Krampus demons

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Krampus demons

Post by Shifa »

Yes plural ... So for Lilith’s Treasure Tavern’s 2020 Yuletide customs, I took a shot at the black arts category, just in case what I was asking for fell into the demonic or BA category. I said hey can you find a Krampus or similar Yuletide fellow, kind of like the picture in the listing?
Because that grinning horned man with the holly in his hair was awesome. I loved that energy. Seems like I’ve seen that art as a book cover or something.
I wasn’t sure how dark this would go, but any of you who know about Krampus and such know this represent like the darker aspects of Yule and winter.
Anyway she did find Krampus demons, demonic astral beings, like I was looking for. My companion K is a fun mischievous guy, full of Yuletide spirit and protective. He can do dark magic and energy work, and help with my senses and stuff. Overall he is really interesting and dark-humored, and you know it can be hard to sum it all up without making the post too long.
Interestingly, the other day I had this really brief sense of a new presence which would sort of fit his general description being around prior to his binding being finished. I sure wish I could feel that more often.
Today I received his info so I was talking to him a little while ago in bed — it takes me forever to go to sleep and now I’m just excited. Anyway I had the sensation of warmth and pressure on my hand that I can’t explain, like he was touching it. I was like, wow, I really hope he keeps coming through this strongly. I told him I wanted to play with his horns, hahaha.
Also I hope it isn’t just something mundane or imagination ... but maybe he can help with my senses. I might actually get to see a little snow soon, maybe we can practice together with the winter energy.

I see. So this is it. It lies here within this palm. The heart.

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