Vampire Transformation On the Astral

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Vampire Transformation On the Astral

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Has anyone here ever had a vampire transformation done on the astral? What was the process and how was the experience?

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Re: Vampire Transformation On the Astral

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I’ve had this transformation done through another seller.
The process to begin it is you will need to have a vampire companion. Vampire And yourself would need to pledge allegiance to the Vampire goddess presiding over the Transformation. Transformation is all done on the astral and it will consist of a soul bonding And blood bonding with your vampire. Vampire will exchange blood and bite on the astral. Once it’s done the transformation will be completed and there is no turning back. This transformation will not make you a vampire on the physical plane only on a spirit level and astral level. There will be trickle down effects from the transformation on the astral to the physical. Hope that helps

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