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Cronus and links to contemporary Christianity?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:57 pm
by Cleric of Justice
I wonder what Cronus’s links to Christianity or more specifically Roman Catholicism if anybody has thoughts on this? I tried asking Cronus with a pendulum once if he had any links and it might have swung to a yes. I’m curious, are there infact links then?

Christmas as recognised now seems to be based off Saturnalia which was a celebration of Cronus by Roman Polytheists. He was popular as ‘Saturn’ among them for his golden age aspect.

It’s written during the golden age Cronus and Astraea mainly governed the cosmos, it was written that there was no suffering and humans were not created without the ability to do bad. The animal symbol of Cronus is also a Lion.

So does anybody think there’s any links from experience or knowledge?

According to mythology Zeus later took over when usurping Cronus, then released him from Tartarus to be the ruler of paradise in the afterlife while retaining his own position as new governor of cosmos. Zeus removed the golden age’s aspects to punish humans during a time they refused to worship the gods according to mythology.