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New here, thanks for the welcome! I always had a great interest in the Greek god Hephaestus, and I was happy to see that CH has a binding spell with him. I ordered it last night. As of now I have the attached image in my meditation area. When I gaze at Hep in this pic, his eyes flicker. It’s almost like I can see the flames in his eyes. I think he’s great. If anyone else had an encounter with Hep, please, let me know, if you are comfortable sharing your experience.
I think I am making some great contact with him, and once the binding is finished it should strengthen. I am hoping to get some great ritual work done with him and he will help me on the job and increase my creativity. Thanks for reading! -UR
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Re: Hephaestus

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Lord Hephaestus was one of the first Immortals I connected and to me this day is not just a teacher. But also, an important friend, role model and father figure. He helped me grow as a person and man and focus on work and study.

Do a novice at the time, I remember that I MAY I seen him working on a forge in a dream.

Still he great and love MY Papa Hephaestus ta bits! <3) ./<

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