Immortals - question

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Immortals - question

Post by AvalonKnight »

It's a bit of a weird one, but I have a reason for asking it. I want to preface by saying I have many layers of protection - no unwanted unbounds can get through to me to pretend to be anyone they're not.

I recently became a godspouse to one particular immortal lady, and I've been told that I'm to say very few details about our connection, but I recently had a sexual encounter with her, but it wasn't of the normal kind (and I've been sexual with dozens of spirits over years) - I'm also straight, but this specific time she used male sexual organs to have sex with me. I was shocked and wasn't really sure how to feel about this situation. I immediately thought I might have a dangerous unbound pretending to be her but after I consulted my angel brigade ( 4 courtwinds and a Bronwyn) they assured me this immortal was the only one I was merging with. I'm just pretty confused and a little weirded out atm, and I wanted to get some opinions on whether immortal goddesses have the ability that most gendered spirits don't have, by having the ability to use both gender's sex organs. I assume it makes sense, I mean they are all powerful gods right?

Sometimes I feel I shouldn't be asking certain questions but this is something I need knowledge of

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Re: Immortals - question

Post by darkwing dook »

Mmm, what's the question?
If it's "they are all powerful gods right?", then the answer is yes, kinda, because there are limitations.

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Re: Immortals - question

Post by Shadow Stitches »

Immortals frequently change form in mythology. There are stories of immortals changing gender, Loki is probably the most well known immortal to do this. So it would make sense for an immortal to be able to transform their genitals.

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