Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

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Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Post by JessicaWright »

I have also heard the same roamer lets hope for something positive ahead.

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Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Post by Magnolia »

I find it hard to believe that NO one can undo so-and-so's bindings other then them, it's not impossible and it doesnt matter who conjured the being, as a conjure, you help beings meet people. That doesn't grant you ownership of them which seems like a very "human" thing to assume.
Binding is not ownership. It is an agreement / contract, and it is not easy to annul without knowing the specific clauses for canceling the agreement.
One example is marriage contract, when you're married, it doesn't mean any jealous lover can annul your marriage contract that easily. Similarly with business agreement.
That comment and this response is probably the most succinct and easily understood explanation of a binding.

I think it's really important for any Keeper or magic enthusiast to have a fundamental understanding of what you are doing when you embark on Spirit Keeping or working with magic.

There are rules, laws, and governing forces that dictate the path of the supernatural. There are some who don't want to admit this, or acknowledge it, but regardless of anyone's recognition or willingness to accept it, it's the truth.

Spirits have to agree to work with a practitioner. If a practitioner gains respect within the Spiritual Realm, the more races/species of spirits are willing to work with a practitioner, and the more rare and precious the types of spirits that return.

These simple truths are why it's so blatantly ignorant to everyone whose been in the magic or Spirit Keeping community for the last two decades, when people who haven't been around very long say things like a person whose been doing this for a month, or as said on another forum "doing it for pizza money" is conjuring the most powerful spirits. Really? The same principles that govern any other type of professional achievement govern magic and conjuring. Someone who just cracked open a book and started learning to conjure is not going to conjure the same as someone who's been doing it for 2 years, who isn't going to do it as well as someone who's been doing it for 5 years. No more than a surgeon who has his first patient on the operating table is going to be as talented or proficient as a surgeon who has been at his work for 10 years.

No matter if it's magic, spirits, or entities, you cannot build a solid foundation to become a practitioner without training and experience, and this doesn't mean having Immortals or other spirits conjure for you and then you saying you did it. Or adopting the SRAs from our shop and then listing them on eBay or Bonanza or Facebook; because we caught someone doing this just a month ago. Or selling the spirits of seasoned & reputable practitioners as your own conjurations, because this happens too, and to add insult to injury I've seen the people bash the seller whose spirit conjurations they are selling.

There is a lot of hate out there on these pop-up sites, and unfortunately a lot of it has come from the younger people who are knew to all of this and I don't know if they are trying to make their bones by bashing established sellers & sites, or if they are just young people with a lot of emotion & rage, but there's a reason seasoned & reputable sellers are still around, and it's not because they aren't good at what they do.

I've said it before, and there's nothing closer to the truth, many of the pop-up sellers and members you see on sites that bash sellers, who have unkind words about everyone & everything except for themselves and their cliques, will come & go, and the people who are serious about their work will still be here.

Be careful who you trust. There's a reason our site, other reputable sites, and the members who have been around close to 20 years are still around. They are the people who are serious, and who have respect for this lifestyle. If you're new and you're reading this, then maybe you'll be one of those long-term people, and maybe you'll be a respected part of this community or other reputable communities, but you'll never get there if you don't take yourself and your journey seriously. Hate gets you no where. Bashing and throwing poison on others doesn't get you there. Blindly following people who have no background that's documented in the supernatural, and/or no long-term foundation and tie to the community doesn't get you there.

If you want this lifestyle and journey to work for you, then you have to take it as seriously as you would learning whatever else interests you in life. You wouldn't want a college degree from someone who teaches under a bridge with absolutely no credentials and prints out your certificate on a wireless printer. You wouldn't want to learn how to become a hair stylist from a teenager in home-ec class. You wouldn't want a plumber who learned how to plumb by watching YouTube videos yesterday.

So why would you want to be that reckless with your journey in the supernatural?

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Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Post by Theivorypagan225 »

Creepy Hollows has done rebindings for me that initially were conjured several years ago for free. While someone can rebind anothers work it does not mean they should. To be honest I would be leery of anyone claiming to provide this service.

creepyhollows wrote:There's been some talk with users on Dischord that there is a seller claiming to rebind CH bindings. I caution you all to be extremely aware of what you're reading and taking a chance with. No one is going to be able to break CH bindings and rebind them. There's a reason Creepy Hollows has been around longer than anyone else over the last 17 years and it's because we don't play games with the community.

Ash, myself, and the practitioners whose work we offer on our shop are all consummate professionals. We have spent YEARS developing our work and we're not start-ups, fly-by-night, or going to disappear suddenly after making a score of ridiculous and unfounded claims.

Creepy Hollows offers a class system for multiple reasons and reasons which benefit the collectors. Not only does it offer a cost-effective way for EVERYONE to work with the supernatural, it also offers those who don't want to be overwhelmed by magic to choose the class that makes the most sense for them.

If you have Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, etc bindings that you feel are too weak then we offer many options for you to upgrade the class to something that is fitting for you. Not to mention, since the dawn of our shop we've always offered world-class support and rebinding ourselves if you have any issue with connection. There's no one outside of Creepy Hollows that knows anything about our bindings. We keep our methodologies and proprietary techniques secret in the most secure way possible.

There is a reason when you write into our Helpdesk and want us to unbind another practitioner's work or redo another practitioner's work that we politely decline and it's called integrity, honesty, and respect for the craft.

I know every year or two there's a new drama, new rampant circulation of untruths & misguidance, but Creepy Hollows was created for the express purpose of honoring the truths and respect of Spirit Keeping and the craft of magic. Over the last 17 years we've taken a lot of hits from upcoming newstarts who took punches at us to try and prove themselves, we've been blamed for things simply because other sellers & members posted things here because we allow open advertising for all, and we've weathered multiple witch wars and dramas because WE BELIEVE IN THE GOOD & HONESTY IN THE COMMUNITY.

There will never be a time when frauds, nasty gossips, fly-by-night, or negatively-intentioned practitioners exist in this community. That is why it is vitally important that you use common sense to drive your journey coupled with wisdom and the support of good people is essential for success.

I feel terrible for those who think their bindings are really being redone or they are believing the new snake oil salespeople out there who are claiming to be able to do things they can't do.

If anyone has any questions, please contact us. We have been transparent and open with this community since day 1. We don't belittle or badmouth other sellers, we don't claim to be able to redo the work of other sellers, and you don't see Ash & I personally inciting dramas. There may be people on the CH forum who do such things, but their actions are their responsibility only.

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Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Post by grizzace »

Woa really interesting! I’m new here so I’m just here and researching and looking around with lots of curiosity :S I don’t know really anything about anything but it’s an eye opener really

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Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Post by Aryan »

Ch is really the best!.
I never even look on other
Ch has given me such strong bindings!
I never thought i could even sense this spiritual world ever in my life unless 2 months back i bumped into ch!
Thanks a lot mags and ash!

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Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Post by Catgirl2 »

OK if I may I want to bump this one, this is a very valid post & a very helpful one! If I understand right no practitioner can unbind then rebind another practitioners Spirit? So my question is how does it work if the binding isn't strong enough for someone?

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