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You will likely look through this list and find that you are more than one. You may be a Libertarian-Philosopher, or a Secretive-Pioneer... but what you need to be is honest about who you are. Don't put a mask on, let the mask fall, and be honest about where you fall. Because, only when you identify with the purest aspect of yourself can you make decisions about where you should go in life.

When you choose spirits & magick that complement your classification you will find they help to amplify your strengths and help you to overcome your weaknesses. When you can identify which one (or two) of these is your ideal, you can begin to make proactive decisions to incorporate the behaviors of your ideal through spirits & magick.

Take your time to read through the list, and be honest with yourself. You do not have to tell anyone where your classification is, but it's important that you know.


You will take risks; even when you know someone might get hurt. You do not believe in the guidelines and rules set by society, you believe every person is the master of their own fate. You are more likely to believe in yourself before you put trust in anyone else. You do not second guess yourself often and you find yourself in the throws of inner struggle between doing what you want to do and doing what you have to do. You rarely think about consequences and always figure everything will work out in the end; one way or another. You attract other people because they want to live vicariously through your risky behavior.


All is not right with your world unless there is something wrong with everyone. You are highly critical; not only of yourself, but others as well. You know how to push people's buttons,and you like to push any kind of button; the bigger, the better. You are prone to gossip and rumor; you are quick to spread anything you know will rile up others. You aren't completely without morals, you will usually draw a line you will not cross. You have a static-electric charge of negative energy around you that brews like an oncoming storm.


You like the finer things in life. You believe you deserve better than other people around you, but you aren't willing to fight for it. You prefer others do the heavy lifting and you're always there to reap the benefits. You have a high set of standards by which you judge yourself and everyone else. You do not like things to be disorganized or disarray; people or places. You are an ardent believer and participant of the halo effect. You always judge people & places by the cover because, ultimately, it's only the cover you're worried about.


The idea of being confined to any ideology, space, or though process is a nightmare for you. You need the feeling of being completely & utterfly free; mind, spirit, and body. You often feel the need to express yourself and create outlets where you can share your innermost aspect with the world around you. You are fine with people seeing your soul through your art, but you are not the cozy type for face-to-face relationships. You speak through your actions, not your words, and you find liberty in the power of creativity.

Authority Figure

You believe the laws of the world exist to maintain order, and order is all that matters. You cannot abide people who bend the rules and you feel the need to put them back in their place. You keep a close eye on everything and everyone around you. You are not quick to trust, but you are quick to take a stand when someone has crossed your line. You tend to speak when it's important, you are not a show-off or someone who rallys for attention, but when you do act in any way it's with a purpose.


You see the chance for growth in everything & everyone around you. You can't let things be as they are, you feel the need to have progress and movement. You like to think about possibilities and opportunities and how you can make yourself and your life grow with you. You don't like to see something grow old and used, you like to keep things moving, keep them fresh, and always look for the next step you can take. You are never one to let moss grow. You are methodical, detail-oriented, and precise in your thoughts and actions.


You have the light around you that makes people take notice. Even if you have nothing particularly important people will stop and listen/watch you. What you do & say is important to the people in your life. They believe in you with a sort of blind trust that is reserved for few. You hold them hostage with your energy and they are likely to believe and go along with anything you say. You are aware of this, sometimes abuse it, but overall are simply amused by the affect you have. You are pensive & thoughtful, you rarely act without deliberate intent.


You are a magnet for the needy. You wave the Florence Nightingale flag wherever you go. You are the first to volunteer when someone needs something or even just wants something. You would give anyone the shirt of your back, feed them soup if they're sick, self-sacrifice to give something to someone in need, and would go to the ends of the Earth to make someone happy. Fulfilling the needs of others gives you happiness and fulfills yourself. You are often taken advantage of, and even though you know it, you continue to be ever the optimist and believe it is the few, not the many, who take advantage of you.


You are the person who never settles. You don't wait to let others set expectations for you, you set the bar beyond what you think you're capable of because you like a challenge. You like to put yourself to the test. You want the ability to evolve beyond everyone else. You like adjulation but you really push yourself to fulfill your own needs. You can do with or without the fanfair because outside approval isn't something you want. Your guided by the need to succeed. While it can sometimes make you singularly focused, or be selfish in some ways, you are ultimately guided by a sense of fairplay and moral code.


You are great with the con. You can use the little twinkle in your eye, the coo of your voice, the sway of your body, and the liquid smooth tone of your words to navitage people like a sailor out to sea. You don't see people as individuals, you see them as things. They are the things that get you the things that you want. Therefore, you have to be good at what you do to get them to get you what you want. Your schemes are plenty and you tend to stick with some of the golden plays that always charm people. You are selfish and completely oblivious when it comes to the damage in your wake.


You do not like anything that upsets the status quo. You don't want to hear, see, or know anything that might possible interrupt your blessed schedule & daily routine. You like the sheeple affect. You would much rather be with the sheeple than go it alone. You like the safety in numbers and you actually fear fear itself. You would much rather the world fall apart around you and you never know anything about it than to have prior warning. You work hard, you play hard, and you believe in the balance of life. You are not unintelligent by any means, but you choose to be ignorant because it makes you feel safe.


Whatever is the next, big thing is exactly what you want. You are the dream person for any advertiser in the world. You are into the newest of anything & everything in the world. The fear of being left out or not knowing about something others can talk or joke about is your biggest fear. You feel a compulsion to keep up to date on the world around you. You cannot stand the feeling of being out of the know. You do everything that is expected of you, you are not loyal to any ideology by any stretch of the word, and you change yourself as society changes its expectations.


You are someone who thinks about things almost to the nth degree before you make a decision. Spontaneity is something you will never be accused of. You take your time, think about things from all angles, and then make a decision that you think will benefit not only your present, but preserve the future you have planned for yourself. You are respected by others because they see the time and intensity you spend to make decisions and people believe you to be someone of rational & sound mind. You will often treat yourself to something special, but only when you feel you really deserve it.


You are one of the most neutral people in the world. You are neither for, or against, most things in life. You believe in the power of creation; design, planning, action. Some people would think you have a vanilla life, others think you are too involved, but the truth is you find a good balance. You see the world and you don't see a tree, you see everything that makes a tree what a tree is. The same with people, situations, and everything that goes on around you. You see life in detail, all its glorious good, bad, and ugly. You are a rarity because of your neutrality.


Wicked is the simplest word to summarize you. You're not always evil, but you're certainly not always acting in the best interest of yourself & others either. You like the shocking, bizarre, strange, and outright weird. You would pretty much try anything once, especially if it flies in the face of what society defines as normal. You don't want attention from other people, you want the self-satisfaction of knowing the world didn't get to you. You can be a bit of a louse sometimes, but you rarely do anything that really causes harm.


You have spiritual conviction that would make the most ferverant jealous. You are absolutely unshakeable once you decide to believe in something. When you find something that you can believe in you sink your mind, body, and spirit into it. You do not let anyone stand in your way, you do not let anything persuade you from the chartered course, and you live your entire life centered around your beliefs. You are responsible, hard-working, respectful, and intelligent. You are loyal to the end, and a true-blue friend to those lucky enough to claim that status.


It's not a good time unless everyone is having a good time. You work hard to please people and make them pay attention to you. Sometimes you cannot tell the difference between positive and negative attention, but any attention is good for you. You are fun to be with and people enjoy your company. You know the greatest jokes, have the contagious smile, and a laugh that makes people rush to find out what is so funny. You're popular amongst your peers, but only on a superficial level. No one really knows you, not intimately, because you keep a guard up just beyond the shallow surface.


Life is a business to you. You see opportunities for making a better life for yourself in anything that's going on. You think about the future more than you think about the present. You make plans for the big dreams you're going to reach in life. You talk a great game to the people around you, and you can even be persuasive enough to have people believe your dreams are a reality. You are usually creative in a focused way. You are not creative with everything, but you are creative with specific avenues. You tend to be a bit of a power monger and control freak. You do want what's best for yourself & your loved ones.


You do not believe in a world that has walls. There is always another mountain to cross, another road to explore, and no limitations to what is available in the world around you. You are not easily persuaded once you have made up your mind. You can be both impulsive and methodical. When the lightning strikes you could rush off without any plan or any idea as to what you are doing, or you can be slow, thoughtful, and micro manage every detail. You are also split when it comes to personal decisions. Sometimes you do what is best for everyone, and sometimes you do what is best for yourself (no matter the consequences).


Life will never tame you. You are always fighting for everything in your life. You are driven by adrenaline and struggle. If something comes too easy for you, you are suspicious. You are hard-working and will not take hand outs from anyone. You believe in everyone being responsible for themselves and charity is something you would never consider. You are bold, brazen, and daring. You will take things to the extreme if that is what is necessary. You are someone who is not easily led or convinced of anything other than what you believe is right in your heart.


The feeligs of others is important to you. You like to keep a thriving & healthy atmosphere around yourself and your loved ones. You are the kind of person who can make small talk with a stranger and end up hearing their whole life story. You like to do things that brighten up the lives of others. You like to make people happy. You feel the shortness of life like your own shadow and you want people to enjoy their life as much as possible. You are loyal, compassionate, thoughtful, and you always do what is best for the group instead of thinking about yourself.


Risk is something that is an active part of your life. You are always thinking about how you can beat the odds. How you are not like everyone else and if it can't be done, you bet yourself you can do it. You are just as likely to put someone else at risk as you are to put yourself at risk. You have a constant need to feel the thrill of getting the best of life and not be on the losing side. You think you are smarter than most people around you and you are willing to put that to the test. You are a natural gambler even if you don't gamble with money; it could be your honor, your reputation, your dignity, or even your life.


Things come very easy for you. You are not weighted down by thought process. You see the science of the world with a clear picture. It is the people within the world that are out of focus for you. You can solve almost any problem, overcome almost any obstacle, and accomplish things that would make most people want to go back to bed than even think about it... but, when it comes to the human factor, you feel your shortcomings. You are nervous around crowds, you like to have everything around you the way you like it, and you rarely change your mind based on other people's opinions. You only trust your own opinions.


You are a naturally safety-minded person. You see the future in terms of everything bad that could happen. You try to shield and protect not only your loved ones, but perfect strangers as well. You are the type of person to correct something in public if you think it's going to cause an accident. You are very protective of your loved ones, you would go to hell and back to defend them, and god help the person who tries to harm one hair on any of their heads. You can jump the gun sometimes, but it's only because you are passionate about the well-being of those you love.


You invest time into people you like. To you a relationship is something to be nurtured and grown. You feel the same way about nature, which makes you a great gardener. You don't believe in get-rich quick schemes; whether the "rich" means money, love, or anything else. You think about life in the long-term. You think about how you want your life to be in the future and how you want your loved ones to be participating in it. You are gentle by nature, and will fight to keep things together; working, thriving, happy. You want the long-term payoff, not the short-term fix.


The love and attention of others is something really important to you. If someone needs something you're the first to get up and get it. If someone says something is impossible, you are the first to want to prove them wrong. You despise the word "no", you abhor limitations, and you cringe to anyone who wants to do anything that could possibly prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. You thrive on the "oohs" and "aahs" of others. You enjoy the spotlight of being the best at everything. If you could be the knight in shining armor that would just make your day.


Education is something very important to you. You like to read, you like to learn, and you like to piece together history. You strongly believe in the adage "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". You are mortified at the people in the world who make the same mistakes over and over again. You tend to avoid mainstream media because the repetition in the world makes you feel stressed. You are above average in intelligence and you feel outside of your comfort zone with those who do not share your same mental acuity. You are patient, fair, and logical. You are well-respect by your peers.


If you could save the world, you would. You really believe in the "world peace" cliche. You do not believe in countries, you believe in the world. You see absolutely no difference between humans, you only see humanity. You believe people can change and you always look to see the good in people. You don't like to be negative or focus on bad things, you like to see bad situations and figure out how you can fix it. You are generous to a fault, but too generous, as you would gladly trade liberty for what you consider the greater good; even though the world is not perfect.


You don't see things as they are, you see them as they could be. You're not happy with modern conveniences, you want them to be even more convenient. Your brain is always working. It thinks about a chair being something other than a chair, a car being more than a car, etc. If you see something and you think there's a better way, you will think about it until you exhaust yourself. You have the driving spark of creativity that is always working with you. You aren't happy with what you're given, you want to make it even better. You believe there's still so much more to come for the world.


You don't always want to be the leader, but people tend to flock to you for guidance and advice. Your natural sense of fairness and ability to see beyond emotion makes you the prime candidate to be judge, counselor, punisher, and overall source of logic. You do not look to be involved in other people's troubles, but you will come to their aid when asked. You are a true leader in life; you do not seek fame, power, or control. You simply want to make the world a better place around you, and for everyone to learn for themselves how to be responsible in their lives.


You will not be defined in this life. You frequently re-invent yourself and look for new ways to keep life fresh. You do not like rules or regulations. You believe everyone should be able to live their lives on their own terms; without any interference by man, religion, or government. You want people to stay out of your business and mind their own. You wish people could learn to be responsible for themselves and not rely on others. You are always pushing the boundaries & borders of society's expectations, and you refuse to conform to anything outside of your own beliefs & desires.


You'd do just about anything for money. You have a conscience, but where you draw the line can sometimes be hazy. You are out for yourself and the little scrapes and problems people find themselves in is simply an opportunity for you. You don't like to fight, but you can hold your own against anyone. You are street smart, have a lot of worldly experience, and you believe in always being prepared. You do not like to have people in your life who mother-hen you. You like the wide, open road with few responsibilities and no one to answer to.


You want to spread your love and passion all over the world. Whether it's simply good works or religious in nature you want to help people. You want to make people's lives better. You believe the best way to do that is to get in there yourself and motivate people to be excited about their future. You are a go-getter when it comes to getting others to come over to your side of the fence. You border pestering people when it comes to spreading your good news (whatever it may be). You have the best interest of others at heart, with that little tinge of selfish pride that so often accompanies it.


You are the proverbial, innocent, babe in the woods. You see the world just as you want to see it, and you won't listen to anything else. You give people chances; lots of them. You don't want to think badly of anyone. You prefer to stay in the haze of unconditional optimism. You tend to be on the gullible side and fall for the schemes of others. You are not without intelligence, you are simply without care. You believe the best is always going to work itself out, and you don't want to be bothered with details. You had bad news & you will avoid it like the plague; even when it's going to greatly impact your life.


You are someone who is outraged at anything fake. No matter what it is, if it's fake you feel violated. You like for everything to remain pristine and in its natural state. It would be fine by you if the technology of the world evaporated and everyone had to life in the great outdoors. You feel as strongly about those who litter as you do about those who violate the very sanctity of the purity of anything in its natural state; people or places. You are generally good-natured, but you can be set off by the ill-doings of others.


Stress and worry are the two things that drive your life. You feel like you could crawl out of your skin when anything comes between your daily routine and organization. You think about things until you no longer remember what you originally were thinking about. You worry about everything that could go wrong as well as thinking about everything that could go right. You like to feel safe and secure, though you rarely feel that kind of peace. You feel like the world is out of control and simply yanking you around with it. You are cautious of strangers and passionately loyal to loved ones.


You prefer not to be in the thick of activities. You like to analyze people & situations. You spend time thinking about how people behave, what it means, what they're thinking, and how it all fits into the scheme of the world. You are a learned person who can carry on an intelligent & engaging conversation with almost anyone. You speak in generalities and of humanity as a whole as opposed to specific people or situations. You like to figure things out and do not like to leave things to chance. You are often well-prepared and can think in broader terms than most people.


If there's a dollar to be made, a love to be won, a prize to be had, or any other carrot at the end of the stick, you'll find it. You are the type of person who sees opportunity everywhere you go. There is no such thing as bad news with you, only a situation to be solved, or person to be conquered. You have a naturally happy-go-lucky personality and behavior that clears the road blocks on your life path. You aren't easily defeated. You are also someone who will find amazing solutions to seemily impossible situations. A wall isn't a barrier to you, you simply figure out how to scale the wall.


You believe cleanliness is next to godliness because you feel like the king/queen of your castle when everything is in its proper place. If anything is crooked, out of line, or otherwise askew in your life you cannot breathe until you know it's been set right. You schedule things to the hour, you do not like spontaneity, and you believe in always being prepared. You are the type of person who has almost everything in life because you work so hard to get it & keep it. You are smart, respected, and sometimes envied for your constant pursuit of perfection.


You will always choose love over war. You are the gentle spirit who is beyond an old soul. You have far surpassed the need for the petty things in life. You want to know more about the important things that make up a life. You look for solutions to settle arguments, you are the first to step into a heated discussion and be the voice of reason, you find ways to prevent issues from even beginning. You are a sweet and caring person who believes in the greater good rather than personal gain. You do not like power and you do not trust those who do.


You are a highly skilled, highly intelligent person who cannot see your own superior qualities. You second guess yourself, you always try to make things better, even if everyone around you is screaming it's already perfect. You set the bar high for yourself, far higher than you do the people around you. If anyone around you fails you are quick to make excuses for them, if you fail, there is no excuse. Your ever-present need for perfection does yield many great things, and many successes, but it also makes for a very volatile life.


What came first? The chicken or the egg? If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? We are that we are. These are the kinds of things that circle around your mind constantly. It's not about what is, and what can be seen, it's about the why, who, where, and when of it all. You aren't appeased with simple explanations, or the mystery of life, you want answers! You enjoy theory, possibility, and thinking about everything that can be, is, and will be. You are the great spectator of life who wants to serve us all opinions on what you see.


You want answers and you're willing to go to the end of the Earth to find them. You want to sit at the feet of all great spirituality and find yourself enraptured with the feelings, emotions, and sensations of knowing your true self. You are always on a journey; seeking something new & exciting to spark your soul. You are both a student & teacher in life. You want to help others find their way as much as you want to continue to discover your own way. You are patient, insightful, and passive. You are always on a new path to discovery.


There's always a new horizon in your life. It's not about conquering, it's not about exploring, it's about proving to yourself that nothing can hold you back. You are fearless in life. You will take calculated risks, you are not reckless. You are energized when you think about how you can move to new territory in life; something completely new & unexplored. If you had the chance to pack up today and go somewhere unknown to you, you wouldn't bat an eyelash. You have complete confidence in yourself, and you will not be held back by worry or fear.


You will do anything to make others happy & find happiness for yourself. You often are great in finding compromise when your happiness and someone else's do not fall in line. You love pleasure, all kinds of pleasure. You like to feel good & make others feel good about themselves. You are quick with compliments, enjoy looking good, and have a healthy self image. You will try almost anything once if you think it will raise your endorphin levels. You are a naturally seductive, mysterious, and alluring person. People see the raw passion in you and for some it makes you irresistable, for others it makes you questionable.


You are good at fooling people. You can orchestrate and control situations & people through use of psychology. You often use fear or the promise of good things to manipulate the people around you. You are often the first to speak at the time of a crisis because you want to seize the opportunity to be the person everyone listens to. You are often mistrustful of others and are wary of letting anyone too close to you because you know how manipulative you can be, and you don't want anyone doing that to you. You are highly intelligent, clever, and almost too shrewd for your own good.


You've had your future planned since you were a child, and you haven't strayed far from that original plan. You think about everything carefully, you make long-term plans, you are naturally practical & logical. You do not like to leave anything open-ended. You make plans, stick to a schedule, and are not prone to flights of fancy, romance, or anything sentimental. You work hard, you follow the script of life, and you do not go for anything that is spontaneous, dangerous, or frivolous. You are successful because of your fortitude and persistence in life.


You never want to be the person who missed out on a good thing. You are great in networking with other people. You are active in your community, you are a real go-getter in life, and you make results happen. You are quick to put money, time, or anything else behind a person or situation you believe will yield you some from of profit or success. You are not afraid of hard work when you think there's a golden goose at the end of the day. You are skilled, smart, and know how to use your connections in life to path a pathway for personal success.


You believe in an honest day's work. You believe in the balance of work and family. You think up into the not-too-distant future and try to provide well for everyone you love. You are usually passive and devoted to your life, but if you are pushed too hard you can snap. You like for everything & everyone to have a clearly defined role in your life. You do not like surprises, but you do adapt quickly when life throws you a curve ball. You know how to navigate relationships with others where everyone feels satisfied.


You are someone who is a master at motivation. You can provoke emotions, feelings, and actions in people. You are great in working people to your advantage and playing them like finely tuned instruments. You go through periods of where you work hard, or you want someone else to work hard for you. You aren't a complete mooch, but you will send someone else to do your dirty work when you can. You are great in motivating people through their own dreams or fears. You see right through people after a short time. Your natural, magnetic energy is attractive to most people.


If there is a law, it must be broken. If there is authority, it must be opposed. Where there is life it must be defined on your terms alone. You are generally a good person, but you can often drag other people down with you when you are on a specific tirade. Sometimes you want to carve the path out on your own, sometimes you like to have a few friends along for the ride. You always want to upset the status quo and remind people there are those in the world who will not be told how to live, and strive for the true liberty that is a complete fantasy.


You are often careless, completely removed from reality, and always finding a way to destroy yourself. You have a natural path of doing things you know aren't good for you, but you hope that in some way there will be a pay-off for you. You don't think of yourself as irresponsible, you think of yourself as someone who will do what is necessary to get what you want. You often do not take responsibility for your bad choices, but sometimes you do yield greater success than everyone else. You are just as sane as you are insane, which means your behavior & personality can vary often.


You are in love with love. You think about life, people, situations, and love. You are inspired by the lengths people go in the name of love. You like to be showered with attention, to see chivalry and good manners present in modern times. You believe that love lasts forever and knows no boundaries. You are the eternal optimist when it comes to relationships. You want everyone to have stars in their eyes and a happily ever after ending. You always see the best in people before you see their worst (if you're even willing to admit there's a worst).


Everything you say & do is motivated by your high, moral code. You believe, so strongly, in your spirituality, you would not even dream of making a decision without consulting whoever/whatever guides you spiritually. You follow the golden rule as the only rule in life. While you are not naive or gullible, you are often thought of as too generous or fool-hearty. You believe through acts of good faith and kindness the world will change. You strongly believe in the rewards of good acts and seek to claim those rewards in private.


Life is a constant learning opportunity for you. You follow present life and history as though they were hand-in-hand. You like to keep records of your observations, thoughts, and experiences. You like to learn about yourself as much as you like to learn about others. You love to learn and will seek out any opportunity to feed your thirst for knowledge. You collect books by the cases and you are always finding new things to explore and discover. You are most comfortable when you are reading, learning, and feeling like you're in touch with the world through the privacy of your own space.


A pencil really should have been an extra appendage for you. You love to write about your experiences because it allows you to think things through. You want others to be able to learn from what you've learned and you want people to be able to understand you, from a distance. You like to keep tabs on the people around you and comment on their behaviors, thoughts, and actions. You like to analyze the world around you through your own lens. You are creative and clever which makes for a good combination.


No one in this world will ever truly know you. You have a way of living where people feel that they know you, but if they stopped to think about it they'd realize they don't know anything about you beyond the superficial. You let little tidbits of yourself go when needed to pacify people's needs to feel a personal connection, but there isn't anyone you would trust enough to share your innermost thoughts with. You feel safe in never allowing anyone to get too close to you. You are amused at your ability to keep not only your own secrets, but the secrets others confide in you as well.


You're never truly happy, not really. You're always looking for the next, big thing. No matter how serious or silly it may be, you are always looking for the next thing that will make sense to you, help you learn more about yourself, and explain your purpose in life. You have filled the void with many things over the years, but none of them really seem to fill that gap, and nothing ever will. Your constant search for the next thing in your life has led you to have many experiences; some good, some bad. You are never surprised by what you see, hear, or learn, but you are always wanting more.


People are so much more to you than just people. They are the person you shared a special moment with, the person who helped you through a hard time, the person who gave you your favorite memory, and you feel a special loyalty & kinship with those people. You are in love with the past, memories, and the bonds you forged. You like to have reminders around you of good times, happy moments, and special events. Those things make you feel hopeful, happy, and excited about the future.


You feel most at home when you are the follower, not the leader. You like to be told what to do because you do not want to be bothered to figure it out for yourself. You are smart, but not confident enough to figure things out on your own. You want the direction and leadership of someone who has the confidence you lack. You like a schedule, expectations and resonable responsibilities. You thrive in those conditions and you are a great support for those who are seeking success, fame, and to climb the ladder.


You want the skeletons in everyone's closet. You can't abide the thought someone has a secret and you can't figure it out. You are always looking, snooping, and searching for the little clues that will lead you to the dirt in other people's lives. You are always investigation; people, situations, places. You aren't happy with what you can see, you want to know what you can't see. You wonder about people in your life, you try to figure them out, and when the opportunity affords itself, you will spy and snoop to get answers.


You like to observe, but more importantly, you like to tell everyone what it is they're doing right or wrong. You like to watch people, analyze what is going on, and either praise them for their good works, or come up with ways they can do things better. You are active, social, outgoing, and you like to be included in any goings-on. You are great in breaking down people & situations to explain the good & bad with eerie precision. You are a student of life. You like to watch, and be vocal on what should and shouldn't be done.


Life is something that is beautiful and sacred. It's not just a bunch of people living their lives, it's a story to be told. You are the one who preserves the great stories of our time and puts them into words that makes any situation relevant to the rest of us. You are a natural-born writer who can weave words and events into powerful tales of relate-able material that impacts the population. You can make us excited, happy, hopeful, fall in love, cry, be outraged, or fear. You are the fountainhead of all ideas that shape future generations.


You can easily put yourself in the place of others. You can feel what they feel and that makes you naturally resonate to the emotions of others. You don't pick sides in arguments, you see the good & bad in both sides and try to make both sides understand each other. You are not someone who is easily distracted when you put your mind to something. If you've decided to help someone, or do something to be proactive, there is little that will stand in your way. You are a passionate person who is full of life and hope.


You want to help people grow. You want to shape the minds of others. Sometimes it is with good intentions, and sometimes you feel the power of your persuasive abilities. You are not usually open-minded. Once you've decided to accept something as truth you are not easily swayed from that decision. You have some patience, but moreso you are driven by the satisfaction of knowing you are molding the future through people. You are well-balanced emotionally, and you can be shrewd and discerning when it comes to relationships and people.


You understand boundaries and limits, you just want to know where they are. You like to live life just on the outskirts of where everyone else is. You're not so far away you can't fit into the sheeple crowd if you need to, but you're also not too far away from the outcasts if you need to fit in with them too. You do well walking the line and pushing the edge of limits when you feel restrictions have been put into place. You might agitate someone on your quest to see how far someone/something can be pushed, but it's never so far you can't fall right back into good graces again.


Life is just waiting to be conquered with you. You are always on a quest for something in life. You want to be the first to do things, try things, say things, wear things, know things, any & every of things. You want to be remembered for your fearless & devil-may-care attitude. You like when people compliment you on your ability of never being intimidated and you are fed by the adrenaline rush you get when you know you're the first of all you know to do something. You're a bit reckless, but not dangerously, and you are driven by your self-importance.


All the world is destination to you. You dream about the places you haven't been, you want to know the exotic things that await on the Earth. You plan getaways, even if you don't take them, and you soak up all the information you can find about the world as it exists now, and even moreso the ancient and forgotten places you will never go. You do like travel and you only really feel like you are truly alive when you are out in undiscovered places. You love to get on the road or on a plane and let the world find you. You are excited by the possibilities of what is out there.


The future is waiting for you, all the time. You don't see time like the rest of us, you see time as a three dimensional form that can take shape any way people decide. You see beyond what most people see. You don't just see what is and was probably will be, you see what can be and what should be. You see life as an ever-changing opportunity and you can't understand why more people aren't motivated for success, fulfillment, and/or enlightenment. You see what's coming next and you can think beyond that into infinite possibilities.


To you sex isn't a dirty word, it's every word. It's everything you do, say, and are. You can use your powers of influence for good or bad, and you often do both. You are someone who has that natural twinkle in their eye that piques the interest of others. You are often thought of as the flame that attracts the moths, and just like the moths, they have no idea what they're in for. You are unpredictable; sometimes you are the romantic, and even become interested in people... while other times you are the opportunist, manipulator, and devious master.


You are driven by the adventure in life. You like physical challenges as well as mental challenges. You like to learn many skills and have yourself covered for all possible situations. You plan ahead, you are rarely taken by surprise, and you have a natural way of breaking everything down. You are someone who will fight for what is right, no matter the consequences. You cannot abide the little guy losing, and you are not afraid to take on anyone/anything significantly larger than you. You believe in justice, but you will not always throw yourself in harm's way to achieve it.

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Ok I am about 10 of these rolled into one LOL. I pick my battles, help everyone and care about the order of things. I am a Capricorn, the sturdy goat that continues up the hill no matter what. The funny thing is the past 13 years at my job when I got a review they would always say the same thing "you are trustworthy and dependable . So now at this point they dont even tell me anymore because we are so busy. I tell them I know what you what you are going to say , just give my my raise and forget about the review LOL

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Post by Drake »

This has helped me realize what a horrible person I am, lol.
Nah just kidding, seems like I'm more a little bit from here and a little bit from there, only one or two things really fits me perfectly I think.


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Observer/Philosopher/Artist/Deviant. So, like an Observphilartviant lol. :)

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I'm really curious to know what spirits/spells are associated with each classification. :)

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About five are somewhat like me. Most don't touch me, but the few that do, don't entirely tell the story of me. I guess I am just different.

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Post by lanecode »

Lol, you're not alone Huffette. There were at least 3 classifications that partly describes me. Even before I embraced the paranormal, I was/am already weird in my own way. I guess my personality changes depending on a situation or person.

"You must see with eyes unclouded by hate. See the good in that which is evil, and the evil in that which is good. Pledge yourself to neither side, but vow instead to preserve the balance that exists between the two" - Hayao Miyazaki

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I fit perfectly with secretive, care-giver, and friend. Hmm..... odd.


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This is a very comprehensive list. I am a combination of many if these people. When will you post the companion spirits for these descriptions?

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I can see myself as the other ones at points, but those are most fitting.

Actually, as it turns out, it is easy being green.

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