Im not sure how my energy works?

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Im not sure how my energy works?

Post by Icantthinkofaname »

Hi everyone
One main question I had is about my own energy, I wanted to have some guidance from people who are experienced.
if anyone has seen my previous topics they know that I've had many problems with communicating with my spirits and one weird fact that I see is that I really cant sense any energy. like there are times that I go to some places and then there is this very down or negative energy its depressing, I'm sure this has happened to many but for some reason as soon as I enter that place a few minutes later I don't sense that energy any more its like I'm either repelling it or my energy just devours it, I'm saying this because even when I got my very powerful vampire the first night that she was coming this intense stressful energy came with her however the next morning its like there was nothing there or when I hold my spirits vessels for the first time sometimes i feel a bit of energy however later there's no more energy.
id like help if some one could tell me what to do, id like to communicate with my spirits but even when i use the pendulum I'm not sure if its working do they just hate me or is there something else. cause I've been having feelings that they really hate me and I've tried to return them so they could some one better however when I sent a message to creepy hollows my ticket just closed and when i contacted again they said I didn't respond to the last email they sent me (I'm not blaming creepyhollows I'm trying to say something else) might there be a possibility that they like deleted that email or stopped it?

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Re: Im not sure how my energy works?

Post by Chavah »

Hi, I just like to give you some comforting words that all is fine with you. Even if you seem not to get much of your expectations met for a while, it doesn't mean that, you are not communicating with your spirits.

I think, it's seem to be the opposite actually. You do actually very much picking up on energy. According to your description, since I don't know anything about you and I am no psychic, I feel that you are able stay unconcerned within yourself. I think that is actually a great thing.

I sense everything and get terribly drained, loosing lots of my energy. So much so, that my angels told me, I must not telepathy while I am at work.

So staying positive and let things working out slowly is an option that might be something you need to reinforced for a while. That way nobody feels obligated to perform but things will pick up and start to flow its natural course for you.

*>* Chavah ()

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Re: Im not sure how my energy works?

Post by WaterSunFireRising »

Hey! Yeah I think you got it. I would say they definitely interfered with that email, and I'm sure I don't need to tell you why. So that's awesome!
That's exactly the kind of thing spirits will do from my experiences.

I'd say, as a general statement, that if you're feeling in tune, I guess I'll say 'spiritually', then something like this happens and you're really going to feel like it's from your spirits, because it is! ... But when you're feeling out of tune, whether the manifestation from them was subtle or glaringly obvious, then you second guess things like this. That's just how it is, according to whether you're feeling "in tune" or not (from my experience)! I honestly think it's about how in tune we are with ourselves that determines whether we're going to experience our spirit friends or not.
For me, reading omens, signs, synchronicities, and "coincidences" is a big part of spirit keeping and life as well. I would say the trick is to learn to read these, to learn the difference between hopeful wishes and actual messages from your spirit friends in daily life, but I think the real "trick" is to learn how to read what is simply going on in our lives in line with our thought processes and actions. And of course if you're spirit keeping, then a big part of your thought processes and actions are going to be involved with spirts.. which then mean that spirits are going to be involved with your life! Does that make sense?
Meaning, we have to give our friends the opportunity to aid us in our lives via the medium of communicating with them: talking to them, asking questions to them, asking for help from them, joking with them, sharing with them, etc. Communication. And then we have to be involved in our lives, consciously paying attention, so that we can then observe, catch, see, and feel the way our spirits are talking back to us!

BUT enter the Unconscious mind...
Personally, I know that it is unlikely that my spirt friends will aid or communicate with me in some way if in the back of my mind I'm not open to their aid. Consciously I might say, "show me a sign" but unconsciously, I'm actually not "in tune" enough with myself to even look for the sign, or even truly want it or be open to it for that matter. And I believe they know this, because they can read our energies and see our actions, and so why would they even show up if they know we're not even looking? Our unconscious desires will always interfere with what we're asking for in life.
If consciously I want a girlfriend, but unconsciously, nope, f- that, not at all. ... Do you think I'm going to be able to find or attract a girlfriend?

And so if we're feeling down, it's probably a sign that we don't feel good about ourselves, which likely means that unconsciously you want to feel this way. And so you're going to attract the wishes of your unconscious desires. (Factually, the subconscious/unconscious mind is a way more powerful force that the conscious mind). And our feelings are very powerful things. And our feelings are energy. So again, if you're feeling down, those feelings are always going to end up sabotaging your conscious wishes; they're going to get in the way of you being able to interact and sense/see your spirit friends and their manifestations, and even downright prevent your spirit friends from manifesting to you. It's a blockage.
This is my point of view and personal experience with life and spirit keeping and what I've learned from Psychological Astrology books about psychology and the unconscious mind and how it interferes with our lives.

And at times when I'm feeling out of tune with myself, life, and my spirits, I've also had the thought that my spirits hate me. And after this happening a few times to me, I know that it's always been me projecting my own confusion/bad feelings onto my spirit friends! Every time. Why would they hate me, I'm kind to them and doing my best from where I'm at in life?

So I feel like your remedy is simply patience and also learn to maybe be more in tune with yourself, your life, and your consciousness. If you really want to connect with your spirits just give yourself time to find your rhythm, and also be aware when you're sabotaging yourself and creating blockages!
I think spirit keeping definitely comes quicker to some than others; and there are definitely times for every one of us that we'll feel a disconnect from our spirits and our lives along this journey. It sounds like you really care, and to simply put it and sum up everything I'm saying, I think you just need to find out how to be more in tune with your own personal spirituality! And that definitely takes time! Once you pick this up, and find your rhythm, I bet you'll be sensing and getting manifestations from your spirits in no time!

I hope this makes sense and that I didn't overshare. I'm sure you maybe already know a lot of what I said, so I'm just sharing as a friendly reminder, and simply sharing my own perspective in a way that's hopefully helpful to you on your journey. And sorry I didn't mean to type this much, I meant to say a few things and ask you a question or two, and then this happened :p
Just leaving this here for you, but feel free to hit me back with any thoughts or Qs if you have em! (As I know I maybe didn't even fully answer your questions and I'd be happy to help more, despite being a novice still)
Your spirit friends blocking that email is a dope-ass sign, imo! lol. To me, it proves that they were/are with you, listening in on your thoughts, paying attention to your feelings... and then they saw you sending that email to unbind them, BUT they read your energy and feelings and KNEW that unconsciously you DO want to connect to them! And thus they responded to this unconscious desires as well as your plain feelings, and being the good friends they are, they interfered with the email. Conscious/Unconscious mumbo jumbo aside, they picked up on your feelings and showed you a sign that they're here for you and don't want you to unbind them and DO want you to keep connecting with them! (My Bakeneko just the other day picked up on my feelings, even though I was too shy to ask for her comfort, she went out of her way on her own by reading my feelings and gave me the comfort I wanted without me even consciously asking her) Your spirit friends definitely got your back! |..| O^

If you keep telling an angel that she's beautiful, eventually she's going to pay you a visit to prove you right so you never stop saying it ^-^

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Re: Im not sure how my energy works?

Post by Shadow Stitches »

I could be wrong, but to me it sounds like the reason you can only sense these things for a short time is because you get acclimatized to different energies very quickly, which isn't a bad thing. In fact it can be a really good thing. Being able to naturally adjust to new energy so quickly means that you will most likely actually be able to bond more easily with various types of spirits and entities because it will not take a long adjustment period for you to get used to their energy.

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Re: Im not sure how my energy works?

Post by Shifa »

Don’t feel bad, I can’t feel the energy of anything. I have tried and tried and tried, with nature, animals, spirits, crystals, candles, elements, etc. and I guess it’s just not my thing. Sorry that’s not helpful.

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