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Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:05 pm
by Magnolia

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread to answer any questions someone might have about whether or not something they've heard from someone else or have read somewhere else about spirits & magic, is true.

How can you come by inaccurate information?
*Websites where the person writing the site is not fully acquainted with all the facts.

*Someone who believes themselves more powerful or knowledgeable than they really are.

*I can tell you that in doing this for years and the past 3 years with an open forum that you always get people once in awhile who fancy themselves an authority on the subject and intentionally or unintentionally start spreading information about spirits or magic that is completely untrue. You can bet on it happening about once a year. Usually the person befriends other people, seems like a nice person, suddenly they have crazy things to say out of the blue, the people don't know if it's true or not and it leads to stress for everyone involved. And as a side note I can tell you that usually people like this have already written in previously to us and have said other off-the-wall things that if known would discredit their reputation with the others they are trying to influence. I've seen this play out enough over the last 3 years I can write you a play-by-play handbook of how that happens. This has always been a danger in having PM access & email access on this board because people befriend each other and sometimes you have someone who purposefully befriends a number of people with the intent of gaining trust over time & later causing a lot of trouble. But you have to weigh the good & bad and try not to limit everyone for the sake of what these people who come around do.

And as another side note I should tell you that people who are drama-addicted, crazy, like to cause others turmoil through their own gossip, lies & bile about others are an occupational hazard in the paranormal. In fact, I'd venture to say that the paranormal community as a whole sees more than its share of these kinds of people than perhaps other groups. We have people who are just downright crazy and write in asking if we can burn up the people in the world they don't like, people who write us and pretend to know nothing about magic or spirits and then we find out they are telling others how powerful they are & how they know things, and people who just love to start stuff between others. The community here is about learning and becoming friends with one another is a byproduct of coming here and learning and as with all things in your life you should just approach personal relationships online with common sense & discretion. And you can read my post about things that can rob you of your journey for more information because I have seen one person completely destroy multiple people's faith & journey because of their behavior.

So this is the thread to clear the air. If you want to know if something is true or not true regarding spirits & magic this is the thread to ask. And if you don't feel comfortable asking on the thread you can write myself or Ash on PM or email and we'll post & answer for you.


Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:11 pm
by Magnolia
Bound spirits are better than attached spirits...

No, not necessarily. Of course having a binding affords more leeway with being able to provide protection, Bridging, and other positive aspects but in our own home I'd venture to say we have as many bound as unbound living here. Attached spirits come & go and bound spirits chose to be bound & come to you because they want to fulfill a long-term support in your life. There's no greater advantage as far as the spirit's interaction with you, binding only affords you more opportunities for other complementing steps.

Dark Arts = Evil...

Only if you consider yourself evil. Dark Arts means the ability to choose between right or wrong, and humans are Dark Arts beings. We have the freedom to choose to do good or bad the same as Dark Arts spirits. We consider Black Arts entities the ones who operate purely out of evil and they are the ones who have no associations in the Encyclopedia. Dark Arts entities are those who have powers in the white & dark realm of spirits & magic, who you see exacting revenge or vengeance and who can choose to do good or bad in any situation. When a DA is part of your family you do not typically see them acting out against those in their own family circle because they are also very loyal beings.

Spirits travel in families...

Typically, no. This is an assumption where it depends on what entity you are talking about if it is even true but in the totality of spirits, no. There will always be exceptions but 99% of the time they do not.

You can forcibly bind spirits...

Yes, but in order to do so you better be extremely powerful and you WILL pay for it with your own energy, spirit & karma. You typically only see this in black magick practitioners doing so against other Black Arts spirits to force them to do their bidding because Black Arts spirits as a rule will not voluntarily help you. However, it should also be noted that in this case the word "spirit" is inaccurate because most of the time the Black Arts "spirits" bound against their will are living entities who reside on another plane such as the astral or spiritual. And BA practitioners always pay in the end and you don't usually see their run last longer than a few months or a year before something breaks them down if they are going with the forcible approach. BA entities have powers beyond any scope of a human and typically a BA practitioner will allow themselves to become possessed by a strong BA spirit in order to continue BA work. The number of these kinds of practitioners are very few and far between.

You can kidnap spirits...

LOL, no. I can't tell you how many times I've said that spirits are more evolved than we are, and it's the truth. They are not vulnerable, unknowing beings floating around waiting to be taken advantage of. They require respect and often humility to bring them through conjuration and they choose whether or not to come to you. Your reciting a conjuration opens the gate for any spirit(s) who want to come forward to do so to you specifically. Think about the words being a key turning the lock on a door and when you're done the door opens to the spiritual or astral realms. You cannot do a spiritual drive-by and scoop up unsuspecting spirits... LOL I'm sorry but this is one of the most ludicrous things I've heard to date. Spirits demand respect, rightly so, and you have to give respect to get it in anything in life including work with spirits.

You can torture or beat spirits...

The context of that expression denies itself. A spirit is a spirit therefore you cannot physically injure it. Are there nasty people in the world who have spirits to drag them down with themselves and be verbally abusive? Sure. Nasty people are everywhere but you have to remember we're talking about spirits. The spirit has the opportunity to move itself from the physical to spiritual plane at their own will and that is something you cannot take away from them no matter who you are so if they are not liking a situation they are in they are going to move to the spiritual and/or astral plane. As I've said before, humans are human. People have to get off the mindset that humans are superior beings, we are not, we are graced by the presence of spirits, not the other way around. Spirits are FAR more advanced than we. If a spirit is permanently bound to a vessel and not attached then they will likely go into the spiritual or astral realm and reside and not be with the vessel on the physical plane.

SRA spirits here at CH that we participate in with hundreds of others are typically spirits that are bound, that had a good or average life with another Keeper and the Keeper either died or became otherwise unable to attend to them and sent them into the program through one of the SRA foster homes. Do we get spirits who have been with verbally abusive Keepers? Once in awhile, but typically those don't make it here because Keepers who are like that aren't going to give them over because people who are like that are obviously irresponsible. SRA spirits are generally quieter than others at first because they went from being with someone for a long time to having to start over anew and it can be a transition.

Do not ever delude yourself that humans are more powerful than spirits or magic, that is a DANGEROUS assumption & belief. Humans are priviledged to practice magic & interact with spirits which requires RESPECT at all times that you are dealing with a force bigger than yourself. For most people they come into this spirit-keeping world with honest intentions and that is what they receive in return... goodness & happiness.

Spirits procreate...
Spirits do not have babies, they are spirits. They may have had babies when they were alive and they may go through those motions or relive those memories with you... and they may bring those other spirits into your life once they are settled but this is not the norm as stated above about spirit families. They do not usually bring others into an existing situation 99% of the time. As said before there are exceptions to this and Keepers specifically who are exceptions because of their unique energy that promotes that kind of behavior, but the majority of the time you aren't going to have a spirit bring other spirits to you without your consent or knowledge. Respect & trust is a two-way street and you will see that spirits abide by respect & trust as so likely do you.

Binding to Spirit = Soul binding

No. If it we meant soul binding we would have said it. We're well-educated people and if we meant to say soul-binding then it would say that. Binding to spirit means binding to your essence, the field of energy that comprises your unique spirit, that some believe is split into pieces & reincarnated, while your soul moves on to whatever you believe is your version of Heaven. So if someone tells you Binding to Spirit means soul binding you can tell them they are ignorant of the facts. We do not offer and have never offered soul bindings.

You can kill a spirit

No, that would be what is known as an oxymoron. A spirit is a spirit because it was once a living entity and now it is not, so it is in spirit form. An entity is a being that is still alive on any plane or in any dimension. When that living entity expires most come into spirit form. Immortals, like Aphrodite & Zeus for example, are not spirits because they are Immortal so they are living beings that continue to live without expiry. You can banish a spirit back where it came from but you cannot kill it. Also, as I said above do NOT delude yourself that humans are more powerful than spirits or magic, that is a DANGEROUS assumption & belief. And do not work with practitioners who believe they are more powerful than spirits or magic because their lack of respect could bring you serious problems. You must exercise respect & humility when working with the paranormal.

Spirits are all-powerful

Absolutely not. Dying and moving into spirit form does not mean you've just won some kind of universal power contest. If the spirit did not have the power while in living form it will not have it in death. Yes, spirits do come into some abilities like moving between the physical & spiritual planes but if they were not magically-inclined in life they are not going to know or be able to practice magic just because they came into spirit form. That goes for any ability or power. A Harpy, for instance, is not going to suddenly become and emblem of Good Luck & Attracting Positive Light because they are now a spirit, just as a Leprechaun is not going to become a powerful sorcerer in spirit form. Spirits do not come into cosmic powers they did not have in life just because they died.

All Conjurations or Summoning practices are evil

A conjuration or a summon is to call upon an entity or a spirit. To summon something doesn't have to be complicated; when they call out for help to God or they call out for the angels to help them, they are summoning those entities for help. You can summon or call many kinds of entity from pure white to grey to pure black. To bind is the process of taking the next step after conjuring or summoning and the entity must give consent in order to be bound.

Conjuring, Summoning & Channeling, 3 very different things

Conjuring is the process of using an invocation or ritual to bring an entity or spirit through to you. Mastery of this takes time & often years. Those who are not experienced or masters should not write conjurations as choice of word & conjuration formation is essential to conjuring the right entity. Conjurations given away or sold by masters can be used by the novice & intermediate for trusted results and the invocation for conjuration & instructions provided (if any) should be followed to the letter.

Summoning is the process of calling an entity or spirit. It is not always 100% accurate when used simply as a call to an Angel, for example. The more specific you are in summoning the better off you are. It has little or no structure provided and therefore calling out for assistance could result in any entity willing to respond to do so. Summoning does not require invocations or rituals and can be done through verbal expression, use of a vessel, or telepathy.

Channeling is the process of connecting yourself to another entity or place, it is temporary and does not require immediate presence in one location like Conjuring or Summoning. Neither you or the target has to leave your current location to channel. For instance, you can channel the spirit of a lost relative on the spiritual plane. You are extending your energy to them on their realm and creating a connection. You can channel a location in the astral realm, you can astral travel and channel a time, place, or person... channeling is an explorative method used to help you in discovery & growth of your energy & abilities. Channeling often requires an invocation or a method of visualization. Sometimes the channeling invocation can be bound to an object which is then activated by the user in some manner.

Can someone steal your spirits, or can a practitioner call back a spirit they bound?

In a nutshell, no. We can only truly speak for Creepy Hollows when we say spirits are never called back unless the Keeper requests them to be. When we conjure & bind a spirit we do so without any bonding, without any personal interaction, and provide only the basic details as given during conjuration for the next Keeper to identify with. We do this because we have no interest in becoming personally invested with a spirit we plan to home. Yes, it leads to non-lengthy descriptions, but we conjure for the purpose of homing and not the purpose of bonding with them.

Can someone steal your spirits from their vessels? No. Why?

#1 to unbind you must know the process in which it was bound
#2 you cannot forcibly bind spirits
#3 we cannot transmute any spirits whose vessels are lost without their permission because as #2 states, you cannot FORCE a spirit to be bound.

For example, I can't take one of Gwen's Werewolves from a vessel nor can she take a Vampire binding we've done from a vessel.

Not only that, but conjurers have no reason to try; they are capable of conjuring spirits so why would they want to do that when they can conjure what they want?

Binding isn't a simple thing you can do without either training or without a tool already prepared with the necessary enchantments for you to activate. And unbinding requires you to know how it was bound in order to deconstruct the binding and reverse the process. Not to mention any conjurer worth their weight in gold will place certain enchantments on their bindings to safeguard the spirits & spells from anyone trying to be bothersome and we talk about that in another thread.

Spirits can leave you whenever they want forever or temporarily

If you have a spirit that has been bound then no, they can't leave the binding forever. Spirits do move between the different realms (which realms depends on the type of spirit) which may account for their temporary absence sometimes. A spirit cannot, however, decide to remove themselves from you indefinitely. If someone tells you this I would strongly question their motives for telling you that. Are they trying to sell you a product or service to bring the spirit back? Are they offering to be a medium between you & the spirit and convince them to come back? Or any other such nonsense? I cannot say it enough that spirits are not emotional beings that are going to have a hissy fit and stomp away... rather, they are evolved beings that are fully capable of making sound decisions based on the fact they can see beyond what we mortals can and in coming to you in the first place they had a reason for being with you! A bound spirit has the freedom to move between this realm & their own but they can't unbind themselves from a vessel.

Spirits & living entities are the same

Not even remotely and the answer to this is common sense & right in the names themselves... spirits are spirits because they were once living beings and now they are not. Living entities are still living, they are still living their life just as you are right now. Spirit Keeping is the practice of keeping spirits who were once living and are now dead and have come to be with you in spirit form. No one has created a word for living entity keeping yet, perhaps we should all just call it "Entity Keeping" because they are two, different things with completely different sets of rules, practices, & behaviors.

There are times when the words spirit & entity are used interchangeably, and that is something you should be aware of. That is why it's important to understand from the practitioner/seller you're buying from, do they deal in spirits or entities? If they deal in both and you're not sure if the listing is for a spirit or entity please ask them so you know ahead of time!

Plastic weakens the bindings of spirits or spells

No. This is quite ridiculous. Plastic is unavoidable in the 21st century and I'm not even sure what the logic is behind this rumor. If your bindings have come to you in a plastic bag it's not going to harm the binding in any way, shape, or form for you to keep the binding in the plastic bag. If you have a vessel that contains metal that tarnishes then keeping it in the plastic bag when you are not actively wearing the vessel will keep the vessel clean and safe. It will not suck the life force out of your binding.

If a seller tells you their bindings can be dissolved or weakened by plastic then you really need to consult them on what other materials may effect their bindings because in the 21st century bindings should not be so fragile.

Conjurers conjure the best for themselves and give you the worst

Why? A conjurer can conjure for themselves any time they want. They don't need you to buy a binding so they can do a conjuration. They can conjure whenever they please. On top of that, honest conjurers wants to build a reputation and build trust in the community, and they want YOU to be happy with the binding and they want the SPIRIT to be happy. This kind of rumor is just the fearmongering talk that clothesline gossips absolutely love to tear down someone else because they are unhappy with themselves.

A seller's spirit is blocking another spirit

There are a few sellers out there who love to claim that your problem is simple, it's all the fault of spirits from another seller. The reason you can't feel or see their spirit or their spell is because the spirits of this other seller are blocking you from doing so. No reputable seller is going to sell spirits that block other spirits. Why would they? Any seller who does that wouldn't last long because everyone would have the same experience. It's easy to pass a buck and try to get someone else to take the blame for what might be the fault of seller instead of the original conjurer, or what might actually be something as simple as a stress blockage or energy blockage that you can clear yourself.


Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:08 pm
by Samsara
What about forum members who believe they are sending their spirits to visit people they don't know in real life? Is that even possible? I always hear people say oh I felt your spirit xyz come and visit, but how do they know it's not their own spirits?


Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:49 pm
by Magnolia
Good question. Spirits have the ability to move & wander at their will as well as the will of the Keeper but not all spirits are going to be open to traversing the physical realm and instead prefer to roam freely the spiritual realm if they are going to roam at all. Some spirits may not want to or feel comfortable engaging with someone outside of their own family circle, but they certainly could. If and when someone here needs the help of stronger spirits Ash & I both have sent our own spirits to someone to help them or provide support. But, I don't know if you don't know the person that your spirits would go to them... that seems like a strange situation and accurate information about spirits is completely motivated by each person's ability to contact & interact with spirits.


Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:36 pm
by Killa
Hi Magnolia. I heard from Collecting often you can attract unbound spirits to your house. How would i be able to be aware or sense that they are unbounds visiting or wanting to stay? Depending on there intentions if they are malicious they are unwanted but for those who need a place to stay im curious about.


Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:04 pm
by Magnolia
Whether or not collecting makes you a magnet for other spirits is kind of up in the air as far as that being the only requirement to attract unbounds. I think that there must be multiple factors involved, such as sensitivity to spirits, a person who is open to unbounds and a willing environment. I think that just keeping spirits alone isn't a magnet because not everyone experiences unbounds who are looking for a new home. And I believe some people will attract multiple races of spirits whereas others may only attract one race of spirits.

If you are a candidate to attract unbounds I think you will do so and they will stay whether you sense them immediately or not. Let's say you are someone Fae are attracted to. They may come and attach themselves around your home as a place to stay and communicate with you one way or another and once you realize they are there and have opened dialogue you can ask if they want to stay permanently or temporarily. Contacting through telepathy, pendulum, automatic writing, visions, dreams, or any venue is a good one to make contact & open conversation.

They may be with you an hour, day or week before you sense them depending on their level of energy and your sensitivity. Once you've made contact you can proceed with whatever option is best for you both!


Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:35 am
by Wiccan Warrior Alex
:applause: Excellent post, and much needed! I've seen a lot of the miss information perpetuating itself.

So as not to repeat what you've already said ( because I don't see anything that could be added, so thorough were your answers)
I will only mention as far as 'abused' spirits, that there has been talk of Black Dragons, Harpies, etc, being fearful, hurt, shy or timid creatures.
This is not the nature of dark arts spirits.

I've also read advertisements for Dark Arts spirits which 'work' with white light spirits. Mostly, spirits of different types are indifferent to other types of spirits. It is not in their nature to socialize outside their realm. They operate at different frequencies, a lot like trying to mix oil and water.

In today's world of internet blogs, anyone can write anything they wish. It doesn't necessarily make them right.

Bright Blessings,


Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:59 am
by ambiew
This post is very helpful~
You answered alot of great questions Magnolia!! :thumbup:


Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:59 pm
by Princess:LadyRedStar
Definitely an extremely helpful post. I clarified some thing had I though.
Thank you so much.


Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:20 pm
by crone maatkaere
magnolia, i agree - excellent and informative posts that perhaps should go into the learning section of the encyclopedia so that any future members will have a place to access this. too often posts such as you have written here get buried and some newbies might not know how to use the search function.

all in all, i believe what you have written here should be able to be kept in a place easily accessible so if ideas of dark arts spirits allowing themselves to be abused or injured by a keeper, or spirits being kidnapped, just to name a few can be corrected before a novice is set down a path of incorrect knowledge. just my thoughts in that whenever magnolia writes anything in length as she has done here means she has placed a lot of thought into what precipitated the necessity for such a thread and i think it should not be left to be buried - it belongs where everyone can easily read it if or when questions which are answered in these posts arise again in the future. great thoughts here magnolia!

not for nothing but i believe anyone who thinks a harpy, black dragon or wraith could be abused or injured should re-read the descriptions of such spirits in the ch encyclopedia and learn that these spirits would never allow themselves to be mistreated before making such statements that novices could misinterpret as the spirits being able to be abused by mere humans. again, just my thoughts from my own direct experiences with these spirits. take care! arsine :wave: :hug: