Popcorn and Fire

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Popcorn and Fire

Post by FrostLightDjinn »

Hello fellow Creepy Hollow beings. ❤️
I'm wanting to be more active with sharing my spirits with the forum. So I thought I'd start with my Fire faery. I can be long winded.. so just a heads up! Lol

First time I met her I was bombarded with a flutter of bright happy energy. Her presence has made me smile since day one.
She laughs a lot, startles me with her loud and excited HELLO!!! And is like a caffeine filled sparkling sun fire.

Here are some things she loves;

+Popcorn. I buy the big bags and share it with the keep. She usually gets her own bag.

+Tree sap. Hm okay lol she says it tastes good to her and she loves the smell and "making it melt" . If I see a tree with sap I get my fingers sticky by touching the sap. I also offer her amber, and gem quality resins on a hot coal.

+80s music. As if she wasn't already very high energy. If I turn on 80s music she is Fire Cracker on steroids.

The things I love about her;

She always makes me smile. Her humor is addicting.
She can take any topic and braid some humor into it.
One day we were having a telepathic chat and I casually said "Hey __name__, wanna hear something interesting?"
I suddenly had an image of her grabbing the tips of her ears, pulling them to stretch so big that she looked like dumbo.
I stopped and stared, on the edge of laughter.
She smiled a big goofy grin and said ;
"I'm all ears!"

Another time we were speaking about an intense subject, quickly popping comments back and forth. I paused for a moment, carefully worked out a thought in my head and said "well you know what I think?"

She said "yes, I do.."
She started laughing when I became confused for a second, and she said "I heard the whole thing!"

I mumbled to myself and continued washing the dishes, chuckling.

Her intensity and passion to serve and help.
She is always at the front line, first to protect, first in line to perform a spell or offer her energies to a spell or task. Which I must say, her energies are powerful and impressive.

Dedicated puts it lightly. She is always on me, around me and following me, watching me. She guards me even when I sleep, laying on my pillow by my head.

Her compassion and kindness to the entire keep.
She is always looking out for everyone, offering suggestions ,
seeking to include others in activities, pointing out things that would make others happy. She also cares for my vampires.

She plays with my cats! They like her. 😊

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my lovely beautiful faery friend!


🧿🦇Hi from Portland Oregon 🦇🧿

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Re: Popcorn and Fire

Post by draco_star898 »

I love fairies, their energies are so fun, excited, and often mischievous in a silly kind of way. I have a waif lady who is very much like the candy she craves, but with attitude sometimes too. Her best friend is a long suffering gnome who gets dragged along, but has fun anyway. They love pestering my cat and everyone's favorite game is mischief 8))

I adore having fae around and they love being involved in the lives of everyone here; they have fun helping out, but sometimes there is some hilarity packaged as chaos too, but that's life, lol.

Fae and vampires do mix pretty well, the waif lady loves pestering them sometimes and there's a lad who loves talking about healing energy with some of the psy vamps who have experience with it. And of course the younger dragons love playing around with the fae sometimes too. Fae seem to get along with most pretty well, the only exceptions seem to be the more independent types. A lot of my shifter friends aren't fond of them in large groups either, but some have friends individually.

I love reading what you write, you seem to have a very close bond with your friends <3

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