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Energy portals inside the body?

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:27 am
by 2Heinrich
Most of my journey so far has been driven by the idea that your body is an instrument.

It is built by different energy centers that just as your physical parts can pull off wonders if trained for long enough.

On the other hand... blocking the energy flow from reaching certain specific spots can also help you overcome certain obstacles that can potentially cause a lot of trouble.

If one were to block things long enough or for extended periods of time then it is easy to become diseased.

With this mindset, I grew up thinking that because I had an accident that damaged some of my nerves and prevented me from having an even flow of energy there were certain part of my body to which I couldn't get the proper amount of energy to and that not only caused me physical stress while trying certain activities but also made my progress into the spiritual world a bit harder than it is meant to be.

I have been constantly feeling very negative for the past few days and it got to a point in which the degree of alertness was so high that when I got to bed and I tries to fall asleep so that I could get to dream or astral project I felt myself anchored with this heavy feeling that I shouldn't "leave".

Another peculiar thought has also started to gain strength in my head and it is that some people bump into other beings through meditation, channeling, hypnosis, projection even divination or other things like those that are meant to communicate with spirits and entities and are supposed to be relatively easy.

Other people instead tend to have gifts of things that they can do and as such can learn to heal or move things or fly.

Do you get the point? On one hand you get to learn from others while on the other you learn by doing yourself.

So recently I've been thinking that maybe if I could fix those parts in my body that I feel are damaged then maybe I could build a stronger relationship with my companions since they don't seem to have anything wrong but the more I try the more I get deeper into learning things.

I've got better at feeling energy to a point in which I've felt parts of my body that I've never felt before and I mean bones or muscles that previously I could swear where not even there.

I tries to relax in a hot tub and I started feeling my own energy all over my body.

Don't get me wrong... it's cool but I'm trying to work with a purpose to get where I want to be but it's getting really hard to concentrate on that now.

I keep dreaming of people that are no longer in my life and probably will never come back. I have a hard time relaxing and staying cool and this is just not me.

I feel that I am making progress but it's taking me further away from reaching my spirit companions up to the point in which earlier today I tried to relax and let go of the sensations of the day and I started seeing shadows behave in interesting ways.

I could say I saw a short person walk across the room in front of my bed. To my surprise I didn't freak out. I assumed it to be totally normal.

Then I closed my eyes and I felt my left ear pop. It felt warm like when you crack your knuckles or vertebrae in your neck.

I concentrated on it and suddenly I went through a portal.

I felt that I got somewhere like outer space and from there I could go pretty much anywhere else.

Still... I felt conscious, awake and alert and observant despite not necessarily having a form or body at that time and it felt like I could recall all of my memories with no issue. I had a sense of time and movement and I knew I was somewhere else but all I did was travel inside my body.

It's not the first time I do this but never had I found a portal before.

Is that even normal? I've found voids within people through energy healing sessions but this feels like it's getting out of my hands real quick.

I know that one can open portals to engage in energy work with different species or energy types. It's like getting a binding or a spell but a bit different.

Anyone skilled with working with portals that could shed a few guiding tips?

Re: Energy portals inside the body?

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:37 pm
by darkwing dook
Mm sounds like some sort of projection, astral or whatnot. But there is also inner journey etc which allows you to explore within you.

Re: Energy portals inside the body?

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:20 pm
by 2Heinrich
Yeah... it's hard to tell and I'm not so skilled as to gather that many info on my own or how to tell the difference but it was an interesting experience.

Exploration is always cool.