So, have you ever had a haunting?

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Re: So, have you ever had a haunting?

Post by Millies »

Iam always not alone not even my room is not mine any more they can 3 and go as they please , my car is sametimes filled I have so many locations that are filled with supernational being and creatures so yes I have experienced many situations. But I live it with it but getting easier it helped that I delated 30 years excellent pic photos vedios of supernational world it gone now so must of them are starting to leave me alone just always around me

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Re: So, have you ever had a haunting?

Post by FrostLightDjinn »

A few years back I worked a nightshift job. Sleeping during the day was only possible by having black out curtains. I ended up using a very thick comforter folded over a tension rod, as my curtain. Even the light peeking around the edge was keeping me awake, so I attached black metal clips, and fashioned it to the wall.
I was renting a single room, and I locked this door any time I left my room, and no one has access to it, ever.
One day strange things started to occur. I came home from work and my blanket was completely pulled open, and all the clips were stacked in a very neat tall pyramid on the window sill. To this day I cannot replicate this clip pyramid, they slip around and fall everywhere.
I remember standing there staring, trying to figure out what I was looking at. I was baffled. No one lives with me, im alone, and my door and windows are always locked. I immediately got the feeling that it was paranormal.
I put the blanket back up, replaced all the clips and went to bed.
That night I had a dream that someone in the room near the closet was talking to me. He asked me if we could be friends. I said I didn't feel comfortable and that my answer was no, but thank you. He reminded me of a thought I had a couple weeks prior to the pyramid event, and then I realized why this was happening. One day I said while I was cleaning my room, that it would be cool to have a ghost friend to help me with stuff lol it wasn't a request, I was just talking nonsense to keep myself entertained while cleaning. Like hey maybe they can do some dusting around
Anyways, the next day the curtain was pulled off completely from the rod, and folded neatly on the chair by the window, clips lined up perfectly along the window sill. I just couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of it.
I asked it to stop, as it was annoying having to put this big blanket back up every time I come home from a 17 hour shift. It stopped and I never saw anything again from them.
That was my most recent big experience.


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Re: So, have you ever had a haunting?

Post by CleverGirl »

Many times. The house I grew up in was settled in a woody New England area with a lot of history to the area, and you could just feel it. Firstly, you could feel that you were always being watched. It didn't matter which part of the house or yard. But some things that were the freakiest:

One night all the lights went out in my bedroom, while I was sitting on the PC in my room during some school vacation, just hanging out. Electricity just suddenly went out at some point in the middle of the night. In the span of a few seconds the perfume bottle next to me on my bureau fell over and slid to the edge, ending just a few inches to the right of my temple. When it came back on a few seconds later my tv restarted and was just static. I was on the PC at the time and it started booting up again... I just ran out of my room downstairs to my grandmother who was asleep in her room and just cuddled in her bed. I was a teenager at this point haha.

Two years or so before this the closet door in my bedroom kept just... slowly creeping open. Every time it happened it would just slowly creep more and more open. I would sit there and watch this happen in my bed and then curl up under a blanket reciting the Our Father while mentally just pushing this negative force away. I didn't dare leave my bed to close it until after sunrise. After a couple weeks or so it just stopped.

Many shadow figures were seen, many faucets were turned on randomly, many stuffed animals fell off my bed only to land seated upright and facing me... it was one of those things where the whole family knew it was haunted. We knew there were multiple spirits there, good and bad. Paranormal investigators were involved and confirmed there was plenty of activity, a priest had come to bless the house, etc. but ... it was the family home since the 1950's, in a beautiful area of the state, and really we couldn't afford something better than that... so we stayed until other circumstances (parent's job) did result in making us move. I literally grew up with this and lived there until I was in my teens. We dealt with some weird stuff happening on a near daily basis. Honestly, we just ... went with it. My parents and grandmother were all spiritually open and it really made me *somewhat* (and I saw this lightly), okay with knowing that there are times I have to confront spirits with less than neutral or good intentions and has helped me learn many shielding techniques, how to cleanse a space or person, get a good grip on my energy feelings, and how to protect myself and not become instantly frightened or overwhelmed when faced with something not so good. Though looking back, (not the first time I've said this) is that it's insane to know what I went through as a child on a spiritual level, but it seemed like totally normal things when you don't know anything else.

Other than that I've got a few unbounds that are tied to the apartment I currently live in. There's a sad woman who is often found in certain areas near the windows that overlook the city (that was bombed out during WW2). She is fearful and she carries heavy sadness with her. She means no harm, she's just, from what I understand, not ready to let go. And I accept that. On occasion I've had to banish a few negative entities that have come around here, but mostly it's just the woman who I let be, and she let's me be as well.

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