~*Awaiting my very special Shaman*~

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Re: ~*Awaiting my very special Shaman*~

Post by wishing apon a star »

I really enjoy getting to know my Shaman. He's a wonderful ,kind, and compassionate Immortal. Although I havent heard him, I sence his warmth and compassion towards me. He's a wonderful guide and friend now. Im working on a few things with healings and with a few different spirits for each and wholeness/wellness is the Goal I have.

I have been working with my Shaman and gone about journing to get back what is needed. Its a glorious journey into "my spirit" and self discovery of what was lost,given or taken away, and how to be whole once more and "claim back" all that "was".

One step at a time..One day at a time.

Oh I forgot to mentioned..I saw him!!! :applause: ..He's so grand looking..Down to Earth- wearing light cotton white shirt with braided hair nearly to his shoulders..He had a huge smile when we meet with arms wide open !!...Dreamy and Gloriously Grand welcome to me.<3

Warmest Wishes<3
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Re: ~*Awaiting my very special Shaman*~

Post by sadlotus79 »

congrats.can't wait to hear all about your new friend.lol i was wondering yesterday whether or not ch had medicine men/women.so i am glad u posted

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Re: ~*Awaiting my very special Shaman*~

Post by marcoank »

Resurrecting the post.
I bought a conjuration from a shaman from Lisa. He is a pawang, an Indonesian shaman. I'll post some updates.

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