takes a very long time... and if you do manage it... YOU WILL NEVER FEEL SAFE AGAIN.

Anything you associate with that period of your life will cause you anxiety. It takes enormous personal strength and willpower to be willing to pick up the pieces of the life-that-was, and try again. And it takes TIME. Your physical health, your emotional health, and your spiritual health must recover... and your personality must be rebuilt. Recovery can take years... and parts of you may never recover.

Now that you've seen the two examples, let's talk details.

The symptoms of psychic attack are as follows:
- The victim feels a crushing weight upon his chest and a sense of fear and paranoia.
- As the attack continues over days, weeks, or months, the victim is afflicted with nervous exhaustion. With that may come a physical deterioration.
- Upon awakening, the victim discovers bruises which cannot be accounted for by any conscious waking experience. The bruises may have a definite pattern, depicting a form with some symbolic significance suggestive, for example, of evil.
- Foul odors inexplicably appear. Strange footprints starting suddenly and ending just as abruptly are observed. Odd sounds and poltergeist manifestations occur.

Once you understand the real difference, including the most obvious sign, which is the emotional state (or lack of one) in a potential case, go back to that list of questions from the beginning of this article.

1) What are the things that are going wrong that has caused you to wonder if this experience is psychic attack?
2) What are things that are NOT going wrong?
3) If you remove metaphysics from the equation, what are some possible reasons why these things are going right, or wrong, in this experience?
4) What abilities do you have to affect change in these situations - do you have control, even if it's just over your reactions?
5) How did these experiences come to be - break it down into steps.
6) Finally, and I know no one really wants to talk about this, but it is important - is the person experiencing the potential psychic attack emotionally unstable, or mentally ill. If they are, does their instability or illness include experiences such as periods of paranoia, auditory or visual hallucinations, do they have delusions of either empowerment or victimhood? Are these contributing to their sense of being psychically attacked IN ANY WAY?

Once you have answers to these questions, it is easy to see which cases are genuine, and which are not. This does not necessarily reassure those who are not being attacked but believe that they are. If you tell them that they're not being attacked, they will most likely keep looking until they find someone who will support them in their belief that their problems are not their own fault. Be prepared for those types of people who will lash out angrily when you essentially question their way of life.

So. If a case is genuine, if a person is truly under psychic attack... what can you do?

1) Stay grounded. It is important that you allow any negative energies that are around you or inside you a place to go that isn't YOU anymore. Being grounded means that you can exchange energy with the earth, one of the most capable alchemists when it comes to transmutation of energies. Also, being firmly rooted will strengthen your own aura and energetic systems to be able to withstand the attacks, so they do less damage.
2) ASK FOR HELP. Pray. Connect to beings who are helpful for you. For some, this includes angels and/or demons, spirits and entities that are part of your family, gods, guides, ancestors. Connecting with friends and family also helps.
3) Practice daily cord-cuttings. Sever cords that lead to things that are not for your own personal highest good, cords that lead to that which will do you harm.
4) Practice psychic shielding, preferably of a reflective type.
5) Practice shielding those you believe might be behind the attack - but here's the trick. Shield them with love and compassion. People so far gone as to desire to use their personal energies not to fix their problems, but to destroy you instead, NEED compassion. They need soothing. They need love. I'm not saying turn the other cheek - if you've got the know-how, and you're sure of your target, by all means, have at - but if you're not sure, this shield does no harm - it replaces the desire to harm with a sense of being understood, of being safe... things we know all people need, but most especially the unhinged. They were broken by life. We, with our own nicks and cracks, understand.
6) Cleanse, clear, and rebalance your aura and chakras daily. Daily meditation also helps strengthen your focus and your will, making you a harder target to influence.
7) Wear, and place around your home, in your car, and around your work spaces, crystals that help protect against or mitigate psychic attack, negative energies and entities. Remember to cleanse and recharge them regularly.
Amethyst: Protective against dark energy.
Banded/Zebra Agate: Good for general psychic protection and to prevent you from absorbing another's negativity.
Black Moonstone: Good for general psychic protection.
Black Obsidian: Good for basic psychic defence.
Black Onyx: A good aid to grounding.
Blue Aventurine: Protective against psychic vampires.
Blue Tiger Eye: Protective against negative energy for healers.
Brown Tiger Eye: helps protect against unwanted spirits.
Brachiated Jasper: A good psychic shield that returns negative energy to the sender.
Calcopyrite: It is generally protective against psychic attack.
Carnelian: Protective against psychic intrusion.
Chiastolite: One of the best for all-round psychic protection.
Citrine: Helps clear negativity caused by ghosts.
Clear Quartz: it is protective against negative energy and will transmute it to positive energy.
Garnet: Good for general protection.
Green Moss Agate: It will protect your aura from negativity.
Hematite: Good for grounding and general protection.
Howlite (Natural): Protective against unwanted ghosts and phantoms.
Kyanite: It is THE anti-negativity stone. It doesn't just repel it, it destroys it.
Lapis Lazuli: An all-round protective shield.
Mookaite: It is protective against negativity. Mookaite should also be carried when dowsing.
Red Jasper: A good psychic shield that returns negative energy to the sender.
Red Tiger Eye: Protective against the evil eye.
Rhodonite: It can be used to ward off negativity and psychic attacks.
Rose Quartz: Another good stone to help with grounding.

8) If you're in the dark and experiencing symptoms... turn on a light. If you're indoors and the sun is out, go outside. Sunlight is best, but light in any form will help decrease the intensity. If you do go outside to stand in the sun, go barefoot and stand on grass, if you can. This will allow the sun to cleanse your aura, and the earth to transmute the energies you don't want, as you ground.
9) Get involved in some kind of physical activity. Get yourself focused on the here and now, get yourself focused on your own body. Walking, doing housework, gardening... anything is better than curling up in a ball and waiting for the kicking to stop. Such activities will also strengthen your aura and empower you.
10) There are foods that help support people undergoing psychic attack. Raw fruits and vegetables and nuts are best. Also make sure you are properly hydrated. Water is conductive. The more water in your body, the better your energy conduction - in other words, the more power you have available to protect yourself with.
11) Listen to music that uplifts you, inspires you, moves you, makes you want to dance, or sing, fills you with joy.
12) Commit random acts of kindness, gratitude, and generosity. When you bring others a sense of happiness, that happiness is shared back to you. It coats your aura in another layer of protection.

Now that you know things that you can do that help... Here is a list of things you absolutely should not do.

1) Keep your hopes up - do not entertain negative, hurtful, destructive, or despairing thoughts. If you notice them happening, turn your mind to positive thoughts. If you're under attack, hope is the first thing they try to take. Don't let them.
2) Do not get drunk; do not abuse drugs; avoid hallucinogens! Avoid people who get extremely drunk. Drugs and alcohol weaken the mind, however temporarily, and make you an easier target.
3) Do not do mind-numbing tasks. Don't spend five hours tumblring or fbing, or watching tv. Stay alert as much as possible. When you're not paying attention, it's easy to sneak past your protections.
4) While it may work on occasion for some, in general it seems to be a bad thing to have the attitude that one is a lost and helpless little sheep in need of rescue. This kind of "I'm lost and helpless, save me" attitude attracts wolves or sharks. If you must express that sentiment, try to wait to express it to someone your heart tells you will actually help you - don't broadcast it.
5) Do not tune into bad news, do not listen to depressing/angry music, do not let your spirits tune into negativity.
6) Don't panic! You are not alone. Others have survived these trials - you can too.

This concludes this lesson on psychic attack. We have covered what it is, and what it is not. We have covered what you can do to determine whether a suspected psychic attack is real, or not. We have discussed what you can do during a psychic attack to protect yourself, and we have talked about things you need to avoid during those times because those activities can make you more susceptible.

I look forward to your questions and comments.

Re: Psychic Attack

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:56 pm
by Likes2Read
I'd love to see this thread stickied. There's a huge amount of useful information to be found here.

Anyone who perceives themselves as being under attack needs to evaluate, honestly, if any mundane and muggle factors are playing into the situation. Having mundane explanations behind our issues is less... dramatic? Exotic? Exciting? I'm not sure there's a single word to convey my intent here. But sometimes, we really do have to fall back on the old saying, "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." In other words, look at the simplest explanation first.

I think I have ticked a few folks off when I've recommended that the first order of business, for the symptoms they're experiencing, should be a visit to their doctor, not an exorcist or a conjurer. It wasn't my intent to annoy or offend, but it's a valid approach to rule out "horses" before we start thinking "zebras".

Then again, around here, at the sound of hoofbeats, it'd be valid to think "unicorns", too. But that's just me. ;)

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Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:30 pm
by conxtion
An excellent essay and comment. Kudos, guys.

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Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:58 pm
by darkwing dook
A long one indeed : D
But very informative : )

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Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:10 am
by Sephiroth
Interesting, i found the crystal list useful. Now i know why i'm always drawn to lapis lazuli so much .
Thanks for this

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Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:49 pm
by KnightofAvalon
Wow that’s an EXCELLENT write up of everything and makes it all very easy to understand. It definitely confirms what I’ve seen as well. Good job with that and thank you!

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by NyctophiliaRaven

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Thanks for bumping this - this is a treasure of information!