Is there a limit on how many times CH can program a servitor?

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Re: Is there a limit on how many times CH can program a servitor?

Post by Chavah »

I thought, I share my servitor order request here, because it's on topic.
I really don't know, if I set it out right or not. I ordered the pre-set one for a CH servitor for Creepy Hollows spirits and bindings for spirit keepers .

I do like the ideal of it and those pre-set, programs. What I don't know is, if I will able to get those other request, I included in my character, look ect. (here below I included) without putting in an extra order for more programming. Because if i NEED TO , I DON'T even know which one is it, I am supposed to add in to the order for this type.

This is my very first time order for a servitor. I really like the ideal that it's comes out of Astral realm and my own Astral body essence mix. But I also just learning all about it for a week. So it's quite possible, I messed this order up.

Anyone more experienced, please help with this order, before it gets rejected. 🙏🤔

"SERVITOR-CH-SPT Custom Creepy Hollows Servitor Made Just For You
Options: Cloaking (so no one else can see it): No
Binding Arts Selection: White Arts (positive energy)
Shape of servitor (Describe form, colors, attributes): Look:Archangel with golden aura that can be seen by other people. (Reference to cloaking)
Form:Blond, wavy mid length hair, lavender blue eyes, Archangel with white color wings. Attributes :She will able to shape shift onto a white Pegazus. gentle, no sexual interest, compassionate angelic immortal love, wise and gifted with regenerative powers, very protective especially in pegasus form. Succeeding oriented in all goals and tasks given. She is able to be a guide, nurturing in energies with celestial and Ethereal and everything else on this order that was promised. Divine angels attributes concerning psychic and 3rd eye help is a bonus. I hope this is okay. She will be around until my death. Can she be bind to my MV?
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Class Selection: Dynamic"

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Re: Is there a limit on how many times CH can program a servitor?

Post by ARandomDemon »

My protection servitor has just received another program (absorb negative energy to replenish itself) and it also has the ''kill and eat thoughtforms" program in it but I'm running out of ideas on what else to program it with...
I'm already thinking about it turning into a shield if I use a code phrase and also giving it the ability to increase the range of my prayers as long as its protection oriented and I say the code phrase but what else?
Anyone have ideas on what I could make it do?

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Re: Is there a limit on how many times CH can program a servitor?

Post by Lewk »

It's an interesting question - partly because I don't know Creepy Hollow's view is, in terms of their trade secrets as practitioners, on what the limits are.

One simple rule could be that we can't programme a servitor to do something that we ourselves cannot do. But CH are master practitioners and presumably their limits are way beyond what most of us can reach.

Another view could be that if we know how to programme our servitors / constructs etc properly, they can learn or acquire abilities for themselves. I think this must be quite an advanced method, if it is possible (which I guess it is to some extent) and the created servitor / construct could well take a long time to learn or acquire some things.

There are Neb Djinn spirits from Mystic Morning Treasures, who can acquire new abilities when their keeper needs something done that is not within their existing powers. And Eclipse Metaphysical's sentient Guardians learn to be able to do new things as time goes by.

In fact, Eclipse Metaphysical's Guardians' wide range of abilities give a good idea of what servitors can be programmed to do. Of course the practitioners there are masters and leaders in their craft.

The bottom line is: what are your needs? And what are your anticipatable future needs?

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