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Haunted doll ie human spirit questions

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:21 am
by zane2012
I'm interested if anyone can offer me any advice in or about getting a spirit that are in like dolls, as seen like on ebay, I know some of them obviously have to be real.

Question isn't me asking which are real, more to ask are there any special things I should know, or helpful tips and hints, stuff being to bond, special things and ways.

Like for example is it possible to hold there vessels ie doll and be able to talk to them telepathically, like you can with non human spirits like vmapires, etc.

Also does the 30 day period thing also apply for human spirits, just trying to have an idea.

If anyone has any experience let me know, I'm also curious does creepyhollow ever plan to start selling haunted dolls, or selling them again, or perhaps you already do anyways thanks for reading, hopefully I've posted this in the right place.

Also want to ask one more thing, does anywhere here have human spirits along with there other spirits like vampires, etc.

Anyways thanks for any help you can give me!

Re: Haunted doll ie human spirit questions

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:59 pm
by Gary8192
I have a couple of haunted dolls, never expected to get any, but I was called fairly strong. One took a little longer to bond with. the others bonded fairly quickly. I do talk to them telepathically. I usually pick up feelings and images from them. I have seen different expressions on them at times as well their eyes. I had one bond before I got her, one took about 5 weeks. It is a lot like any of the other spirits, some bond very quick, others take a while. I have actually had them move a few times, once when I was watching. As I said, I never actually thought about having one untill I was called., But they are definitely fun to have around! you can communicate with via evp as well. I hope that this helps!

Re: Haunted doll ie human spirit questions

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:17 am
by zane2012
thanks for sharing! Also my friend told me that human spirits dont like to be given away knowing it makes them feel like slaves, but yet I dont get how selling them exactly makes it better?!?

Is it to say like selling animals, figuring it would get a better home with someone that spent lots of money on one vrs giving it away, to me I see it like this if it was seen as slavery wouldnt selling them be just as bad as giving them away, maybe you or someone else can help me confirm what or if my friend saying this is true or not.