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I hope this is the correct place to put this. If not, I apologize.

I just wanted to share something interesting! During my meditation and communication with my Cambion last night. I am on my erm cycle and had been feeling cramps. During my meditation last night I was having difficulty concentrating due to the cramps. I heard my Cambion say "oh, here, how about this?"
And suddenly my pain went away completely. It was like soothing buttery softness . I stayed pain free for the rest of the evening. It was really eye opening. I am new to Cambion energy (in this life anyways...😅😅) And I'm only just getting to know my Cambion. There was a period where I felt quiet watching and not much communication. Now we are having long conversations . I'm excited to develop a deeper relationship and connection , and am learning not only about my Cambion, but cambions in general as I ask a lot of questions during our meetings, which are all answered, sometimes in humorous ways.
I am hoping to add more entries as I discover more things about my new Cambion friend. :)
Thanks for reading.


🧿🦇Hi from Portland Oregon 🦇🧿

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