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Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:51 pm
by Magnolia
This article is from our Encyclopedia:

Paranormal collecting is a wide-spread phenomena. A global source of enjoyment you can find collectors in nearly every country. Parnormal collectors and well as paranormal collecting is varied greatly. There are paranormal collectors who specialize in one aspect of paranormal energy whereas others are open in their collecting choices. Paranormal collecting includes:

- objects that exhibit paranormal energy or manifestations
- Spirit Keeping of various spirit races including humans, creatures, and entities of the White Arts & Dark Arts
- magickals, & spellcasted vessels

Collectors may have one or a mixture of all in the collection. It is up to each collector to decide what path is best for them. Paranormal collecting transcends age, race, religion, culture, and more. Here at Creepy Hollows we have members in over 75 countries of different backgrounds entirely. It is an activity that brings people together despite their religious subscription, age, and culture. Paranormal collecting can be enjoyed by anyone and it creates a ground of appreciation not only in other collectors but in the paranormal treasures you are bringing home to complement your life.

Paranormal collecting should be something done to complement the life you lead. Your treasures should add to your life, provide you assistance where applicable, contribute to the energy in your home, and give you something that you cannot achieve anywhere else; paranormal energy.

You can find paranormal artifacts in places like Creepy Hollows, as well as other reputable, online dealers, and in your own, local communities! If you are looking for a paranormal artifact that is not inhabited by a spirit or a spell you can set out on an adventure of your own to hunt them down in your local area, or abroad!

Where to look?

The best places to find paranormal artifacts is in:

- antique stores
- estate sales
- flea markets
- used book stores

We strongly recommend that you do not advertise to the people who are running the venues that you are interested in finding a paranormal artifact for multiple reasons: someone unscrupulous will try to sell you something not genuine, they may offer you their best advice which may not be conducive to your mission, and sometimes it can create a nervous tension as some do not believe in the paranormal.

What should I be looking for?

For beginners in collecting we recommend that you start with artifacts known to frequently be haunted by paranormal activity. Typically these items possess a great energy patina that provides a positive energy level allowing you to acclimate to the paranormal energy without being overwhelmed. These artifacts are:

- vintage or antique telephones
- vintage or antique doorknobs
- mourning jewelry made from hair
- vintage or antique photographs & tin types

By vintage we mean 40+ years old, and by antique we mean 100+ years old. These recommended artifacts are all personal items and in the case of the telephones and doorknobs these are items used every day by multiple sources over a period of years and they build energy in layers allowing for a great energy patina to form and there to be a vast window of experiences. These are all typically neutral energy meaning they are neither good or bad as they can have no intention whatsoever. It is just paranormal energy and therefore something exceptionally out of the ordinary for most people. If you want to understand the difference between an item haunted by paranormal energy rather than a spirit or "ghost" please read our article here

What do I do once I have it?

Once you have a chosen a paranormal artifact(s) you will want to incorporate it into your life as seamlessly as possible. If you bought a doorknob you can choose to install & use it on a door in your home or you can place it as a decoration somewhere in your home. The energy from the item will emit within your home and you will adjust yourself to the energy experiencing the varying levels of "haunting" as given by the item. It ranges typically from temperature changes, or, manifestations of mist, haze, fog, light streaks, or orbs. With something like the telephone you may be able to hear "ghost" voices through the receiver of conversations over that phone long past, hear "ghost" ringing, and experience the temperature changes around it or the manifestations of haze or fog. In the case of the photographs or the mourning jewelry you may feel more of a connection to the people related to the objects; sense something from them, have an energy kinship with them, and if you place near your bed you may have dreams of them during your sleep cycle.

How do I know it's real?

This is something you will need to use gut instinct for. I realize you would prefer a concrete answer but when it comes to the paranormal what you respond to may or may not be something someone else responds to. We recommend the artifacts above because they are known to be typical examples of paranormal energy and most of the time those artifacts contain paranormal energy because of their use and/or their method of creation. If you walk into an antique store and you see a piece of antique jewelry, or a vintage, child's toy that leaps out to you immediately then you should heed that connection as a gut instinct. Paranormal collectors will often tell you they feel an item belongs to them and when they enter the room it is all they see out of the sea of other things. Once they hold the artifact and bring it home they begin to feel the totality of the artifact's significance. Paranormal energy can manifest itself the moment you touch the object or begin a process of exposing itself over time. Typically you will feel something the moment you touch the artifact and after bringing it home you will see the energy grow & share itself with you over time. Many collectors find a personal kinship with the object.

Why collect the paranormal?

Most collectors do so to complement their life. They want to add that extra something you cannot get anywhere else to their life and enjoy the rewards of having something beyond explanation with them. For most they find the objects they are drawn to are special to them one way or another and in discovering the past life of the object their initial gut instinct to collect it is confirmed. For example, we have a Knights Templar hat from an order more than 80 years ago. We found the hat in Florida, but the order was actually from New York (where we are) and not far from where we live. When we researched the history of the hat we found it came from our home state and it was affirmation that we had made the right choice in choosing to bring the hat home after experiencing an initial connection with it.

How far you go on your paranormal journey is up to you. Over the last 3 years paranormal collecting has exploded into a special community all its own and we've been extremely blessed to be a large part of keeping the paranormal community open & informative for anyone who wishes to join paranormal collecting.

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:25 pm
by Instrument of the end fire083
would it be okay to ask about any unique pieces they may have?

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:41 pm
by Magnolia
::bump:: for Paranormal Day

Yes, it is okay to ask them what unique items they may have, but bear in mind, once you open the door you may be led around their shop viewing things that you aren't interested in seeing, and may miss out on the exceptional opportunities or subtle items.

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:45 pm
by Sophia Nyx
There used to be a quaint shop in town that was absolutely fabulous to visit. I had picked up a few items from there in the past: an old Chinese lock box, several old books that still contained hand written notes in the margin and a few other smaller items. Every time you walked into the store it just buzzed with energy. I doubt the owners ever really knew what they had. Sadly, they went out of business 8 years ago or so.

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:39 pm
by truckingon
::bump:: Love this. Have an antique store here I love just meandering thru.. always interesting what one can find:)

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:30 am
by Catgirl2
Can I add a post-do hope some one can answer me on this one! I had seen a collectors plate at the antique store near me that I had been looking for but when I had picked it up i had felt a sense of doom-I didn't get it but can some one possibly give me an idea what it could mean!

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:48 pm
by DeeArtLover
The word "collect" or "collector" when referring to spirits/entities seems....meh

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:00 am
by Catgirl2
OK-so could this collectors plate be bad luck? I felt a sense of doom when I picked up the collectors plate so I decided not to buy it-it was a bad feeling type of doom i had felt! What I mean by collectors plate it was one of those that Bradford Exchange had made & advertised for sale-considering the one I saw it must be a good 20 years old!

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:32 pm
by denanna123
It could be bad luck.

It could be a lot of residual negative energy left over from the previous owner which a cleansing spell/ritual could clear up.
It could even be an unhappy spirit(possibly the previous owner is attached to the plate if it was important to them in life or if something big and bad happened to them near the plate or because of the plate etc.). It's hard to say exactly what it is you're feeling but if it feels negative probably better to leave it behind.

Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:38 pm
by Catgirl2
Good possibilities-unfortunately I don't think the antique store owners would know & since there are different sellers renting space there it's just a matter of being able to chat with the seller of the collectors plate to get some info! So to the feeling of doom I felt-I did get the impression it was negative & also a bad luck feeling, kind of like if I decided to buy it something bad would happen! I have to admit though I was tempted to just buy it-the collectors place is of the late Princess Diana & it was one of the two I had my eye on for ages, so at first I thought the feeling of doom had to do with her death or how she died, but when I went back a few days later to see if the plate was there, sure enough it was, I still got the same feeling!