Flower Faery?

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Re: Flower Faery?

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Perla.L wrote:
Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:57 am
Hello, I’m new here and I just adopted flower fae and star fae, (well... still waiting for them) and there are very little information about flower fae.

I randomly chooses the race from drawing the index cards of my favorite flowers and decided to adopt the lily of the valley fae BUT....I forgot to think that I live in a tropical country Where the this flower couldn’t grow 😢

What should I do? Will this has an effect on my faery as well?
From my knowledge, it won't affected your faery by any means. I don't have the flower that my faery are associated with and he's doing good. I think they are fine with any plants or flowers, because I feel that my faery likes to hang around my garden which is lacking flowers. So if you have plants around, then that works too. If you want, you can also draw them a lily to replace the missing flower or buy something with a lily scent. It doesn't have to be a lily plant.

Though I think just hanging out with them and talking with one another matters more than any of those really. You don't need to do any of those stuff above, but it might helps with your bonding time together.

Hope that helps, and sorry about the late respond. :p)

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Re: Flower Faery?

Post by Perla.L »

Thank you very much this means a lot to me 💕💕I got her now and still working on bonding process.
Before I adopted her my family couldn’t grow or kept my plants alive at all😂 but after she came, the seed that i was assumed died is starting to sprout!!
Is this her magic?🧚‍♀️

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