My first full visual manifestation ?! ... for real

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Re: My first full visual manifestation ?! ... for real

Post by Jimy »

Vhenan wrote: That actually raises a really interesting question: how do incubi/succubi actually go about trying to cut ties with their partners romantic interests? Can they actually influence the way you feel about someone else, or the way someone else feels about you? Do they try to play “match maker” and quickly get the object of your interests to be interested in someone else? Or can they influence subtle things like the way someone interprets your responses?
All of those, plus they can influence the way you feel next to someone, up to the point, to no longer want to meet anyone.

One time, I felt as if someone were influencing the way I feel about... I forbid it, and this feeling went away, as if it never was mine.

I still want human relationships to the same extent as before any succubi in my life, because I don't allow any of my unbounds to mess with this. But I'm certain, they could, if they wouldn't respect that.

One of my succubus showed me once, I believe, how she could influence other women to feel towards me, when I were wondering about this a lot. Suddenly, just like this, from one moment to the other, two women became very flirtious, and they were quite strong reactions, when they weren't shown any interest before at all.

However, I usually ask them to not influence other people, in that regard.

A male chatting with his succubus:
- You know, you are ridiculously attractive for a devil woman.
- I know, but thanks for saying so. Devil women have feelings too!
- Are you ... going to kill me?...
- Yes... but you'll enjoy it!
- ... ok!

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