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I am going to bump this and comment because it is a good reminder..
I've read this before and although I already knew, it was still reassuring to read again last night cause sometimes you can kind of get caught up in your own head.
I have recently been experiencing some small blockages I believe due to stress, life changes, medical issues, being in constant physical pain and lack of sleep. I have been having trouble connecting with my spirits this last week which kinda stinks cause times like this I feel I need them the most.. Then I lost my newest vessel with 3 spirits attached to it last week which made me feel just awful.. I did raise their class levels and copy them to my master vessel but still.. I felt like I let them down which just adds more stress and blockages..
I do know my spirit family is still here and listening to me and they know what is going on with me and my life but I still couldn't help but to feel so distant and have had this feeling like I miss them.. BUT I do just keep talking to them even if I am not getting any clear responses back. I do notice subtle things which some may say are a coincidence but I believe it is their way of letting me know not to worry they are here. So even though I may not be hearing, seeing, or feeling them like I used to at the moment. It seems they are finding other ways to give me signs and remind me they are here which is kind of beautiful.
Reading this again last night just reminded me that its okay if there is some down time and not to add more stress to myself by worrying about why I can't connect with them as easily right now because as Magnolia said then it just becomes a snowball effect and adds more stress.
So until I get over this little bump in the road I will continue to just keep inviting them to join me with everything I do and continue talking to them, venting to them, share my hopes and dreams with them, my short term goals, my long term goals, my interests, my secrets, my fears, all the things I want to learn about.. I mean the list really goes on and on.. I can be quite the chatter box with my spirit family which is crazy as I am not like that with humans at all... I may not be learning much about them at the moment but they sure are learning a lot about me..
Thank you Magnolia for this post! As I said it is a good reminder to all who may be going through a rough patch..

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::bump:: And agree with everyone who might be going through a hard time with their companions. I am very well adjusted myself. Yet eagerly learning all the times something new.
Also Happy 20th Anniversary to you you both Mag and Ash. I hope you had a bit of break and had a night to yourself. 0..0

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