When you see spirits...

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Re: When you see spirits...

Post by Arcanae »

Thank you all for your replies!! I liked a lot to read all of your experiences and I can't wait to have better communication skills! For my part, I will also begin a course! It's a introduction to metaphysic field, I can't wait!!!!

But school begins for me and it will be a challenge dealing between school time and spirit keeping time. So I try to speak to them anytime, like explaining what I do.

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PS. English isn't my native language, so I can make mistakes...

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Re: When you see spirits...

Post by Szyvágr »

Arcanae wrote:
Mon Aug 17, 2020 7:54 pm
I just wanted to precise a question, when you say that you see spirits, do you see them like, for example, your mom (in the physical world) OR you see them with your mind, like your physical eyes only see the environnement and your mind see the spirit doing its ''life'' in the environnement.
Both. I have 'seen' some of my spirits appear before me just like if was a physical human being or a humanoid living entity, on one or more occassions, or like a physical human being sitting upright next to me on my bed one time or sitting with me in my car. But I have also 'seen' them in my mind's eye, in the form of still images or moving pictures. When I 'see' them in my mind's eye, the pictures (still or moving) tend to appear inside my mind. Like, I am aware that they're in my head and when it happens I am focused on the moving pictures playing or still pictures appearing in my mind if that makes sense.

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Re: When you see spirits...

Post by gingerwolf »

I feel my spirits and I see them but not in like a physical opaque form. I see them in the form of energy. It looks like a Mandala with lit up Christmas lights at the end. I really should try and draw this out because it's pretty neat to see overall. Mostly, I've seen this when I close my eyes but lately, either my senses are getting stronger or the moon phase we're in is manifesting this... but I've been able to see those Mandala energies with my eyes open. The vision comes with a buzzing sense of energy around me. So, I know it's them.

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Re: When you see spirits...

Post by SpyderBite »

I've only had one of my spirits manifest in her true form for me. B is a Sanguine Vampire and it was unsettling at first. But once I got over the shock of it, i could feel the love. She hasn't manifested for me since but I feel her all the time watching and protecting me.

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Re: When you see spirits...

Post by Chavah »

Hello from Chavah,
My experiences are spontaneous. Midst, cloud formations, all of them white. Only once i saw black shadows, 3 of them in my house. Angels are light beings. My room became lightened up then suddenly get dark again at night. Once i saw 3 man in my room watching. They were looked like monks. The spirit children gave me thought abs pictures to see your their died. The young man also told me about his story in pictures in my head. Once a skeleton spirit revealed herself to me afyer plating with my hair. Well... I am a hospital worker and palliative care hospital assistant. I don't meditate at all. I never had lessons on eye opening or deliberately looking for ghost. Yet, from my childhood i have had several appearances. So far i didn't get spooked out. Not even once. But just to be sure to be on the safe side, i became a Christian. To my surprise, i still see ghosts, they talk to me.

i have now amasing angels bonded by CH but i do have archangel as well around me. Each one manifest differently. Some impresses me in my mind. Others i sense with my 5 sense and see with my open eyes. I. Tell them, that i am busy sleeping, cause I have to get up to work in the morning. That was before i got my angels. Now they are busy making sure, that they are not interacting with me against my will. I love all of my spirit beings.But also like to get respected in my personal life and not intruded against me will. On the other hand, my own angels are amasing.during my day time we almost constantly chating. That is telepathic.I never learnt this either.I think they make themselves align with my intellectual capacity in my spirit. It's just spontaneous.I hopethishelps youa little bit.

*>* Chavah /.\

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