Thoughtforms As Protection

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Thoughtforms As Protection

Post by Nolo614 »

Hi all, what are your thoughts/experiences with thoughtforms as protection? I would task it with patrolling parameter and identifying, kicking out all unbounds. I like the idea of something I don’t have to interact with so I can keep the family small... I may still get actual protective guardians. I also like the idea of it being constructed of my energy. I feel like nobody takes protecting me and my clan more seriously than I. And I recently discovered I have bloodlines going back to the roots of shamanism in China so I think there’s more power in there than I thought* :) ;) Any thoughts?

As far as appearance I wanted something intimidating but not too crazy. I understand that many unbounds were people too and I just want them to move along, I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s day lol. I love the idea of a 6ft white rhino with some ice influence. Glowing blue eyes, frosted skin, snorting cold mist at folks. Lol. Also toyed with the idea of a dino (the one that flies).

If anyone has already done this or has insight plz let me know.

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