Favorite little faery things?

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Favorite little faery things?

Post by ktruellia »

So far, I am not super bonded with my faeries. I ordered three on the same day after they arrived in a dream the previous night, and since then, I know when someone is around but couldn't say if it was one or two or all three.

But they love helping me with my makeup! Haha. I'm a waitress so part of my job is looking nice and presentable. Well, last night I asked them to help me get ready and they INSISTED on pink sparkly eyeshadow and big false lashes haha. I put my hair up in little Chibi-Usa buns. When I finished, they were like "NOW you look like a fae!"

My coworkers loved it, for sure haha.
The faeries and I haven't done a tour of all the plants at my house (I live in the countryside) but I'm sure it will be very fun indeed.

What little activities with your faeries has brought you the most joy?

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Re: Favorite little faery things?

Post by Chavah »

I have an Astra, Star, Waif, and Inteligent faeries. They are different than the garden and earth realm faeries.

They are my guides, energy balancer, cleansing agents, helpers with wish making, (which struggles with big time) 🤣. They are my positive connections to all the realms and creatures. They instruct me with universal wisdom, knowledge ect. Align my 3 bodies in time as we are working together. I have a faery pendant and coped them unto it. So they are with me always.


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