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Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:43 pm
by Magnolia
There's been some talk with users on Dischord that there is a seller claiming to rebind CH bindings. I caution you all to be extremely aware of what you're reading and taking a chance with. No one is going to be able to break CH bindings and rebind them. There's a reason Creepy Hollows has been around longer than anyone else over the last 17 years and it's because we don't play games with the community.

Ash, myself, and the practitioners whose work we offer on our shop are all consummate professionals. We have spent YEARS developing our work and we're not start-ups, fly-by-night, or going to disappear suddenly after making a score of ridiculous and unfounded claims.

Creepy Hollows offers a class system for multiple reasons and reasons which benefit the collectors. Not only does it offer a cost-effective way for EVERYONE to work with the supernatural, it also offers those who don't want to be overwhelmed by magic to choose the class that makes the most sense for them.

If you have Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, etc bindings that you feel are too weak then we offer many options for you to upgrade the class to something that is fitting for you. Not to mention, since the dawn of our shop we've always offered world-class support and rebinding ourselves if you have any issue with connection. There's no one outside of Creepy Hollows that knows anything about our bindings. We keep our methodologies and proprietary techniques secret in the most secure way possible.

There is a reason when you write into our Helpdesk and want us to unbind another practitioner's work or redo another practitioner's work that we politely decline and it's called integrity, honesty, and respect for the craft.

I know every year or two there's a new drama, new rampant circulation of untruths & misguidance, but Creepy Hollows was created for the express purpose of honoring the truths and respect of Spirit Keeping and the craft of magic. Over the last 17 years we've taken a lot of hits from upcoming newstarts who took punches at us to try and prove themselves, we've been blamed for things simply because other sellers & members posted things here because we allow open advertising for all, and we've weathered multiple witch wars and dramas because WE BELIEVE IN THE GOOD & HONESTY IN THE COMMUNITY.

There will never be a time when frauds, nasty gossips, fly-by-night, or negatively-intentioned practitioners exist in this community. That is why it is vitally important that you use common sense to drive your journey coupled with wisdom and the support of good people is essential for success.

I feel terrible for those who think their bindings are really being redone or they are believing the new snake oil salespeople out there who are claiming to be able to do things they can't do.

If anyone has any questions, please contact us. We have been transparent and open with this community since day 1. We don't belittle or badmouth other sellers, we don't claim to be able to redo the work of other sellers, and you don't see Ash & I personally inciting dramas. There may be people on the CH forum who do such things, but their actions are their responsibility only.

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:16 pm
by DeeArtLover
But are you saying you guys HAVE the ability to unbind and redo bindings? If so then there could very well be people strong enough out there to do the same with your bindings. Not saying there are or people should just blindly trust them but I don't think it's our of the realm of possibilities. Though not sure why anyone would want to get your bindings re done.

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:06 pm
by Magnolia
We have the ability to unbind and rebind OUR bindings. I believe you did not understand my post. If someone wants US to redo OUR bindings then we can. As I said in the post, we do not undo or redo other practitioners bindings.

I assure you, without pause or hesitation, no one can undo our bindings or redo them. This is our life 24/7. The methods we create are proprietary and unique to us. If anyone tells you they can unbind a binding from CH they are either lying to you purposefully & with an agenda to make themselves seem more powerful, or they are mistaken.

We have developed multiple-layered protections & safeguards with ALL of our bindings. If someone tries to tamper with a spirit, entity, or spell that does not belong to them and was not created by us, the bindings are in complete lock-down and they will not respond to the outsider. They will respond only to you. It is up to the spirits & entities to decide who they speak to, but they agree to be bound because they know in our care they will receive only the BEST of conduit binding to be a part of your life.

How likely do you think spirits & entities would be to agree to bindings and relationships with you if they thought they could be encroached upon & their privacy violated? This is the reason our spirits & entities are so highly regarded and Creepy Hollows is as big as it is. We offer respect and protection to all spirits & entities who find homes through us.

The problem with the internet, which we have all seen time & time again (especially in this community is that people can come into the scene & claim a great many things. Sometimes those people run off with your money & disappear, sometimes they keep reinventing themselves over & over with new names and shops, and of course there are those who are genuinely honest.

Creepy Hollows has been the same community, the same people, the same transparent source of information for 17 years. I think the breadth of our knowledge, the power of Ash & I as practitioners, and the security of the wisdom and information Ash & I provide, and our loyalty to the good of the community is unquestionable at this point.

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:47 pm
by Magnolia
I strongly urge anyone, whether you're a CH collector or a fan of another practitioner, you question and vet the people you blindly believe. Some of the people claiming to be able to unbind and rebind CH bindings haven't even been alive as long as we've been practicing and were mere children or not even born yet when we started this website!

Please, for the success of your journey in magic or as a Spirit Keeper, use common sense. No one who is new to the scene and hasn't even been alive as long as this site has been standing is going to know more than practitioners who have been doing this for decades.

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:13 pm
by TrestaR
Well... I tell you one thing, I'm not going anywhere. CH is home for me!

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:41 pm
by LadyWo1f
By any chance if a customer were to ask for a rebinding of a certain ch spirit again (like in this case the spirit has always been in their ch vessel but problems in the past have occurred with them) would there be no charge?

I ask this cause I'm still wary/cautious with my bronze dragon's vessel in the past, he's the only ch spirit i've been pretty confused on. I checked for tricksters/negative energies by asking my spirits but that's not the case. I saw his behavior as very odd days after we met.

Idk if his binding went wrong or what. We've been trying to repatch our friendship but it feels pretty awkward. Not for sure what type of blockage it really is, i've ignored it for a while since i sorta gave up on it.

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:26 pm
by Magnolia
We never charge to rebind any spirit or spell you feel needs a rebinding. You would simply write into us with ALL the information we need (order #, spell or spirit name, any details we need to know) and then you are placed on our schedule for the rebind.

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:33 pm
by Noctua
creepyhollows wrote:Some of the people claiming to be able to unbind and rebind CH bindings haven't even been alive as long as we've been practicing and were mere children or not even born yet when we started this website!
Lol, it's funny but true. There are 14 year-olds up in here claiming to become conjurers.. usually overnight.
Usually they won't even hide their inexperience anymore so it's easier to spot, and to avoid.

Put in the effort when it comes to assessing the practitioners you are going to in the first place, and you shouldn't have to doubt or seek lofty outside resources to aid you. CH has been here since the beginning and was incremental in founding the entire online spirit-keeping community, they know what they are doing and if you trust them in the first place to conduct a binding for you -- then do have the courtesy to trust them should you have an issue.

Not to mention understanding the simple fact that it's not only shady, disrespectful and unprofessional of an outside practitioner to claim to be able to deal with the work of another, but it's just not within reason given the safeguards and unique implementations of the original practitioner. Common sense indeed!

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:53 pm
by Noctua
Oops -- auto edit, instrumental* in founding this community!
Although they did also incrementally build it into what you see today, they've put in that work.. and most new practitioners whether realized or not are following in CH's footsteps, forming (or imitating) ideologies around their freely offered knowledge whether personally comprehended or not. Something to keep in mind.

Re: Creepy Hollows Bindings, Rebindings, etc

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:48 am
by eaglewingsamw1
Creepy Hollows operates with the highest level of integrity and professionalism that I have ever seen when it comes to the spiritual and paranormal community. Their work is clearly TOP NOTCH compared to others out their until I do not want to ever mix up anyone else's spell casting with CH work. Because of CH, I have finally gotten out of a lot of spiritual mess that I was in from previous spell casters as well as learned a lot about what was likely done to me and how to prevent future attacks. CH is not afraid to educate others and give to others. What a blessing! With CH, I know my money is being well spent and I am getting exactly what I am paying for. Creepy Hollows is a website/paranormal community that I have shared with my children so they will always know exactly where to go to get help and not lose time and money like I did from lack of knowledge when I was in my early 20's being victimized by frauds. I would like to encourage anyone in doubt about CH that is reading this to TRUST Creepy Hollows and know that if their is a problem or question-Just ask CH. Spend your money where YOU are valued and with people like CH who make sure their reputation supersedes them. Personally, I just don't view CH as some type of "cheese" paranormal operation that would risk everything that they the eat, breath, and live for a few bucks from lying or scamming someone. I just don't see them that way.